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By David R. Usher
February 27, 2010

The greatest test of Conservative brilliance rests on our ability to weaken Democrat support for President Obama’s budget reconciliation version of National Health Care legislation that Democrats threaten to ram through the roof of Congress’s teapot dome via simple majority vote.

We can say with certainty that Republicans cannot change so many Democrat votes lacking a powerful fresh argument. How can Republicans puncture the partisan support Obama commands for National Health Care?

The proposed Healthfare state is anti-woman and anti-marriage. Forty-five years of social data demonstrates that every advance of the welfare state has resulted in more women and children living in poverty in cities unsafe because the fabric of marriage is destroyed. National Healthfare, the largest proposed expansion of the Great Society since 1963, would accellerate evisceration of marriage and the futures of the neighborhoods so many women are already afraid to live in.

The majority of the health care problem is a direct consequence of “marriage-absence” (Marriage-absence describes adults living singly or who cohabit, and illegitimate children raised in sub-marital arrangements).

The National Center for Health Statistics reports that unmarried women aged 25–64 years are about 60% more likely than married women to lack health insurance coverage. The NCHS message is unmistakable: “Marriage affects health insurance coverage. As marriage rates in the United States decline, fewer women will have the opportunity to obtain health insurance coverage through their spouse. Marriage can also increase family income and may make health insurance more affordable.”

National Healthfare is acidly anti-marriage. Radical White House liberals insist on Healthfare because (as the National Organization for Women and its sisters often proclaim), marriage is an outdated institution that should be done away with. National Health Care is greatly harmful to marriage, because women will divorce or have illegitimate children to secure the benefits, while those who responsibly marry get to pay all the bills.

National Healthfare is anti-woman, and an attack on the dream nearly all women hold (even those who think it is somehow unattainable): a decent marriage, guaranteed economic support, a decent home in a reasonably safe neighborhood, food on the table, and somebody to help them get everything done and paid for (often referred to as a “husband”).


Conservatives who truly care about women must challenge proposed liberal policies that lure women out of marriage, leaving them trapped in an endless cycle of poverty and urban decay, waiting for change that will only occur under Marriage Values policy.

Republicans must seize the upper hand opposing National Healthfare with a strong pro-woman, pro-marriage stance. Marriage predicts the very outcomes that nearly all women dream of: low poverty and domestic violence rates, high health care insurance coverage rates, naturally self-sustaining communities, and a few thousand other natural benefits.

Marriage Values policies the Center for Marriage Policy is finalizing will restore marriage via “Welfare-to-Marriage” programs and “trickle-down social policy,” rebuilding core social structures the same way trickle-down economics spurs economic growth.

Trickle-down social policy has always been the fatal missing link of Reaganomics. This is the reason why the “Family Values” revolution of 1994 failed. Reaganomics cannot possibly deliver economic growth on a balanced budget absent interlocking trickle-down economic and social policy.

Why? Widespread marriage-absence drives a variety of heart-wrenching problems for women in children, which always results in Republicans submitting to more troublesome social spending schemes. This drives budget deficits, which in turn requires raising taxes. Republicans are subsequently driven out of Washington every time by angry women voters whose lives have not improved.

Indeed, the lack of a strong and achievable common-sense social-economic policy is the very face of supine neo-conservatism. Marriage Values is the unifying goal that will forever end the fatal division between social and economic conservatives.

Marriage Values will deliver the necessary social and economic improvements necessary to establish naturally-sustaining communities, balance federal and state budgets, reduce taxes, improve cost efficiencies necessary to restore America as a competitive manufacturing nation, provide real jobs for middle and lower class workers, while leaving no American behind.

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Marriage Values is based solely on sound policy and does not participate in cultural debate or partisanship. It is fully consistent with common religious ideals, but operates completely on fact and science. Marriage Values will finally unite conservatives, libertarians, and the majority of liberals in a prevailing movement fully capable of rebuilding the American dream over a period of decades.

Let us live in the answers, and apply them towards ending the most dangerous decade in recent American history. At this time, I invite individuals of substance who are ready to rebuild America to join with us in this historic effort.

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David R. Usher is Legislative Analyst for the American Coalition for Fathers and Children, Missouri Coalition and is a co-founder and past Secretary of the American Coalition for Fathers and Children.











Conservatives who truly care about women must challenge proposed liberal policies that lure women out of marriage, leaving them trapped in an endless cycle of poverty and urban decay, waiting for change that will only occur under Marriage Values policy.