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By Andrew C. Wallace
October 2, 2011

QUICK EMPLOYMENT IS GUARANTEED FOR ALL, even those with little or no education, and those who have endured a Marxist brainwashing from formal education. This promise is simple to honor, just return our country to the proven constitutional principles and Capitalism that gave us our prosperity and freedom prior to 1913 by terminating Private Federal Reserve Bank, Income Tax, IRS, and Tax Free Foundations while Deporting illegals and instituting Tariffs on imports. That’s all you have to do, now for some specifics.

Nineteen Thirteen was a really bad year when the ESTABLISHMENT Elites, by Bribery (Crony Capitalism) passed unconstitutional laws instituting the Private Federal Reserve Bank owned by the ESTABLISHMENT itself, which allowed for unlimited looting of the Republic and its people using Fiat Money with no backing. The ESTABLISHMENT also had laws passed allowing for TAX FREE FOUNDATIONS to protect and pass on their financial control of most everything to their progeny in perpetuity. Laws instituting the INCOME TAX AND IRS were also passed at this time which guaranteed the plunder and poverty of the American people would continue without end.

NOW DO THIS, and we will have an instant labor shortage with unlimited prosperity, REFUSE and you will have poverty and civil war. We must terminate Free trade laws ( which are not free) and other laws that allow manufacturers to exploit foreign labor and fire Americans. We then charge tariffs on imported goods as in the past that will force manufacturers to produce here if they want to sell here. Tariffs give us back our jobs and finance the Federal Government while eliminating the income tax. We must use deadly force as required to stop illegals at the border and to deport them thereby ending the ESTABLISHMENT’S exploitation of both illegals and American workers.

Anyone who supports so called Free Trade, or illegals to take American jobs is a Marxist ESTABLISHMENT enemy of the people, or just plain stupid.


The Tenth Amendment and other Constitutional Directives on the use of government power have been ignored, and two thirds of all government expenses are unconstitutional. Officials in all three branches of government are CORRUPT MARXIST TRAITORS, OR REALLY IGNORANT COWARDS.

Now we must expose our REAL ENEMIES, the “ESTABLISHMENT” which calls the shots, and identify their Treasonous subordinates. The Super Rich Power Elite, an INTERNATIONAL Marxist Cabal, known as The “ESTABLISHMENT,” controls both political parties with BRIBERY by controlled Corporations, Universities, Media, Think Tanks, Tax Free Foundations, Private Federal Reserve Bank, and Unions, et al. This looting of the people is defined as Crony Capitalism (Bribery) and Treason by a puppet and quisling government using our lawful Republic as a Façade, but acting contrary to authority of our Constitution. The ESTABLISHMENT is also known as the One World Order.

For more than 100 years the ESTABLISHMENT has Usurped our Constitutional Republic, denied us our God given rights and freedoms, looted our people unto destitution, killed and imprisoned Americans without due process, and murdered millions in wars for profits and power.

We can quickly return to UNLIMITED FULL EMPLOYMENT, freedom, and the rule of law under our Constitutional Republic by first ending the ESTABLISHMENT’S Marxist control of treasonous criminal activities; by Government Officials, Corporations, Universities, Media, Think Tanks, Tax Free Foundations, Private Federal Reserve Bank, Unions, and the United Nations.

The organizations and individuals listed above, under the ESTABLISHMENT’S control, are responsible for every single unconstitutional and evil act that has befallen us. We must remove these evil ESTABLISHMENT organizations and traitors from control of our lives and our Republic using the Rule of Law, Ballot Box, Prosecution, Impeachment, Nullification, the Constitutional Militia of the Several States and Common Law, et al. If these Traitors and Usurpers attack us with force, we will respond in kind as specified in our Declaration of Independence.

The Marxist Media refuses to even report the news that does not reflect favorably on Marxism of the left, or right. The Media that refuses to perform its lawful constitutional function is the most damaging part of the ESTABLISHMENT and is being bankrupted and replaced by the new media such as Beck’s GBTV, Talk Radio, Blogs, et al.

However, a powerful CAVEAT must be acknowledged. The ESTABLISHMENT’S Marxist thugs have demonstrated a propensity to attack peaceful patriots with violence, but have been somewhat restrained because citizens have a Constitutional right to bear arms, which the government tried to justify ending by using a FALSE FLAG OPERATION called “Fast and Furious,” which failed, and was massively exposed.


The ESTABLISHMENT demands ABSOLUTE POWER, which they can only achieve with the “BARREL OF A GUN,” if we are disarmed, otherwise enraged citizens would Annihilate them without quarter. Operation Fast and Furious, was an insane False Flag Operation, on the Hitler model, akin to Genocide. The purpose was to blame innocent American gun owners for the carnage and convince brain washed wimpy citizens to end their rights to keep and bear arms. For more details read “The Smoking Gun: Preparation for War on the People,” and on Glen Beck's new GBTV Network. But the first, and most extensive ongoing reporter is Mike Vanderboegh.

