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David R. Usher
December 16, 2006

Parents might think twice about sending their children to Rutgers University. It may well be the most anti-family college in America; a training camp for global feminist terrorism.

Rutgers is home base for the Center for Women�s Global Leadership (CWGL). The CWGL is a major launch-point for global radical feminist initiatives primarily attacking well-off developing countries while virtually ignoring areas where women are truly in dire straits � such as Darfur.

The CWGL just completed the �16 days of activism against gender violence� campaign -- one of several extended feminist holidays worshipping government and U.N. programs that entitle women to steal families, assets, and businesses simply by hollering �abuse.� But the theme does not end there: everything else found in the �V-dictionary,� such as abortion, welfare entitlements, HIV/AIDS, GLBT agenda, poverty, human rights congeal into one inseparable cause celebre driven by the �abuse� word.

Rutgers is an integral part of the U.N. Feminist Rumor Mill. Virtually all statistics and conclusions feminists make have been scientifically proven to be fantastical.

In fact, the body of assertions made in the U.N. Secretary Generals Report on Violence Against Women were so outrageous that the U.N. Third Committee voted unanimously to only �note� the report, rather than accept it. In parliamentary language, this is a full rejection -- a rare event at the United Nations.

For example, radical activists claimed that �70 percent of married women in India were victims of beatings or rape.� After much research, Respecting Accuracy in Domestic Abuse Reporting (RADAR) found this was based on a graphic in a UNPF report that was obviously mislabeled and meaningless. Yet, this claim is the lead item on virtually every feminist website around the world.

In fact, there are so few truly scientific claims made in any of the U.N. or CWGL documents, we can say the expenditure of federal and international monies has been spent, in majority, on social terrorism of foreign countries.

I realize this is a breathtaking statement to make. As always, I back my statements up thoroughly. Now, we will examine recent events in India, which was recently conquered by the feminist insurgency, and is just starting to realize what happened.

Destruction of Marriage in India

In India, the words �dowry death� or �bride burning� conjure up horrible images that can be misused to fool legislators into passing anything. That is precisely what happened.

India�s new IPC 498a law permits any woman to claim dowry abuse � causing government to swing into action as if Bin Laden just waltzed into the White House. On mere allegation alone, her husband and members of his will be incarcerated. Bail can be optionally granted only by a judge. Incarceration prior to the initial bail hearing is often several months, depending on how much the woman�s family greases the palms of police or magistrate. Trials take between three and six years to be heard, during which the individuals arrested are subject to constant harassment and blackmail.

India did not stop there. Feminists harassed legislators into passing the most outrageous domestic violence law anywhere in the world.

The new Indian domestic violence law goes far beyond anything in Western law. �Not providing money for maintaining you or your children� and �not paying rent� are now crimes in India. This criminalization of poverty insanely thrusts poor families into more desperate straits than before: two households must be sustained on the same income. Literally any domestic disagreement, no matter how minor, now invokes destruction of the family in India.

The excesses of these new laws are apparent and intuitively predictable. You do not have to take my word for it. Ex-wives are blaming the domestic violence law for making their lives worse. Police say that about 80% of dowry allegations are false. Ajaib Singh, head of the Women and Child Support Unit in Chandigarh, reports that only 20% of dowry claims are genuine.

Shantosh Singh, chairperson of Women Welfare Counselling Cell at Sector 17, reveals the truth: ��People generally make use this law to facilitate a divorce. And often, it�s the lawyers who advise the women to implicate their in-laws under the provisions of this Act,��

Indian lawyers admit the truth, too. �There are only 10 per cent cases based on truth, and people usually come to us and ask specifically to mention the element of dowry in their divorce petitions,��

The Times of India was inundated with letters to the editor about horrendous legal abuses � classified by the newspaper as �A legal tool to earn quick has quite a collection of articles documenting many instances of intentional organized human rights abuses.

India�s Supreme Court quickly recognized the problem. It described the new Dowry law as �legal terrorism,� but surprisingly lacked the mettle to rule the law unconstitutional. As in America, what lines the pockets of lawyers is unlikely to be stopped by courts.

Why is �legal terrorism� endemic in India? It is all about money. The laws entitle a woman to make a false allegation to lock up her spouse and members of his family, and terrorize them for years, so his family has to pay her a very large �reverse dowry� to drop the charges. Once the charges are dropped, she is in full control of the family. He is summarily ejected from society in divorce court, his career possibly ruined. Also, he is used as another number to beef up crime statistics.

Here a the sickening results of the feminist invasion of India. Of 58319 dowry cases in 2004, 134,757 individuals were incarcerated. Of these, 24,127 have been acquitted, and only 5,739 convicted. The rest are still �in limbo� living under the ragged sword of feminism. This suggests that up to 95.8% of dowry cases in India are, in fact, cases of terrorist blackmail.

Even companies are vulnerable. Recently, a wife accused a husband of domestic violence, and filed suit against his employer, WiPro, for �ruining her marriage� due to a �dating allowance� they were allegedly giving her husband. Since the company does not provide �dating allowances,� she dropped the charge, but continues to sue the company for ruining her marriage anyway.

Like Al Qaeda, feminist terrorists will go to any length to seize control of entire countries. An article published on November 30th by, as part of Rutgers activism campaign, still pretends that women will experience abuse rates of up to 70% (despite retraction by the Washington Times on November 28th, and full rejection by the U.N. Third Committee on November 22nd).

From a high-level perspective, we see that the purpose of these �laws� is to seize money and establish imperial matriarchy in up-and-coming export-positive developing countries. This is why we do not see feminists marching on Darfur, where there is no money to be taken.

Studying the feminist invasion of India is instructive. It is easier to recognize that the �domestic violence� cabal is, in fact, a terrorist network when we view the treachery inflicted on other countries.

America is a primary source of this form of terrorism. People I met personally in countries such as China, Japan, Singapore, Korea, and India are all too aware of it. America is funding this invasion via federal entitlements, and is substantially responsible for it. We must stop exporting legal terrorism to developing countries in the name of �democracy.� We are losing friends around the world, some of whom will predictably become enemies with bombs on their backs.

History suggests that radical destruction of marriage and family is far more endemic and destructive than any of the human rights issues feminists complain about in their diatribes.

America must stop funding all radical organizations and programs destroying families globally. American domestic violence laws, such as the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA), and Victims of Crime Act (VOCA) must be fully rewritten to be gender-neutral, require that agencies unequivocally provide full assistance to anyone who requests it, and require solid evidentiary proof before legal artillery is fired.

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Mark Twain once said �A lie can travel half-way around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes.� After a decade of Violence Against Women Act abuses, the truth now wears Army boots. The lie stops right here, and so does the buck.

� 2006 David Usher - All Rights Reserved

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David R. Usher is Legislative Analyst for the American Coalition for Fathers and Children, Missouri Coalition and is a co-founder and past Secretary of the American Coalition for Fathers and Children.












America must stop funding all radical organizations and programs destroying families globally. American domestic violence laws, such as the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA), and Victims of Crime Act (VOCA) must be fully rewritten to be gender-neutral...