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David R. Usher
November 27, 2005

From the 1920�s to the 1960�s, feminists embraced the Republican party because it stood for equality between men and women. By the late 1960�s, feminism digressed into areas revolting to Republicans, such as title IV, the ERA, abortion and freewheeling divorce. Feminists migrated to the Democrat party, over time manifesting a tragic transformation of marriage and society unfathomable prior to 1964.

The National Organization for Women became deeply radical. In the name of �equality�, it successfully executed a perverse anti-family crusade. Abortion became a sancrosanct right. Gender became a competition pitting the human race against itself. The �personal� became the �political� (if you happened to be a man). Sex became something women �use� to get what they want from men. Child abuse and domestic violence became spectacular publicized events � if the perpetrator was a male. College campuses and coursework fell under control of advocates in women�s �interdisciplinary studies� programs.

Feminist organizations appointed themselves the authoritative protectors, providers, and spokespeople for women and children. Men and non-feminists were not allowed to take social or political positions on these issues. Marriage was deemed �unnecessary� and transformed into a �trap�. Liabilities for health care and welfare were passed on to government, who in turn handed husbands and boy-toys a large invoice.

To resolve the intractable structural problem of single-mother family economics and achieve so-called �economic independence� for women and children, feminists invented a nuclear weapon for use against heterosexual marriage. The primary goal of �same sex marriage� is to preclude marriage, divorce, and illegitimacy entirely, so women can have all the socioeconomic benefits of marriage and family, leaving men the obligors funding it all. This goal was actually achieved last year in Massachusetts via the Goodridge decision

The above is certainly not what Ronald Reagan had in mind when he signed the first no-fault divorce bill into law as Governor of California.

It is clear there is little left of feminism that is moral, equalitarian, pro-social, or pro-economic. In fact, the greatest social problems we face, and even our national debt, exist because the feminist Inquisition was so successful.

Why do so many conservatives give feminists the time of day? How were we fooled?

Conservatives have no trouble finding the right position on abortion. But mainstreamers of both parties have had a very difficult time seeing through the smoke and mirrors feminists use to obfuscate marriage, divorce, domestic violence, and child abuse. There are volumes of feminist �science� that openly employ gendered data collection methodology, funneled through anecdotal distractions, to reach the foregone conclusion.

Happy magnification by media inculcated us into a state of reverse-Victorianism. Instead of throwing wives out on the street for no reason whatsoever, we now do it to husbands. Neither shotgun marriages nor shotgun divorces are conservative goals

One of the greatest lies of feminism is this: divorced men somehow deserve the divorces they are served. This is what feminists trained us to think. But divorce statistics do not lie. With a divorce rate of over 50% (about 75% of them filed by women), we would have to believe that over half the men in America are irresponsible, dangerous neanderthals.

Many conservatives believe that if a man gets up every morning, puts one foot in front of the other, and works hard that he will have a lasting marriage. This may have held true when cultural and policy pressures expected marital responsibility of both spouses. Today, marital free-agency is an entitled women�s activity -- the penalties and blame being overwhelmingly levied on essentially faultless men. I have met thousands of good men over the years who thought the �D� word only applied to all those �bad guys� out there, until an unexpected process server taught them otherwise.

This is not to blame everything on women. It is perfectly legal and convenient to abort babies and marriages. Can we blame them for doing so in large numbers? The responsibility truly rests on the shoulders of the National Organization for Women and the National Women�s Law Center.

There is a perception that Men�s Marriage Movement activists are just another collection of victims looking for a handout. This is what feminists want everyone to think. The men�s movement is the burgeoning equalitarian movement seeking to better the futures of women and children by restoring vibrant marriage policy and law.

This movement is working to restore a stable pro-economic marriage culture on which the great middle class was founded prior to 1964 � where divorce becomes substantially a frictional statistic.

My father went to World War II to keep America free and worked hard to give me a better future. Now it is my job to give my sons something that I could not have � a reasonable expectation of being a husband, father, and legitimate member of society.

We are working to restore marriage in both the secular and ecclesiastical worlds. Our commitment to marriage has never wavered. The policy reforms we offer are exactly what was called for in the findings issued by the 1993 National Commission on America�s Urban Families, chaired by then-Missouri-Governor John Ashcroft, in the final days of the H.W. Bush administration. The Men�s Marriage Movement is now offering up realistic policies that will demonstrably unwind the divorce revolution to the satisfaction of mainstream voters and politicians.

Conservatives have been unable to deliver tangible improvements in marriage, divorce, or illegitimacy rates since 1994 because the Men�s Marriage Movement has not yet been recognized for what it offers � the answer to the worst social, economic, and political problems America has faced since 1964.

Even people of faith bought into feminist propaganda and hurt chances for reform. Promise Keepers collapsed immediately after Bill McCartney brutally blamed the divorce problem on the men dedicated to reclaiming god-given marriage from anti-religious feminists forces. Many religious leaders have assumed immoral positions rationalizing free-choice divorce.

The bottom line: World War II would never have been fought to victory if we had blamed Jews for what Hitler did. We cannot win the war on family by blaming it all on men.

Half-measures have availed little. Republicans are now caught in a political vise. The problems that fall out of father-absence have not abated since 1996. Liberal campaign grist is being generated over issues such as poverty, recently refurbished as an emotional �moral� issue rather than the structural marriage problem that it is. Family structure also drives the problems of health care coverage, child support enforcement, child abuse, bankruptcy, military recruitment, illegitimacy, and bankruptcy. Democrats can hardly wait to attack Republicans with these �homeland� issues in 2008.

There is no reason for mainstream conservatives to cow-tow to the wiles of politicized feminism, which admittedly ran out of salient causes years ago. Most women and men do not buy into it. They personally found out that divorce has left more women and children in poverty than any war in American history. This public rejection of feminism is essentially what propelled the Republican congressional landslide in 1994. We have not yet capitalized on this fabulous opportunity.

The bark of organized feminism has no bite. We have passed some excellent reforms here in Missouri, over the howls of feminists, while increasing Republican margins in the House, Senate, and even the Governors office. If we can do it in Missouri, anyone can.

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This may well be a crucial point in political history. President Bush�s voter ratings are at an all-time low. Republicans are seen as being weak on social issues despite record spending. The party that brought about the 19th amendment now has an historic opportunity to restore equality via the institution of marriage, giving men and women what they really want and need, and building voter loyalty well into the future. This course of action will automatically reduce deficit spending, illegitimacy, poverty, crime, domestic violence, teen drug use, and partially resolve the health care and bankruptcy problems.

Can anyone imagine a more productive political strategy than this?

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David R. Usher is Legislative Analyst for the American Coalition for Fathers and Children, Missouri Coalition And is a co-founder and past Secretary of the American Coalition for Fathers and Children











This public rejection of feminism is essentially what propelled the Republican congressional landslide in 1994. We have not yet capitalized on this fabulous opportunity.