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By Allan Wall
January 21, 2011

On January 8th, 2011, in Casas Adobes, Arizona (near Tucson), a disturbed young man by the name of Jared Loughner attempted to assassinate Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords. Loughner wound up shooting 19 people, including the Congresswoman, who lived. Six of those shot died.

This was a tragedy. I wish the Congresswoman a speedy recovery and extend my condolences to the bereaved.

Even before the facts were out, though, the shooting was used as a tool by the Left to discredit conservatives. It’s been blamed on “vitriolic rhetoric” and a “climate of hate” It’s been linked to the Tea Party, talk radio, Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck.

As it turned out, Loughner was a disturbed young man and possibly crazy, was apolitical and hadn’t even voted in the last election.

There was absolutely no evidence that he was influenced by talk radio, nor by any of the individuals mentioned above. Nor did his rhetoric resemble that of the Tea Party.


Jared Loughner did have some sort of obsessive opposition to Congresswoman Giffords, apparently since at least 2007. That year, by the way, Sarah Palin wasn’t even known to most Americans.

But it didn’t matter. The shooting was utilized to discredit the Tea Party movement and conservatism in general.

So how about that “vitriolic rhetoric” and “climate of hate”? That sounds rather vague. Who defines “vitriol” and who defines “hate”? For some leftists, any disagreement with the Big State agenda is “vitriolic.”

Do we want a free society? Having a free society means that people will disagree about things.

Freedom of speech means freedom to speak your mind and disagree with others. In asserting your point of view you are also asserting that the point of view of others, with whom you disagree, is wrong. Is that “vitriolic”?

Look at some of the horrible things leftists have said in recent years about Republicans. The Mainstream media gives them a pass on that one.

Contrast this shooting with the one at Fort Hood, in which a Muslim gunned down fellow soldiers. The instructions after that incident were not to jump to conclusions and not to link the killing with Islam. In the Arizona shooting, the murderer was quickly linked to the Tea Party. What about not jumping to conclusions?

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A way to avoid these problems is simply to have a totalitarian society, in which the party in power hands down the rules and tells us all how to think. By order of the Party, “vitriol” could be eliminated. That way, the only "vitriol" would be "vitriol" officially approved by the Party. Is that what the Left wants?"

Once again, the shooting was a tragedy. Some people will politicize anything.

Conservatives should be mindful of how the Loughner massacre was utilized to discredit them. Don’t let the Left set the agenda.

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Allan Wall recently returned to the U.S. after residing many years in Mexico.












But it didn’t matter. The shooting was utilized to discredit the Tea Party movement and conservatism in general.