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David R. Usher
June 11, 2006

For once, let us take father�s day more seriously than thinking about ties, wrenches, domestic violence, and child support. These are merely commercial and feminist perspectives that escalate devaluation of fatherhood.

Let is dedicate ourselves to restoring the institution of fatherhood in America. Fatherhood is the missing link driving the vast majority of our most serious social, criminal, and federal budgetary problems. As we all know, Marriage and fatherhood are inseparable institutions: the former makes the latter possible.

Father-absence is still the greatest social problem we face. We must do something to end this problem every day. All serious treatises on father-absence prove that it was not caused by men running out on marriage or family. It is the result of intentional re-definition of family driven by radical feminist gender-identity politics.

Surveys that recently began asking men questions found that men are still at least as interested in marriage and raising children as are women. Men have not given up on marriage, but they do end up being replaced by big government most of the time.

Heterosexual marriage and fatherhood are inseparable. In Western cultures, fatherhood simply does not exist outside of it. Motherhood is guaranteed by birth alone. Fatherhood is guaranteed only in marriage. Our tremendous problem of father-absence rose with the replacement of marriage with divorce and child support orders, and compounded further because marriage has become a dis-entitled activity.

Nothing has destroyed marriage and fatherhood at the street-level more than federal funding. For the record, we must all remember that the National Organization for Women demanded this (not men). Mountains of �patriarchal guilt� and unscientific feminist studies dumped on legislators precipitated �no-fault� divorce and turned it into an entitled feminist activity. Wailing about subsequent single-mother poverty created a ravenous entitlement system that has left half the children in America fatherless and half the men in America without a place in family or society.

The hard bigotry of federal domestic violence (VAWA) funding throws men out of their families and strips them of many rights. Due process of law intentionally denied on nothing more than fear of what husbands might do to their wives or children. The truth is this: the vast majority of serious domestic violence and child abuse occurs in the non-intact family.

Some say poverty is a moral issue calling for a larger welfare state. Water runs uphill during earthquakes, too. Poverty invokes only one moral answer: a calling to restore marriage and fatherhood. Marriage and work motivated by marriage always fights poverty, provides health care coverage, retirement, and other positive benefits naturally and most effectively.

Our sweeping redefinition of family since 1960 has resulted in false pseudo-freedom, leaving multitudes of men, women, and children at the mercy of big government and feminists. Having deconstructed heterosexual marriage, radical feminists strongly advocate same-sex marriage so women can �marry� each other, thus ending the structural problem of single-mother poverty. The National Organization for Women hopes to create a feminist dictatorship consisting of women who own marriage and men who toil ceaselessly as third-class �deadbeat� citizens.

Same-sex marriage is absolutely unconstitutional. Heterosexual marriage is the only legal and biblical institution that fully erases all physical, economic, social, legal, and culturally-imposed disparities that exist between men and women. Heterosexual marriage ensures equal rights and responsibilities for all while preventing poverty and ensuring the proper raising of children in most instances.

We must do more than pass the Federal Marriage Amendment. We must reverse the damage radical feminism has done since 1960. Let us begin by committing ourselves to this task by voting-out any federal legislator who refuses to pass the Federal Marriage Amendment.

Conventional wisdom is finally turning against feminism. This month, World Net Daily�s Whistleblower Magazine features a powerful broadside about the demise of fatherhood, titled �The War On Fathers: How the �feminization of America� destroys boys, men � and women.

It would be easier for everyone to turn away from feminism if we simply spoke the truth about it. Entitled feminism is the political and ideological grand-daughter of the Women�s Ku Klux Klan. Instead of fearing black men and spreading irrational hate of them, WKKK activists simply dropped the word �black� and refocused their treachery at all men, and reappeared in full force as 1960�s feminists.

We walked away from racism in the 1960�s. Now is the time to run from institutionalized feminism. We can restore a vibrant marriage culture by 2025 if we stick to proven moral and legal principles to ensure that heterosexual marriage will once again become the norm.

We must reform or replace every federal law associated with feminist policy. State laws defining marriage must define the rights of both men and women within the institution of marriage (most states define marriage only in terms of the rights of women). No-fault divorce must be replaced with �responsible divorce� laws that ensure that family is never turned over to a spouse who wants a divorce for irresponsible reasons.

Mae West once said, �When women go wrong, men go right after them.� This is precisely how radical feminism destroyed fatherhood. John Steinbeck provides something worth fighting for: �It is the nature of man to rise to greatness if greatness is expected of him.� There is no greatness to be found in the anti-family radical feminist cabal.

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Marriage and fatherhood is �the answer.� Father�s Day, 2025 will be a great celebration of marriage, fatherhood, motherhood, and prosperity if we are willing to dedicate ourselves to living life in this answer and doing something every day to ensure that we achieve this goal.

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David R. Usher is Legislative Analyst for the American Coalition for Fathers and Children, Missouri Coalition And is a co-founder and past Secretary of the American Coalition for Fathers and Children











Let is dedicate ourselves to restoring the institution of fatherhood in America. Fatherhood is the missing link driving the vast majority of our most serious social, criminal, and federal budgetary problems.