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In Mexico, The Body Count Continues to Mount










By Allan Wall

May 5, 2010

The Obama administration and the Leftist Media (do I repeat myself?), the Hispanic Lobby and the Mexican Government are attacking a law recently passed by the great state of Arizona. The law is SB 1070, passed by the legislature and signed by Governor Jan Brewer.

This law is being condemned in a most hysterical manner, and its opponents are doing what they can to delegitimize and undermine it. It may yet be stricken down by our court system.

The law has even been called “Nazi” and “racist.” Sounds bad.

What is SB 1070 all about, anyway?

What the law does is simply confirm in Arizona law what is already illegal in federal law – illegal immigration.

What makes it so controversial is that the federal government has failed to enforce immigration law – and has even encouraged it.

That causes lots of problems for border states like Arizona. So the Grand Canyon state has decided to fight back. SB 1070, supported by the majority of Arizonans, and passed lawfully by its state government, allows Arizona police to, in the normal course of their duties, take immigration law into account.

Ironically, in Mexico, local police are required to cooperate with immigration authorities. But the Mexican government wants to prevent Arizona police from doing the exact same thing.

The hysterical opposition to SB 1070 indicates that the Obama administration, the Hispanic Lobby and the Mexican Government, who monitor this kind of thing, know that it can be effective.

What do the enemies of SB 1070 really want? They don’t really want Arizona, and the U.S. in general, to enforce its own immigration law.

This explains the hysterical opposition to SB 1070. That’s why the courageous state of Arizona is now facing all sorts of ugly rhetoric and threats of boycotts.

I say congrats to Arizona. The law is a step in the right direction. Hopefully more states will enact similar laws.

On May 1st, illegal aliens and fellow travelers throughtout the U.S. carried out their now-customary May Day march. This was already scheduled before the passage of SB 1070, but it gave them one more thing, besides their regular demand for amnesty, to bellyache about.

We are told that illegal aliens must be given amnesty, to bring them out of the shadows. The shadows? Illegal aliens (and their fellow travelers) march openly in the streets, sometimes brandishing a foreign flag, to demand they be legalized.

In Mexico, where I lived for a decade and a half, foreigners are strictly forbidden from getting involved in politics. From time to time, a hapless American or European is tossed out of the country for marching in a political demonstration.

In the U.S., however, illegal aliens, and lots of them, march openly and nothing is done to stop them.

Why can’t immigration authorities show up at these rallies, detain the illegals, and summarily deport them?

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That’s what a country which defended its own sovereignty would have done . Or better yet, a country that defended its sovereignty would not have let so many illegals into the country to begin with.

That would be a country that defended its sovereignty – not to be confused with our country, that is.

Go Arizona!

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Allan Wall recently returned to the U.S. after residing many years in Mexico.












What the law does is simply confirm in Arizona law what is already illegal in federal law – illegal immigration.