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David R. Usher
March 20, 2007

John McCain�s suggestion that divorce issues are a �tar baby� pointed directly to the truth he evaded: Federal funding drives wanton divorce and illegitimacy, yet McCain pretends it is merely a problem to hide in divorce courts.

It all started with a question to Senator John McCain by Tony Taylor at a town meeting in Cedar Falls, Iowa on Friday. Tony is the campaign manager for Dr. Mark Klein in the 2008 presidential races. Klein has done surprisingly well in straw polls for a political unknown � taking a 52% share in the August Iowa straw poll. Tony is half Afro-American, and a former military captain in a family lineage including two West Point graduates and a Command Sergeant Major.

Tony asked McCain, �Many soldiers are experiencing multiple tours in Iraq and this is exacerbating an already high divorce rate. In times past the Soldiers and Sailors Relief Act protected soldiers away in combat from litigation launched against them at home but it did not protect their custody rights to their children. If you (Senator McCain) were to become president, what would you do to help protect soldier's custody rights to their children?�

This is a major problem affecting both military recruitment and retention, which has been glossed-over by permitting criminals and older men to enlist and by forcing enlistees to serve multiple tours of duty as captive soldiers.

The military, Congress, and Wade Horn have all adamantly refused to take action to resolved the Federalist war on marriage. �Give me liberty or give me death� has been slightly rewritten: �we will take away your liberties and families so death looks like a reasonable option�. Correspondingly, military suicides are on the rise as are divorce rates.

McCain�s answer was grossly evasive: "For me to stand here and ... say I'm going to declare divorces invalid because of someone who feels they weren't treated fairly in court, we are getting into a tar baby of enormous proportions and I don't know how you get out of that."

The racial gaffe in McCain�s statement is serious, but nothing compared to the vast insult he committed by passively condoning abuses wreaked on servicemen every day. Can anyone believe that McCain stands for a strong America while endorsing organized rear-guard attacks on defenseless overseas servicemen?

McCain�s priorities are backwards. Presidential timber stands for the fundamental human rights of citizens before taking on anything else. He has no business supporting the theoretical rights of prisoners at Guantanmo when he so glibly dismisses those of the millions of good American fathers, who by and large have witnessed wanton extermination of natural parental and marital protections without cause.

Then, McCain �apologized� to everyone except Tony Taylor, who is part African American, and then brushed aside millions of other good men as �tar babies� (regardless of race).

McCain greatest failure was missing the opportunity to speak to the monumental mess the majority of Americans are dying to hear about: How can we rebuild marriage as an institution? How can we end the entitled divorce and illegitimacy revolution? How can we ensure shared parenting when divorce is necessary?

McCain will do anything to avoid mentioning the �draft� word. It is easier to continue expanding the base of disenfranchised mercenaries who have no home attachments and can be enticed by visions of false masculinity, bought for chump change, and later converted to involuntary conscripts. This is one reason why McCain supports a �temporary worker� program for illegal immigrants � a veiled attempt to add poor Mexican men to the base of mercenaries.

Beltway posers such as McCain always play the �separation of powers� card on issues of divorce, despite the fact that it is aggressively driven by a half-trillion in federal pass-through funding to states each year. This convenient lawyerly mechanism misuses the separation of powers doctrine, leaving victims of the system with no standing in federal court to file for federal review.

For many years, crafty federal legislators enacted legislation that does not require state to pass laws, but offers millions in federal entitlements if states happen to enact certain laws to qualify for federal bribes. When states pass laws all on their own without a federal requirement to do so, no violation of federal law exists with regard to victims of the system, even when marriage and parental rights are flatly demolished with those federal funds.

The majority of �pass through� legislation can be tracked back to the American Bar Association (the fourth branch of government controlling the other three), of which the majority of Congress happens to belong. While McCain merely holds a 1958 bachelor�s degree from the U.S. Naval Academy, he cannot claim status as an ignoramus when running for President of the United States.

Our social bedlam is directly driven by Washington. Both parties are equally guilty.

States abuse families to maximize federal funding, and state courts look the other way to ensure the funding flows. The winners in this equation are trial attorneys, politicians, and radical feminists. The losers are marriage, women, children, and men, predominantly in the middle and lower classes. The list of intractable social problems caused by McCain�s �tar baby� are far longer than this article.

Congressional legislative behavior during the past decade proves that Republicans are as dangerous as Democrats in enacting legislation benefiting only the divorce industry. Correspondingly, federal elections have increasingly become an idiotic dance of evasion.

Party favorites routinely second-guess military matters, puffing up like so many turkeys in a pretense of power. They manufacture false or meaningless scandals such as LaPlame and Gonzalez, or pretend that humans are causing global warming in spite of massive scientific evidence that it is caused by solar cycles. When the list of fear tactics runs out, they play racy games of niggling personal politics, as if Bill Clinton�s dalliances are matters of any national consequence whatsoever.

Candidates can no longer avoid dealing with the smelly moose in the Oval office. We have had enough of �reality politics�. Attention all candidates for federal office: Give us the straight talk and the answers or you will lose.

The next decade in America will be rough and precarious. Neither party is truly working for a better, stronger, America. Neither party is addressing crucial issues of national social stability. We simply cannot defend ourselves from terrorism unless this nation is truly strong. It is not possible to buy our way out of the war on terrorism or the war on family. We cannot �ignore� our way out of them either.

Our urban areas are overflowing with single mothers who cannot succeed �doing it all� on less income. An entire generation of urban high-school castaways cannot read or write at an 8th grade level of proficiency. Our prisons are predominantly filled with men who have been surviving on the fringes of a governmental pogrom that has 50-billion reasons to deny the average man the simple right to be a married father and a husband. Women in their 30�s are bearing illegitimate children at historic levels, while remaining unhappy about the lives they get stuck in. Children are paying the dearest price, which cannot be counted until the next generation.

The disgusted majority is presently pushed to the limits. You will not find this voting block mentioned in any poll, because pollsters do not ask questions that would identify this motivated constituency.

We run a high risk of failure of the American experiment if the disgusted majority adopts Muslim values and rises up from the inside.

The riots of the 1970�s that Los Angeles Chief Daryl Gates could not explain could easily become a widely-dispersed and dangerous general uprising. Bin Laden is counting on Washington�s continuing torpor. It is truly paradoxical that the majority of our federal social spending is, in fact, driving the very discontent Bin Laden wants to create, and Washington is entirely wont to recognize. New Orleans is a leading example of our failure to respond appropriately.

Washington must do the right thing before our urban situation explodes. Marriage Values are a powerful electoral issue. Vigorous policy reforms to allow marriage to take hold again as a common institution are long overdue. As of this writing, the most likely Presidential candidates who would work on these major problems compassionately and positively are Dr. Mark Klein and Governor Mike Huckabee.

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The majority of savvy Republicans are very unhappy with line-up candidates trotted out by the G.O.P. Voters are too smart to settle for the Trojan horses the G.O.P. has been foisting on them. It would be wise to the G.O.P to change horses now. Failure to do so will cost them dearly in 2008, and leave America in a very risky state of predictable social decline.

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David R. Usher is Legislative Analyst for the American Coalition for Fathers and Children, Missouri Coalition and is a co-founder and past Secretary of the American Coalition for Fathers and Children.










The majority of savvy Republicans are very unhappy with line-up candidates trotted out by the G.O.P. Voters are too smart to settle for the Trojan horses the G.O.P. has been foisting on them.