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David R. Usher
November 12, 2006

The firing of WRKO-AM announcer John DePetro, for calling Massachusetts gubernatorial contender Grace Ross a �fat lesbian�, is a grossly inappropriate response by the station. However, I do agree that DePetro�s point could have been more intelligently stated, and his apology to Mr. Ross should have been sufficient.

DePetro�s comment was not inaccurate (although what critical mass has to do with one�s politics is certainly up for discussion).

The personal has been the political for years (if one happens to be a man). Male candidates are called every name in the book by the media. Everything they ever breathed is called out for microscopic inspection or ridicule.

Feminist Carol Hanisch invented the idea that the �personal is the political� in 1970. It was quickly adopted by feminists and perfected into today�s accusatory terrorism of male politicians � most often founded on imagery more than reality. It is only fair that feminists now be held to a similar standard of review � so long as it is accurate.

If we fired every writer and radio announcer who ever made a Coulteresque remark about a politician, the airwaves would have nothing left to play except commercials. (This might well be better than suffering through groveling cootchie-snorter interviews the WRKO management expects).

Those brave enough to cruise Grace Ross�s web site will find a treasure trove of laughable idiocy. It�s a Green-Rainbow party ticket (whoopie) an inseparable pair of lesbian-activists propelled by iron-age feminist-socialist ideology.

The dynamic duette is running on abolishment of poverty and free health care (for single mothers and lesbians at the expense of working men). They promise to �take back the night� (from gangs of mass rapists pillaging the state of Massachusetts, which for political purposes has been temporarily relocated to Sudan). They promise to �respect� illegal immigrants. Their pitch closes with the classic feminist-hippie slogan -- �peace and love�. Is this a joke, or is it Memorex?

I cannot imagine any non-lobotomized announcer being able to conduct a serious interview with Ross. It would take an interviewer carved from solid granite not to die of laughter (which is more permanent than getting fired, but at least you don�t feel the pain).

DePetro is to be commended for not laying down before lesbians who expect to be treated as virgin queens while dicing out every stripe of political insanity and perversion.

Lesbians, at the helm of government, would be a very serious threat to America (even more dangerous than John Kerry). Politicized lesbianism has no use for men in home, family, and society. A reign of pink multiculturalism in Massachusetts (or anywhere else) would be devastating.

There is nothing wrong with ridiculing lesbian politicians, who upon entering the political forum, will find that the personal is, indeed, inseparable from their politics.

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Mr. DePetro has a bright career before him. He should have no difficulty finding a radio station looking for the ad revenues that always follow a host capable of telling it like it is. Ask Air America. They know.

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David R. Usher is Legislative Analyst for the American Coalition for Fathers and Children, Missouri Coalition and is a co-founder and past Secretary of the American Coalition for Fathers and Children.












If we fired every writer and radio announcer who ever made a Coulteresque remark about a politician, the airwaves would have nothing left to play except commercials.