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David R. Usher
July 28, 2007

Pratibha Patil has just been �elected� President of India by votes cast by national lawmakers and state legislators. Patil, was hand-picked by Congressional Parliamentary leader Sonia Ghandi, a powerful feminist who rode into power on the back of Nehru-Ghandi family, and who has been the woman jiggling knobs behind the curtain of the Prime Minister�s office for many years.

How Patil could have passed the �smell test� points to the nature of corrupt politics in India. Patil has a legacy of financing radical feminist initiatives [1] and lining the pockets of relatives, financed by the failure of her bank which she founded in 1973, which actually managed to achieve a negative net worth.[2]

Patil is also implicated in a cover-up of a murder involving her brother, which has never been investigated. Congress explained it all away over the objections of the BJP: Spokesman Ravi Shankar Prasad said "There has been a persistent attempt to prevent a fair investigation into such a high-profile murder. Therefore, it is important that Patil must herself respond to these disturbing questions as these facts relate to her as also the resultant questions."[3]

She is in trouble for making a rather hefty feminist prevarication -- claiming that the Indian tradition of Purdah [4] (covering the body) was created to �protect women from Mughai invaders,�[5] as justification for ending the practice.[6]

Indian bloggers have collected a fair amount of information [7] on the corruption that led to this rubber-stamp appointment.

Patil�s �election� is already being questioned [8] by Indian pundits and the Wall Street Journal,[9] and with massive justification. Young, educated Indians who supported another candidate are tremendously displeased. One activist said, �We, the youth of India, feel cheated by the political establishment[10]

India, a nation featuring a world-reknowned marriage culture, was perhaps even strengthened by illegalization of the dowry system in 1961. Yet, despite what radical feminists say, dowry is rarely practiced in India today. Like their American teachers, Indian feminists pretend dowry abuses are hiding under every other rock because it scares politicians into doing their bidding.

When mixed with Indian dowry laws, which extend liability to the husband�s family and assets, the accused has the burden to prove that the alleged act did not occur. It is widely known that Section 498 is widely abused,[11] yet no-one in the legislature has lifted a finger to do anything about it (neither has the U.S. Congress addressed the widespread abuses of VAWA).

Under 498a, suicide or unnatural death of a woman during the first seven years of marriage is deemed a dowry death. Any complaint of violence can send the husband and his entire family to jail for years while the case is heard. Materialistic women and their families use these laws to extort monies from the husband and his family. Upon their release, a divorce ensues.

These laws also make accepting wedding gifts from the bride�s family dangerous. In the West, families often give gifts of property or cash to the wedding couple. In India, acceptance of any gift from the bride�s family can easily be a set-up for a con game demanding a large �reverse dowry� subsequently extorted from the husbands family.

As in America (where there are no federal protections against abuse of domestic violence laws), provisions requiring punishment of those who give dowry are not enforced against the bride�s family.

Like American feminists, who pretend that America is still living in a pre-19th-amendment era, India�s feminists pretend that today�s highly educated women are seen as �burdens,� thus justifying enactment and rigid enforcement of radical laws permitting feminist financial and social predation.[12]

Indian feminists are now attempting to �reserve� 1/3 of all legislative seats for women on the theory that women make better representatives. We have yet to see a woman legislator in India who goes beyond destroying marriage in India. A fine example of this is the 498a domestic violence law passed in 1983, featuring mandatory arrest without investigation, and prosecution without bail.

These are the products of Nehru-Ghandi feminism. Pratibha Patil is a very dangerous woman. Women�s groups are already lining up to meet with her.[13]

Recent changes in India strongly predict it will suffer similar consequences the United States experienced after �going feminist� in the 1960�s. Feminism is always followed by rapid increases in divorce, social violence, crime, child abuse and neglect, and an economy sandbagged by tremendous social expenditures.

India, which is not as rich as America or as politically stable, cannot withstand the consequences which are presently bringing America to its political knees.

Like the political elite in America, Indian politicians insist on pursuing a highly destructive path of faux patriarchy without regard for the tremendous human wreckage and economic destruction that always follows in the wake of feminism.

But the consequences in India may be far more severe: young Muslim men driven out of society in India are perhaps more likely to end up terrorists than simple drug dealers or street criminals.

Those who wish to end terrorism need to be working to end the reign of world feminism as their highest priority. Feminism has clearly stated its intent to destroy marriage and place men in peonage to feminist government. This is the primary driver of hate of western culture by hard-right muslims and their conscripts.

I am not saying that America is responsible for terrorism. I am pointing out that an unnecessary situation of tremendous polarity exists between hyper-feminist societies and hyper-patriarchal cultures. The collision of values has resulted in an expanding �world warm war� we all know is tremendously expensive and perhaps impossible to fight at any cost because it is simply impossible to secure every square inch of the planet.

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Both the West and East are wrong. It is our responsibility to end the feminist war on marriage and religion � now over forty five years old. We must reform laws in America, restore marriage values, end no-fault divorce, reform the Violence Against Women Act, and require shared parenting when divorce is necessary. When we have accomplished these tasks, much of the reason driving Muslim fanaticism will evaporate.

Clearly, world peace cannot possibly occur so long as we continue exporting radical feminism in the name of �Democracy.�


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David R. Usher is Legislative Analyst for the American Coalition for Fathers and Children, Missouri Coalition and is a co-founder and past Secretary of the American Coalition for Fathers and Children.











India, a nation featuring a world-reknowned marriage culture, was perhaps even strengthened by illegalization of the dowry system in 1961. Yet, despite what radical feminists say, dowry is rarely practiced in India today.