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David R. Usher
December 22, 2007

Christmas is the season when feminist judges and aspiring prosecutors appease the Pink Aristocracy by rounding up all those guys who can�t afford to pay fixed-sums of �child support� demanded to finance feminist divorce-for-the-hell-of-it. Combine this jolly style of secular Mussolinism with a Presidential election, and it all comes straight back down the chimney.

And now, ladies and gentlemen, the latest thought-provoking example for your reading pleasure:

The New York Daily News reports that Hillary�s youngest brother, Anthony Rodham, is a deadbeat to the tune of $158,000 in child support, alimony, and interest. It is known that Rodham is �cash strapped�, as is customary in the majority of feminist-styled �deadbeat dad� cases.

Anthony married the daughter of radical-feminist legislator Barbara Boxer. Needless to say, a marriage made in pink hell will probably also end that way.

Perhaps Democrats and Republicans alike can learn important lessons from this case. For starters: feminism eats all men for dinner -- regardless of party affiliation � including guys on both sides of the aisle who were stupid enough to be foot-servants or henchmen helping feminists destroy the institution of marriage. That�s what men get for allowing themselves to be dragged around by the male appendage.

Feminism promoted Hillary into her unearned candidacy for President of the United States. To appear politically-saleable (since marriage is actually important in the minds of voters), she had to ignore Bill�s philandering -- which also gave her sanctified privilege to commit acts of domestic violence against her husband -- and additionally to wreak many acts of feminist legislative terrorism on the American plebiscite (and expect Bill to do the same). Now feminism has come full-circle to bite her in the nether end. (Please make special note of the strangeness cult feminism has inflicted on the American people as well, who often have not the finances or political connections to survive it).

This case presents a fascinating political conundrum. Normally, judges and prosecutors often lock up poor deadbeat hostages knowing that a close relative, usually the parents, will cash in their retirement savings to free the hostage. With this very large arrearage Anthony Rodham is near the top of America�s hostage list. He should have been watching Oprah in the can for some time now.

So why is he not writing letters from jail right now? If Boxer pushes for incarceration (to make Hillary and Bill pay), the Democratic party would instantly implode. Boxer appears to be withholding her endorsement of Hillary as the not-so-subtle wedge to push the Clintons into buying her brother out of penury. After all, Bill Clinton could redeem Hillary's brother from the proceeds of just one speaking engagement (not so easy for the rest of us). Isn�t it lovely when feminist Goliaths extort their peers in the middle of a Presidential race?

Deadbeat feminist politics hurts everyone. Once everyone realizes that child support must be ordered as a percentage of actual income, and limited to items that actually �are� child support, we will end entitled destruction of marriage. While most folks do not know enough to verbalize the details, they know in the guts and soul it is wrong.

Feminist federal laws destroy about half of all marriages regardless of one�s party affiliation or rank in the party. The span of entitlements enticing women to legally trade husbands like whites once traded slaves is vast and powerful. This being the case, it is astonishing that neither party has adopted a strong marriage values agenda in either the congressional or Presidential races.

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In closing: a word of advice for aspiring deadbeat politicians. Anybody who shills feminist policy in the future will have a short political career. Many prosecutors and politicians have lost races trying to play this card. If you don�t believe me, just ask former Senators John Ashcroft or Jim Talent what dragged them down. Those who are running with both sides of their brains functioning will find that Marriage Values policies will capture the minds and hearts of the majority of voters. Marriage Values policy will resolve the majority of Congress�s intractable legislative problems, such as poverty and health care coverage, which Congress can never possibly resolve via feminist approaches.

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David R. Usher is Legislative Analyst for the American Coalition for Fathers and Children, Missouri Coalition and is a co-founder and past Secretary of the American Coalition for Fathers and Children.












Feminist federal laws destroy about half of all marriages regardless of one�s party affiliation or rank in the party. The span of entitlements enticing women to legally trade husbands like whites once traded slaves is vast and powerful.