The ESTABLISHMENT cannot ignore the reality that Americans are the most well armed people in the world. In Florida alone there are approximately one million people with concealed carry permits, and they represent only a small minority of those with weapons. Most people own guns to defend themselves against the reality of criminals and a corrupt government.

MARXISM in its various forms (Communism, Fascism, Socialism, Progressivism, Liberalism, Maoism, et al) is evil by definition and practice, unlawful under our Constitution, and is an affront to God. Usurpers who enforce Marxist policies in our Constitutional Republic are Traitors subject to prosecution and the lawful wrath of patriots.

Our CONSTITUTION is the Supreme Law of the Republic based upon the consent of a free people having certain unalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness (property rights) using free enterprise (Capitalism) and stipulating EQUAL JUSTICE for all.

MARXISM advocates REDISTRIBUTION(Theft) of the people’s wealth and total control by government, known as SOCIAL JUSTICE, a concept without any legal standing whatsoever in our Constitution, it is in fact Treason. It is also impossible for a Marxist to believe in the Holy Bible or our founding Documents..

THE HOLY BIBLE teaches equal justice, individual redemption and charity, but NEVER social justice (redistribution) and mass redemption.

CHARITY is voluntary as advocated in the scriptures, but is not a lawful function of the Republic.

Self Proclaimed Marxist supporters of the ESTABLISHMENT have earned the righteous HATRED of “We The People” for their Unconstitutional attacks on us and our Republic. No, Dear People, those responsible for murders without number, plunder, and cruelty, deserve hatred and retribution from the people, which actions, are by no means restricted in the Holy Bible.

Many Marxist Heathens in pulpits and politics advocate social justice (redistribution), mass redemption and other false teaching as the way to heaven rather than the true Biblical path through equal justice, charity and individual redemption.

EQUAL JUSTICE is also defeating the ESTABLISHMENT at all levels, either they accept our Constitution as the Supreme Law of the Land, surrender their plunder, and live among us in peace, as no more than equals, or they will be firmly dealt with as enemies by the "Three Percent"

For the reasons stated, no form of MARXISM, THE ESTABLISHMENT, OR CRONY CAPITALISM can lawfully function in our REPUBLIC without leading to CIVIL WAR.

“THE DOCTRINE OF THE THREE PERCENT. The Three Percent are the folks the Founders counted on to save the Republic when everyone else abandoned it. And we will. There will be no more free Wacos and no more free Katrinas. For we are the Three Percent. We will not disarm. You cannot convince us. You cannot intimidate us. You can try to kill us, if you think you can. But remember, we will shoot back. We are not going away. We are not backing up another inch. Your move, Mr Wannabe Tyrant. Your move.” Written by Mike Vanderboegh.

People are very concerned about the many reports of our Armed Forces being organized and trained to use their power against the people. This would be Martial Law, which is no law at all under the Constitution, but those who use it anyway are guilty of Treason and would supply just grounds to the people for mass resistance as outlined in the Declaration of Independence. There would be no immunity from treason charges for anyone, at any level for supporting Martial Law.

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In my opinion, Military support of an armed insurrection by the people to remove unlawful Marxist puppet control of our Republic would justify the use of troops. The use of deadly force by the military to defend our borders, or to deport illegal’s, while protecting the people from rogue Marxist Usurpers in government would also be proper. Dr. Edwin Vieira has written on this subject in great detail.

EQUAL JUSTICE, requires us to dismantle Unconstitutional government and laws, repudiate all treaties, agreements and associations such as the United Nations, while prosecuting judges and officials who act as if they are the law, rather than the Constitution.

EQUAL JUSTICE, means equal opportunity for all Americans to prosper under our Constitution which is also not possible if Government Employee Unions, Mandatory Union Membership, Tax Free Foundations, or Islamic Sharia Law are allowed to function separate from our constitution.

The Holy Bible, Declaration of Independence and Constitution are the most important documents in my life and are the basis for this paper.

� 2011 Andrew Wallace - All Rights Reserved

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Andrew C. Wallace is a former Kentucky State Trooper, Kentucky Native, Korean War Veteran, Commercial Pilot in Alaska, University of Kentucky Undergraduate in Business, Four years of Graduate School in Economics and Marketing at University of Kentucky and University of Iowa., Assistant Professor, Thirty years as Director of Marketing Firm developing and implementing national Marketing programs for manufacturers and now retired doing research and writing.









Anyone who supports so called Free Trade, or illegals to take American jobs is a Marxist ESTABLISHMENT enemy of the people, or just plain stupid.