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By Allan Wall

November 9, 2008

Barack Obama has just defeated John McCain for president of the United States. Why did Obama win?

It was a convergence of factors, including (though not limited to) Barack Obama himself, McCain and his campaign, the media, the economy, the state of the Republican party, and the current nature of the American people.

First, to give the man his due, Barack Obama ran a very competent and effective campaign. In just a few short years, the man emerged on to the national stage , vanquished the mighty Clinton Machine (no small accomplishment) and went on to win the election for the presidency. Obama is an eloquent speaker who was able to motivate millions to eagerly support his candidacy.

In contrast, the McCain campaign was incompetent from start to finish. As a matter of fact, how did this guy become the GOP candidate to begin with? Part of the reason is the insane policy in some key states of allowing Democrats and independents to vote in the Republican primaries.

Throughout McCain’s political career, he has enjoyed betraying the conservative base. But when it came to fighting against a left-wing Democrat, his heart just wasn’t in it.

Indeed, some believe that McCain really didn’t want to win. The candidate just wouldn’t go for the jugular. There was plenty of Obama’s record that a determined candidate could have attacked.

There was unrepentant terrorist William Ayers, an Obama associate. But McCain barely brought him up. There was Obama’s longtime preacher, Jeremiah Wright, a rabid anti-white activist. McCain was afraid to talk about that much. And so on.

If McCain really didn’t want to win, he should have resigned and let somebody with some gumption take a stab at it.

Another factor in the Obama victory was the Mainstream Media (MSM) which was right there in the ring with Obama. If it were up to the MSM would anything negative about Obama seen the light of day? Well, what do you expect? At least we have the Internet and talk radio.

The economic situation, specifically the mortgage crisis hurt McCain. And that wasn’t exactly fair. The mortgage crisis was caused by both parties. Both the Clinton and Bush administrations pushed subprime loans in a big social engineering project to equalize minority homeownership. But of course McCain would never point that out, would he?

It also didn’t help that the Republican party has strayed so far from its principles. Limited government? What’s that? Nowadays, Republican leaders see what the Democrats are doing and bravely stake out their position a few notches to the right. After all, they are the “conservatives,” aren’t they?

But, let’s face it, the American electorate has changed too. How, one may ask, can an outright socialist win the presidency? For one thing, there are so many socialists who voted for him. Many Americans today would never call themselves that, but they support all kinds of big government social engineering projects. Isn’t that socialism?

And, we must be honest. One of the major reasons for the Obama victory, and a harbinger of future victories by candidates even farther to the left, is the massive demographic shift taking place in our country.

The historic white majority of the U.S.A. is being systematically reduced to minority status. If present trends continue, whites will be a minority by 2042. Would a U.S. without the white majority – indeed, without any majority to hold it together- be a country that practices limited government?

Indeed, the demographic transition is already eroding the strength of the Republican party, rapidly changing Republican strongholds into Democratic states. California used to be a Republican state, nowadays GOP strategists just write it off.

The demographic transition is the biggest threat facing the Republican party – indeed, any conservative, libertarian or limited government party or candidate. Look at the election that just took place. Not only did 95% of blacks vote for Obama, but both Hispanics and Asian-Americans went 2 to 1 for Obama. It’s not just an economic thing either. On average, Asian-Americans are wealthier than white Americans.

Some people say pandering is the answer, that Republicans should support amnesty, mass immigration and bilingualism to win Hispanic voters. McCain’s experience should prove the folly of that strategy. John McCain has pandered to Hispanics his entire political career. McCain has celebrated the growth of the Spanish language and culture in the U.S., defended illegal immigration, and wants to amnesty millions of illegal aliens. And yet, he couldn’t win the Hispanic vote. There ought to be a lesson there.

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Demographics - that’s where the future lies. Unless immigration is drastically reduced, more and more states will be voting Democratic, until the Republican party is politically irrelevant.

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Allan Wall is an American who resides in Mexico. In 2005, Allan served a tour of duty in Iraq with his National Guard unit.










Some people say pandering is the answer, that Republicans should support amnesty, mass immigration and bilingualism to win Hispanic voters. McCain’s experience should prove the folly of that strategy.