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David R. Usher
January 20, 2007

If you believe that Jews caused the holocaust, then Senator Joe Biden is your prophet on the issue of domestic violence. America�s most dangerous bully is out to destroy every man in America on the vitriolic feminist notion that domestic violence is caused only by men; and secondly, to export America�s insanity to the rest of the world.

Biden�s plan is to create a �legal brigade� � an army in excess of 100,000 lawyers trained (and some federally endowed) to act as clones of the infamous Duke prosecutor Mike Nifong.

Biden would also spend millions of federal dollars on I-VAWA, exporting radical feminism to many foreign countries via the World Health Organization and various U.N. feminist NGO�s. I-VAWA is admittedly just another scheme by the Women�s Edge Coalition to create global-feminist socialism: �A major goal of the campaign is to educate the U.S. public and policymakers about the inextricable link between violence against women and the biggest global development and human rights challenges of our time: poverty, war and conflict, HIV/AIDS, and public health.�

Are we so stupid as to let feminist globallists abuse the �A� word to take over the world?

America: where self-proclaimed victims power predatory government

Senator Biden likes to compare the federal government to a lawnmower --- in his vision an army of over 100,000 entitled lawnmowers --- chopping down men with billions of federal entitlements, on nothing more than an allegation that domestic violence by men is globally endemic. Entitling violence by women in the name of building a safer world has been the screed of the fascist insurgency in Congress and state legislatures for many years.

If America had not personally witnessed a large number of men being publicly bullied and tortured by predatory feminist pimps, if our brains were turned to sludge and hearts hued from flamed granite, if men were not created equal and the Constitution was interred in the National Cemetery in an unmarked grave, and if all of science were reduced to feminist ideations; we still could not believe Mr. Biden.

Dorothy Rabinowitz, who spent years debunking the false child abuse industry, essentially agrees with my long-held view that false domestic violence charges became the feminist favorite because they do not require the programming of a child. In the Wall Street Journal she writes, �there is little that is new or strange about Mr. Nifong. We have seen the likes of this district attorney, uninterested in proofs of innocence, willing to suppress any he found, many times in the busy army of prosecutors claiming to have found evidence of rampant child abuse in nursery schools and other child-care centers around the country in the 1980s and throughout most of the '90s.�

The structural parallels between the false child-abuse allegation industry, and VAWA -- which is powered by any allegation of violence made by women, are striking. Both programs are structured to endlessly research and elicit allegations of abuse from a special class of pre-assigned victims, to act as the �validator� of abuse, to entitle hyper-aggressive prosecution and treatment of it, to seize large amounts of money from the alleged perpetrator, and to absolve anyone who abuses the system. We should not be surprised at the soporific efficacy of this arrangement: what dog won�t bark if you offer it a bone, or eventually bite to get what it wants?

Duke prosecutor Mike Nifong taught America invaluable lessons in the Duke Scandal. Women do lie � repetitively -- for money and power. Police, prosecutors, the Bar Association, psychologists, and testing agencies do lie for them � because it is thought to be politically correct, is an entitled activity, and conveniently profitable.

  • New Jersey Nets player Jason Kidd had to file for divorce to avoid continuing entitled violence at the hands of his wife.
  • David Letterman was dragged through an outrageous and expensive false allegation of stalking.
  • Tawana Brawley orchestrated a hideous false rape case against six innocent men.
  • Actor Phil Hartman was shot to death by his drug-infested wife. Hartman had been walking on eggshells around her violence for some time.
  • After a brief marriage to Heather Mills, Beatle Paul McCartney discovered that his wife was a former call-girl, a violent wife, gold-digger, and a professional at making false abuse accusations. We are to believe that Paul somehow became a monster after having a long and wonderful marriage to his first wife, Linda, who passed away from cancer. Paul was not the only person Heather physically attacked. She is currently demanding $50-million from Sir Paul, her latest and greatest trick.
  • There are thousands of innocent men who spent much of their lives in prison, who since the advent of DNA evidence, are being acquitted of their crimes. There are countless others for which DNA evidence is not available, or who were too poor to fight the system -- convicted purely on the feminist-instilled assumption that men are guilty even if they can prove themselves innocent. I have hundreds of gut-wrenching letters from good men, sitting in prison, for this very reason. Their truths will never be seen on CNN or a feminist U.N. Report.

Exporting the Scourge of Radical Feminism

Biden mistakenly hopes to broaden his Presidential possibilities by pulling a �Nifong� on the world. His plan would spend hundreds of millions of our tax dollars to export the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) around the world. Biden�s plan is based on the WHO study, �Multi-country Study on Women�s Health and Domestic Violence Against Women.�

Unfortunately for Mr. Biden, the WHO study is integrally cross-referenced to Kofi Annan�s Report on Violence Against Women, which was unanimously rejected by the U.N. Third Committee this past November after an international brouhaha revealed that intentional sex bias and tremendous methodological errors rendered the report little more than an exercise in brute sexism.

The WHO report is built on the same preceptual, methodogical and scientific errors as the Secretary General�s report. It starts with a monumental feminist lie �the perpetrators of violence are almost exclusively men.� The questioning methodology was similar to that of the Conflict Tactical Scales (CTS), asking forthright questions such as �whether a current or former spouse has ever (fill in the blank). Unlike the CTS, which questioned both men and women, the W.H.O. study carefully avoids asking what feminists do not wish to report (just like Mike Nifong). Only women pre-selected by feminist-operated NGO�s an operatives were interviewed.

Perhaps Mr. Biden would do better spending hundreds of millions of our tax dollars asking Democrats meaningful questions like �has a Republican ever voted against one of your bills?�

The bottom line: Exporting radical feminist terrorism is a very dangerous thing. The vast majority of Muslims know exactly what radical feminism is, and they are not about to let America ram it down their throats under the guise of �Democracy.� As we found out: some are willing to strap a bomb on their back to prove their point.

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If Senator Biden wants to stop terrorism, which he claims to desire, he can start by shelving this horrid piece of legislation. He should follow through by undertaking what he forcefully quashed last year: reform of the Violence Against Women Act to become a truly gender-neutral Family Violence Act. When we stop terrorizing America and globalizing radical feminism, we will be well on the way to ending the global war on terror.

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David R. Usher is Legislative Analyst for the American Coalition for Fathers and Children, Missouri Coalition and is a co-founder and past Secretary of the American Coalition for Fathers and Children.












The bottom line: Exporting radical feminist terrorism is a very dangerous thing. The vast majority of Muslims know exactly what radical feminism is, and they are not about to let America ram it down their throats under the guise of �Democracy.