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By Allan Wall
September 19, 2012

Focus on the Family is an evangelical family organization, founded in 1977 by James Dobson. The group’s motto is “Helping Families Thrive.” The current leader is Jim Daly.

According to the group’s own website, “Focus on the Family is a global Christian ministry dedicated to helping families thrive. We provide help and resources for couples to build healthy marriages that reflect God’s design, and for parents to raise their children according to morals and values grounded in biblical principles.”

I agree with the group’s statement, and have been aware of its work for years. But evangelical Christians and social conservatives should be aware that Focus on the Family recently betrayed families, the group’s financial supporters, and its own principles, by announcing its support for amnesty for illegal aliens.

I don’t think the group’s supporters were giving money all these years to support illegal immigration or the flouting of our laws. But that’s what they are supporting now.

Focus on the Family has joined a group of other evangelicals in a document entitled “Evangelical Statement of Principles for Immigration Reform.”

Here’s the money quote from the document. It calls for “a bipartisan solution on immigration that….Establishes a path toward legal status and/or citizenship for those who qualify and who wish to become permanent residents.”

That, dear reader, is amnesty, whatever anyone wishes to call it.

Believe me, as someone who resided in Mexico for a decade and a half, I can assure you that amnesty encourages more illegal immigration from Mexico.

Focus on the Family has betrayed its principles because illegal immigration hurts families. Its hurts American families in various ways.

In the first place, we have 14 million Americans out of work. Why do we need more immigrants, legal or illegal?

Immigration of the illegal variety increases lawlessness, identity fraud and identity theft.

It also increases crime and drunk driving, which harms Americans.

When they are legalized by some sort of amnesty, these illegal aliens will most likely vote for the Democratic party, which supports abortion and gay marriage. Is that what Focus on the Family wants?

On the Mexican side of the border, illegal immigration harms Mexican families. Compared to the U.S., Mexico is a poor country, but by world standards Mexico has a higher than average income. Most of the Mexicans who emigrate to the U.S. as illegal aliens already have jobs in Mexico. They go to the U.S. for money.

Many of these Mexican illegal aliens leave their families in Mexico, which causes more problems, but that doesn’t stop some of them from taking up with a new woman north of the border. The families back in Mexico are sometimes neglected, which exacerbates family problems in Mexico. Is that the sort of family values Focus on the Family wishes to support?

If you want to help poor folks in foreign countries, help them there, don’t bring them here.

I invite you to read an article I have written on Focus on the Family’s betrayal. It is posted at the VDARE.COM website (a very valuable website, by the way), and is entitled FOCUS ON THE FAMILY Needs Evangelicals’ Money—Don’t Give It To Them! Click here to read it.

If you are a contributor to Focus on the Family, I suggest you withhold your contributions as long as the group supports amnesty. And let them know why. The group shouldn’t get one cent of your money until it reverses its support for an illegal alien amnesty.

If you would like to contact Focus on the Family, there are several ways to go about it.

The group’s email is : Click here for its forums and blogs. Here is its contact page. Here is an online contact form.

You can send them a letter by snail mail at Focus on the Family, Colorado Springs, CO. 80995. (If you’re wondering why there’s no street address, it’s because the organization’s 77-acre headquarters complex has its own zip code!)

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Current Focus on the Family leader Jim Daly has a blog entry entitled “Immigration Reform is a Family Concern.” I agree that it is a family concern, therefore I disagree with his support for amnesty. That article has a comment section, where you can attempt to add your own comments. I was blocked from commenting on the page, but maybe you can get through. Write a polite but firm letter straightening Brother Jim out. Click here to go to the article.

You can also call Focus on the Family at this toll free number: 1-800-A-FAMILY. Tell them how harmful illegal immigration is and how it isn’t “helping families thrive.”

If you are traveling through Colorado Springs, you can actually visit the group’s welcome center and talk to someone face to face.

Focus on the Family has betrayed families, its contributors and its principles, and should be held accountable for it.

� 2012 Allan Wall - All Rights Reserved

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Allan Wall recently returned to the U.S. after residing many years in Mexico.












Current Focus on the Family leader Jim Daly has a blog entry entitled “Immigration Reform is a Family Concern.” I agree that it is a family concern, therefore I disagree with his support for amnesty.