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Patrick Wood
November 3, 2007

When the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, who cared about political party affiliation? Men (and women) dropped everything to defeat the common enemy. Why? Because survival of their country was as risk!

We face just such a time as that.

We are being plundered by free trade, private-public-partnerships and international banks. Our food and product safety mechanisms have been systematically dismantled and are headed toward all-time lows. Our farms are being destroyed to extent that we are now net importers of food (and lousy food, at that). Our manufacturing base is almost completely gone as companies are bought and sent to cheaper labor markets.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Can you hear the crunching, tearing sound of our midsection being ripped open?

If either Republicans or Democrats could have fixed America, they would have done it long before now.

The more you look, the more you see that both major U.S. political parties are dominated by the same group of global elitists. The same super-rich foundations. The same NGO's. The same global bankers. The same lobbyists. The same global corporations.

Furthermore, the globalizers know that in order to keep our eyes off of them, they need to keep us fighting among ourselves over issues more petty than merely saving our nation from total extinction.

The fact is, if Americans would stop fighting long enough to see these hijackers for who they really are and for what they have done to us, they would puke them out of the U.S. in less than a country minute.

My message to liberals and conservatives of all flavors is this: "If you don't stop bickering and get down to business of protecting our sovereignty, we aren't going to have a country left to bicker in!"

In other words, stop falling for cheap tricks that point you down infinitely contentious trails leading to nowhere. This only buys the enemy more time to make another thousand cuts on what's left of our already wounded carcass.

I have heard for years from both conservatives and liberals that we need to join forces to save America. But, the bickering just gets louder.

Enough, already!

My contribution to this mess is to offer a new social networking web site, LeftRightUnite!, where all sides can get together in a constructive way, for a specific purpose -- to save the ship-of-state for another day.

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With LeftRightUnite!, you can express yourself, make friends, join action groups, locate people around you, organize protests, visits to your legislators, whatever.

Just don't sit still.

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Patrick M. Wood is editor of The August Review, which builds on his original research with the late Dr. Antony C. Sutton, who was formerly a Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institution for War, Peace and Revolution at Stanford University. Their 1977-1982 newsletter, Trilateral Observer, was the original authoritative critique on the New International Economic Order spearheaded by members of the Trilateral Commission.

Their highly regarded two-volume book, Trilaterals Over Washington, became a standard reference on global elitism. Wood's ongoing work is to build a knowledge center that provides a comprehensive and scholarly source of information on globalism in all its related forms: political, economic and religious.


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My contribution to this mess is to offer a new social networking web site, LeftRightUnite!, where all sides can get together in a constructive way, for a specific purpose -- to save the ship-of-state