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By Marsha West

June 30, 2006

"[It's] so gruesome that its use can be traumatic even for the physicians and medical staff who perform it ... partial birth abortion so closely borders on infanticide that 30 States have attempted to ban it."- Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas (dissenting opinion)

The procedure known as partial-birth abortion (PBA) is immoral. Every American should be outraged that this procedure was ever allowed in a civilized country such as ours. If you�ve been in a coma and haven�t heard about this grizzly procedure allow me explain. To �save the life of the mother,� a living, breathing, baby is partially delivered, then scissors are jammed into its skull to make a hole large enough for a suction tube. The tube is inserted into the hole and the baby�s brains are sucked out causing the skull to collapse. Sounds like something right out of a Hollywood horror flick, doesn�t it? I doubt that even Hollywood would go this far to shock their audience.

The Alan Guttmacher Institute -- an aaffiliate of Planned Parenthood -- published a survey of abortion provviders that estimated that 2,200 partial-birth abortions were performed in the year 2000?. in America.&nbssp; Why would a woman intentionally allow a doctor to do a procedure as unspeakable as PBA to her own flesh, bone and blood? Ignorance? Desperation? Selfishness? What? The sad reality is, a pregnant woman who agrees to a live birth abortion has lost her sense of right and wrong.

In 2003 opponents of the procedure succeeded in getting the Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act signed into law; both the House and the Senate passed it and President George W. Bush signed it into law on November 5.

In early 2004, the Planned Parenthood Federation of America, the National Abortion Federation, and a group of abortion doctors in Nebraska challenged the ban in United States District Courts in Nebraska, California and New York. All three District Courts ruled the ban unconstitutional. Their respective appellate courts declared the ban unconstitutional as well. The U.S. Department of Justice requested that the Supreme Court review the lower court's decision. The high court will consider the cases out of Nebraska and California in the Fall of 2006. The issue of partial-birth abortion will now be put in the spotlight. �The high court not only will determine whether Congress acted appropriately in enacting the ban, but the high court also has a critical opportunity to bring to an end -- once and for all -- the barbaric practice of partial-birth abortion," said Jay Sekulow, chief counsel of the American Center for Law and Justice.

"There is no justification for taking a baby's life just because the head has not come out of the womb,� said former Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore. �Any decent, sensible person can understand that, and the court should too. There is no way to say that life begins when the head comes out. That baby is alive, and to say that partial-birth abortion prohibition is unconstitutional is simply to dispute logic and reason."

Ever heard of the term �bite the bullet�? During the Civil War when a soldier�s mangled limb had to be amputated and the painkillers and whiskey had run out, medics placed a soft-lead bullet between the patient's teeth. It made amputation a little easier to �bite the bullet� instead of lying on the table screaming bloody murder. Today if a combat medic in Iraq used that gruesome procedure on an �enemy combatant� and succeeded in saving his life, the liberal media would insist the jihadist was tortured and call for an investigation. The media�s indignation would echo around the world! (No doubt liberals would demand that the medic go through sensitivity training. And, of course, it would be all George Bush�s fault.)

How does the liberal media react when a Federal court judge strikes down the Constitutional ban on the uncivilized partial-birth abortion procedure? They praise the gods, clink their glasses together and celebrate another victory.

In the old west if a baby had been partially delivered then clobbered with a mallet, the killer would have been given a speedy trial and taken to the nearest tree and promptly hanged. And the punishment would have fit the crime. Back then folks knew right from wrong. They also knew a thing or two about justice. When someone decided to commit a heinous crime, they could expect to pay dearly for it. �Fracture for fracture, eye for eye, tooth for tooth; as he has injured someone, so shall it be done to him� (Leviticus 24:20).

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Today in our frivolous throwaway culture an abortion doctor will spend his day killing babies without one speck of guilt. At 6:00 PM the doc will hop in his BMW and head to Starbucks for a Grande non-fat Caff� Latte, extra foam, and a biscotti. What a life!

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How does the liberal media react when a Federal court judge strikes down the Constitutional ban on the uncivilized partial-birth abortion procedure? They praise the gods, clink their glasses together and celebrate another victory.