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David R. Usher
April 13, 2007

While Don Imus is being thrashed within an inch of his career for making neanderthal comments about the Rutgers Women�s Basketball team, and the real victims of the Duke Rape Case have finally been identified, radical feminists at Lifetime Movie Channel are committing acts of social violence against men that are far worse.

Lifetime TV (also known as Lifetime Movie Network) has become a major socio-political mouthpiece for promulgation of the sexist agenda of radical feminism. LMN�s show schedule is loaded with sexist and myopic �documentaries� about abused women.

Some of LMN�s recent hate programming includes �Every Nine Seconds,� �If Someone Had Known,� �Broken Silence,� �The Promise,� �Dangerous Intentions,� �Dangerous Child,� �Fighting the Odds,� �Final Justice,� �A Life Interrupted,� �Lies Of The Heart,� �The Stranger Beside Me,� �Bastard Out Of Carolina,� and �Her Desperate Choice.� Not one of LMN�s shows honestly presents the true facts of domestic violence or holds women responsible for the half of domestic violence they do initiate. [1]

LMN goes beyond broadcasting unsupportable broad beliefs about men and husbands. It is also a major lobbying mouthpiece of the radical feminist machine.

The week of March 16th, LMN is fronting a series of events at the National Press Club in Washington D.C., apparently to scare or fool Congress into passing the International Violence Against Women Act (I-VAWA). I-VAWA is an illicit scheme intended to directly entitle feminists at the United Nations. Global feminists intend to use taxpayer dollars to force CEDAW [2] and its array of Marcusian socialist agenda on the United States as well as the rest of the world.

LMN�s lobbying event will feature an Oedipal rendition about domestic violence by Eve Ensler. Ensler is best known for the �Vagina Monologues,� which among other things glorifies sexual abuse of boys by predatory women.

As part of the Congressional lobbying event, LMN�s Sunday lineup for Sunday, April 15th features nearly nine hours of manufactured melodrama about abused women.

LMN recently scared Congress into reauthorizing the Violence Against Women Act. As part of this, the International Marriage Broker Regulation Act (IMBRA) was passed, which forms a �Berlin Wall� around the United States to prevent American men from marrying foreign women, on the notion that these women are being imported as sex slaves and are therefore victims of sex trafficking.

LMN�s involvement as a feminist political machine runs deep. The National Organization for Women works frequently with LMN, highlighting LMN�s �important public education messages� about �violence against women.� N.O.W is where it starts, and LMN is where a river of muck emerges in millions of homes.

Lies about men and domestic violence may have millions of victims. The Duke Rape case is the most visible: Three young men nearly went to prison for thirty years based on no evidence whatsoever. VAWA provides the funding and legal process that shaped the Duke Lacrosse Rape case. David Evans testified to this personally: �Many people across this country, across this state would not have the opportunity that we did, and this could simply have been brushed underneath the rug just as another case and some innocent person would end up in jail for their entire life�

The disgusting part of this is that thousands of men rot in American jails simply because they did not have the financial resources to defend themselves against the crushing weight of the distorted prosecutorial system created by VAWA. We do not try these cases: untested allegations are �validated� under limited procedures, and men go to jail.

Lifetime TV�s website features a large collection of feminist misinformation now considered so false that the U.N. Third Committee rejected the U.N. Secretary-Generals report, which was based on similar information.[3] Feminist claims LMN disseminates are so unbelievable that even Russia rejected the same U.N. Report.

One false LMN claim comes from a debunked U.N. Population Fund report [4] claiming that �one in three women worldwide will be beaten, raped, coerced into sex or otherwise abused in her lifetime.�

LMN grossly distorts dating violence, claiming that �Young women ages 16 to 24 experience the highest rate of domestic violence,� when in fact young university women in most nations are statistically more violent than young men.[5]

False metrics propagandized by LMN include long-debunked myths[6] such as the now-ancient claim that �Approximately 1.5 million women in the United States are physically assaulted annually by an intimate partner. That's one every 15 seconds.�

In its fictional mini-series �Human Trafficking,� LMN claims that between 14,500 and 17,500 people are trafficked into the U.S. for sale into sexual slavery each year. This wild assertion is cancelled by the truth LMN admits: despite four-year expenditures of $320-million, only 60 cases were filed and 118 convictions rendered -- an insignificant 29 convictions annually -- at a cost exceeding $2.7-million per conviction.

