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By Allan Wall

July 24, 2010

On July 4th, WorldNetDaily published an article entitled “Pastors Seek to ‘Secure our National Borders'.”

That sounds good. Like most Americans, I want the border secured.

The group of pastors referred to in the article’s title refer to the U.S. Pastor Council, which has drafted a declaration on the border and immigration.

The declaration (you can read it yourself here) begins with a preamble which isn’t very specific and ends with a conclusion that makes a sort of threat against people who disagree with the U.S. Pastor Council (read it to see what I mean).

But the real meat of the declaration consists of the pastors’ policy proposals, which are organized into three steps. Let’s have a look at each step.

The first step is “Secure our National Borders First.” I have to agree with this step. And pastors say it’s ok for us to use “fences, adequately armed U.S. military presence, electronic surveillance, increased Border Patrol forces, full enforcement of all existing immigration laws and policy changes protecting citizens as well as law enforcement from persecution, prosecution or lawsuits when acting to protect life and property….”

Most Americans would agree. Our federal government has failed to secure our border, though it could be secured if the political will existed. So Step One is a good step.

However, those who think Step One sounds good need to read on, because in Steps Two and Three , the Pastor Council goes completely off the rails, promoting nation-wrecking proposals that would obliterate whatever good is accomplished by Step One.

Step Two is entitled “Reform the Immigration System.” Well, that could mean anything. What does it mean here?

What the Pastor Council is calling for is a massive increase in legal immigration. That’s exactly what our country does not need. For one thing, we have 15 million Americans out of work! So what we really need is an immigration moratorium, not an increase!

But no, the Pastor Council thinks we have “unrealistically low quotas”! This despite the fact that the U.S. takes in more legal immigrants than any other country in the world. But it’s never enough, is it?


Notice too how the Pastor Council views our current legal immigration system. It says that “many if not most people who desire to emigrate to the U.S.” face “inhumane treatment.”

Inhumane treatment? Is the Pastor Council aware of all the government benefits immigrants receive?

Not only that, but most immigrants are eligible for Affirmative Action, which discriminates against white Americans in favor of minorities!

If the immigrants were treated so badly, they’d have returned home long ago.

In this time of economic crisis, we do not need a million legal immigrants annually. It’s time for another immigration moratorium, as we had in the 1920s, to give the millions of immigrants already here an opportunity to assimilate.

Back to the declaration. When the pastors get to Step Three, they pull out the old amnesty card. These pastors want amnesty for illegal aliens. Oh, of course they don’t call it amnesty. Their euphemism for amnesty is to “Implement a just process to legal status for specified illegal immigrants.”

Read the small print, and yes, it’s just another amnesty proposal.

History has shown us that amnesty encourages more illegal immigration. We tried that back in 1986, remember? And now the situation is worse.

Amnesty, or whatever you choose to call it, is not the answer.

The pastors of the U.S. Pastor Council, and other prominent evangelical leaders, have jumped on the amnesty bandwagon. But at the grassroots, polling indicates that evangelicals are more likely than mainline Protestants, Catholics and Jews to believe that current immigration levels (legal and illegal) are too high, that we have enough Americans to do our labor, that amnesty is not the answer, and that enforcing the law is better than amnesty.

Despite this, elitist evangelical leaders like those of the U.S. Pastor Council want to ram mass immigration and amnesty down our throats. They want to use your church offerings, in other words, for their nation-wrecking social engineering schemes.

If you don’t agree with the U.S. Pastor Council, write the group here and here. Don’t neglect to write to Dave Welch, executive director of the U.S. Pastor Council and explain to him why you don’t agree. And talk to your local pastor. If necessary, educate him as well.

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True Christian charity is helping others with our own resources in the name of Christ. It is not using the power of the government to forcibly take money from taxpayers and give it to illegal aliens. It is not flooding our country with immigrants when millions of our own citizens are out of work. And it is not replacing the historic American population with foreigners.

Evangelical pastors should know the difference.

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Allan Wall recently returned to the U.S. after residing many years in Mexico.












The pastors of the U.S. Pastor Council, and other prominent evangelical leaders, have jumped on the amnesty bandwagon.