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David R. Usher
July 16, 2005

Hundreds of thousands of men who have had their families, children and fortunes taken away by the feminist institution of no-fault divorce knew what Perry Manley knew: the war on fatherhood has destroyed about half the families in America and we must persevere to stop the corrupt system that causes it.

But Perry Manley was an unusual man compared to others. He dedicated his life to this effort � and lost it. This is something that few men do in this country, and much more often in others.

Manley, a regular courthouse protestor, was shot to death by police while protesting in front of his favorite courthouse while carrying a drilled-out WWII hand grenade.

We all know of people in China seeking freedom of speech and religion who were mowed down for it. Countries such as Darfur, Tibet, Iraq, all bring forth vivid images of repression, and murder of the class of individuals being eliminated for political and monetary gain.

The difference between these societies and most western feminist societies is this: Masculist societies rule by brute force, and everyone can see the blood in the streets. Western feminist societies rule antiseptically with courts, police, and prisons; and there is no blood on the streets.

The net result is the same: socioeconomic abuse of the targeted class of individuals for monetary or social gain, who are �taken out� one at a time, usually behind closed doors.

Another difference: Masculist societies do not bother with subtlety in taking advantage of citizens. They just do them in using police or the military. Western societies often rule by convenient political rationalizations of the Constitution, using lawyers and police.

The Constitution is not a powerful yardstick enforced by courts. It is often a mirage courts hide behind while simulating the dispensation of law. This is why America practiced slavery, and why we today kill babies �by choice�.

This is also why we have destroyed about half the husbands in America, for no reason whatsoever, and turned them into the targets of the new �child support state�.

Certainly, stealing economic resources and political control by murder is worse than doing it by socioeconomic repression. However, in the end both are completely unacceptable.

Where we are so willing to go to war to stop repressive masculist societies from abusing their citizens, we have perhaps a much stronger duty to end the reign of radical Marxist-Freudian-socialist-feminism in western societies. This serious problem is on our soil, and affects everyone deeply. It weakens our country, and has cost everyone dearly.

America has seen great upheavals brought on by intentional ignorance of our Constitution. The civil war, the Votes For Women movement, and the civil rights marches and riots of the 1960�s immediately come to mind.

America now has one more upheaval to deal with � the men�s movement (which include many women), and the new marriage movement (which I predict will be the mainstream force that will aggregate the political clout to ultimately bring down feminism).

�We must now grant to fathers the same right to be in the family as we have granted to women in the workplace� says it all.

I have known many men like Perry Manley, who went up against the system all by themselves. The results were sadly predictable: a downward spiral of increasing exasperation, and escalating civil-rights activities ending in incarceration, suicide, or involuntary death.

We have seen hundreds of divorced fathers initiate hunger strikes in �child support debtors prison�, suicides, brave new litigation, men who refused to pay for having their families taken away from them, and a few courthouse shootings.

Here is the truly sad part: it is so easy for government and media to portray one guy as a nut to avoid dealing with the core issues.

The core issues start here: responsible men deeply object to having their families and futures of their children destroyed via the perverse and illusory liberal institution of �no-fault� divorce. It is the irresponsible men we never hear from. �Responsible Fatherhood� means it is paramount to change policy and law upholding responsible husbandry and fatherhood; leaving child support as the fallback to be applied against the small minority of men who are irresponsible or abusive husbands.

In �spinning� the Manley shooting, U.S. Marshal Eric Robertson said that Manley had expressed "a disdain for the federal government as well as some of its policies -- I believe it's more of a global government frustration�.

This is why all men�s and pro-marriage activists must do six things: organize, politicize, advocate with persistence, coalesce networks, diligently follow the direction of our best leaders, and work as a team to reach our goals. No movement comprised of many thousands of individuals, all calling for the same legitimate changes, can be undone or ignored.

The strongest leaders in this movement have coalesced within the American Coalition of Fathers and Children, under the leadership of Dr. Stephen Baskerville. There is no organization in America more capable of organizing a victory than ACFC.

Let the life of Perry Manley not be wasted. If you are one of the millions of involuntarily-divorced fathers, no matter how egregious the abuse is that you have suffered, you should not act on your own. No single man can force the system to do what it should do. Nothing that any one man does can make whole what has been destroyed.

If the system will not allow you to be a father, and you do not like that, you are perfectly normal. You have fulfilled your responsibility after you have done the best you can with your attorney in court. It is not worth killing yourself to prove a point that won�t be heard or will be misused against you. Being dead makes it impossible for you to help change the system in the future.

We are now called to a higher purpose, whether we are men or women, single, married, or divorced.

Our work is to make sure that our sons can have the simple right to be fathers, and that our daughters do not end up trapped in the system that has left millions of women pregnant, in poverty, at risk for their personal safety, and having to �do it all�; while living in cities full of de-socialized men. Our highest duty is to ensure that our grandchildren have a right to the love, guidance, security, and support that only a married mother and father can provide.

All men and women of moral stature must now step forward demanding restoration of the marriage contract, enactment of policies that encourage (and expect) spouses to responsibly work through the normal problems and processes of marriage and aging, and policies ensuring that divorce is no longer an institution that turns children into the chattel of politicians and feminists.

We now know that feminists are definitely not the best protectors of women and children, nor are they providers. Every day that we open the newspaper to read about mothers in poverty, illegitimacy, deadbeat dads, fatal child abuse, and crime in the streets, is another glaring reminder that husbands and fathers historically provide the best care and sustenance for their families.

A kinder, gentler society awaits us. When social equality is finally attained for men in the family, then we will have the best of both masculist and feminist societies, and none of the problems that take place when one gender is peonized by the other.

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It took 100 years for feminism to conquer America. It will take many years to set America free for the third time in its history. We can do this. We will succeed because our cause is just, right, and Godly. If we work hard at it, we will see major changes in our own lifetimes.

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David R. Usher is Legislative Analyst for the American Coalition for Fathers and Children, Missouri Coalition And is a co-founder and past Secretary of the American Coalition for Fathers and Children











The strongest leaders in this movement have coalesced within the American Coalition of Fathers and Children, under the leadership of Dr. Stephen Baskerville. There is no organization in America more capable of organizing a victory than ACFC.