We have seen wild statistics about sexual trafficking before: Feminists claimed that 40,000 women would be trafficked to Germany for the 2006 World Cup Finals. Despite massive expenditures, police found just five cases.

LMN proudly �partners� with a large network of federally-entitled radical-feminist organizations, who misuse federal monies to generate massive quantities of false surveys and to buy propaganda time in the media, to loosen up more federal entitlements. LMN is, of course, a corrupt profiteer in this venture: these shows are ultimately partially or fully funded by taxpayer dollars as grants to feminist production houses.

When is Congress going to do the right thing and revise or rescind the Violence Against Women Act? Congress would never permit PBS to violate fairness-in-broadcasting standards, or to lobby Congress with our federal dollars in the broadside manner demonstrated by LMN. The misinformation LMN expounds is essentially identical to serious misrepresentations of fact that caused PBS to quietly but unapologetically withdraw its documentary �Breaking The Silence� in 2006.

Anyone upset about Don Imus should be much more concerned about the Lifetime Movie Network. Imus�s comments did not actually harm anyone. LMN�s agenda wreaks havoc in marriages and emotivates passage of laws based on the deeply sexist, anti-marriage political agenda of radical feminism. This creeping agenda has led to a national divorce rate of over 50%, drives today�s record rates of non-marriage and illegitimacy, and is the primary predictor of poverty for women and children.

As an issue of corporate responsibility, cable companies such as Charter and Comcast should drop the Lifetime Movie Network from their line-up immediately. LMN�s agenda is exceptionally damaging to women, children, and men.

LMN must start planting seeds for personal growth and happiness in women, and stop planting dynamite in their heads. LMN�s programming should positively impact mental health of its viewers, not practice unsound psychological principles inculcating unhealthy beliefs that drive women to harm themselves and their marriages.

For example, viewers need policies and programming that helps and encourages alcoholic or drug-addicted women into recovery programs. LMN�s programming automatically blames men for any and all marital conflict, teaches women to resolve all problems by evicting the husband from the family. This leaves troubled women do �do it all� on less money, while children are raised by a struggling alcoholic mother.

Corporate responsibility calls for marriage-building policies and programming that helps women work positively through the common problems of marriage and aging � such as the two-year baby blues, the four-year boredom, the seven-year itch, the fifteen-year mid-life crisis, retirement, and menopause.

Lifetime Movie Network�s programming hurts far more women than it helps. Its cultish programming crudely projects all imperfections and dissatisfactions of life and marriage uniquely on husbands. In psychology, �projection� of one�s problems on another person is a classic marker of the dysfunctional personality. The teaching of mass dysfunctionality by LMN is disgusting to any reasonable person, and is absolutely indefensible on any grounds.

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While we all stand for free speech, there are bright lines we do not cross. We strongly object to Don Imus�s disgusting comments about the women of the Rutgers basketball team. We would never permit the Ku Klux Klan to have a cable channel for promoting hateful or discriminatory legislation against blacks in Congress. We are disgusted about the Duke Rape Case. On these principles, Lifetime TV does not deserva a public podium for promoting false science, hate of men, and enacting federal laws intended to broadly discriminate against good men in home, family, and society.


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David R. Usher is Legislative Analyst for the American Coalition for Fathers and Children, Missouri Coalition and is a co-founder and past Secretary of the American Coalition for Fathers and Children.












The week of March 16th, LMN is fronting a series of events at the National Press Club in Washington D.C., apparently to scare or fool Congress into passing the International Violence Against Women Act...