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David R. Usher
January 22, 2008

The Huffington Post (colloquially known as the �Ton of Huffing Post�) insulted American intelligence last Friday by publishing a pretzel-logic rant by one Erica Jong, titled �Who's Tired Of Pink?.�

Fortunately, Ms. Jong speaks only for the few sociopathic women who wouldn�t know what to do with a good man if he fell out of the sky and landed right in her lap.

�Who�s Tired of Pink� is certainly an excellent question in this day of collapsing end-stage radical feminist theory and politics. Therefore, I will now answer this question on behalf of the 99% of recovering feminists in the mainstream, who know that feminism no longer stands for equality, and who are running away from the National Organization for Women in droves.

Who�s Tired of Pink? (The Matter-Of-Fact Mainstream Version)

We are tired of the Pink Feminist Klan and their bought-and-paid for Pink Politicians (of both sexes) telling us that only women are qualified to protect women. We are tired of the Pink Klan controlling our educational systems, law, psychology, and media. We are disgusted by those who insist that worshipping the Vagina Monologues and the Pink Oedipus Complex is a good thing.

We are tired of Pink Warriors of both sexes who converted marriage from a cooperative institution into a war for domination and submission. We are disgusted by those who tell us that marriage is a trap, when we know that it normally provides a much better life for the vast majority of women than anything that the Pink Klan ever accomplished. We are saddened because so many good women bore heavy costs in their personal lives because they were fooled following the Pink Piper down a troubling path that is difficult to get out of.

We are disgusted by those who deny that women are responsible for over half of all serious spousal altercations so they can control family law, child custody, and billions of feminist entitlements from perfume-marinated perches founded on political and scientific treachery. We are horrified that feminists refuse to spend these funds to help women get well so they do not willfully cause or escalate violence that too often leads to injury to women. We are sick of the violations of human rights that occur because so many allegations of abuse and rape are false or completely unsupportable.

We are tired of entitling elective illegitimacy and divorce-for-the-hell-of-it. We can not believe that one-third of women �accidentally� get pregnant out of wedlock when women have the most effective forms of birth control in history of civilization at their sole disposal. We know this happens because federal government has entitled illegitimacy and divorce � enticing women to do things that in the end put them in a position of �having to do it all�, on less money, in cities full of men they rejected in favor of a government check and Kinsey�s idea of perennial sexual liberation.

We are disgusted by movies such as �First Wives Club�, which would have us believe that it is funny for women to torture, extort, and economically abuse men who have done nothing evidently wrong. We are disgusted by television shows where men are commonly portrayed as near-idiots and punching bags for sneering violent women. We are horrified and the American Bar Association, who in conjunction with the APA and courts execute similar forms of organized misandry every day in our courts at the direct expense of marriage and the futures of children.

We are tired of Pink internationalists who export Femocracy in the name of Democracy and then wonder why some countries do not like us. We are tired of being bombed and tired of feminist politics attracting the ire of hyper-masculist radicals who are essentially as insane as their American and European feminist counterparts.

We are tired of Pink Politicians of both sexes wantonly serving men, women, and children up on the smoking platter of radical feminism for political or business profit. We will vote only for those running on pro-social �Marriage Values� changes to social policy and law. We want policies that expect and reward heterosexual marital responsibility, and improve marriage retention rates by helping spouses work through the common problems of marriage and aging when they ask for assistance. We expect legislation to reform discipline of attorneys by commissions operating independently of the state Bar associations. We expect oversight of the American Psychological Association to end the practice of psycho-feminism over that of established scientific knowledge.

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We will not vote for any pink politician who plays the �deadbeat dad� card, or insists on passing marriage-negative programs such as nationalized health care for children of mothers who chose to marry Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and Republicans who created the Millennium neo-welfare state in the name of �family values�. We will not support or vote for any candidate who refuses to run an aggressive �marriage values� campaign based on wholesome policies restoring heterosexual marriage as the norm in America.

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David R. Usher is Legislative Analyst for the American Coalition for Fathers and Children, Missouri Coalition and is a co-founder and past Secretary of the American Coalition for Fathers and Children.










We are tired of Pink Politicians of both sexes wantonly serving men, women, and children up on the smoking platter of radical feminism for political or business profit.