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Patrick Wood
November 21, 2007

This writer participated in the nationwide March for America (MFA) on Saturday, November 17th by attending and speaking to the Yakima, Washington contingent. MFA groups also met in 8 other cities: Atlanta, Chicago, Clearwater, Houston, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New York and Sacramento.

Weather in the northwest can be difficult in November, and Saturday was no exception. About 40 hardy souls braved rain and wind, standing on the corner of a busy intersection and holding signs, banners and American flags.

I was impressed by the number of drivers who honked their horns and waved their support for messages like: "No SPP!," "No North American Union," and "Repeal NAFTA."

After two hours in the rain, the group moved to the local Eagle's hall, where they had invited this writer to speak about the SPP and the North American Union in detail. All were eager, informed and enthusiastic about learning more.

The only press who bothered to come out in the rain was the Yakima Herald. Reporter Mark Morey interviewed the protests leaders, Jonnie Crivello, Carl and Barbara Evans, and posted his story, "Protesters object to North American alliance," the next morning.

There were no radicals in the traditional sense. These were all very normal Americans who don't want to lose the American dream for themselves, their children and grand children. They are tired of their government (under several presidencies) selling our country down the river.

Although many of the protesters were baby boomers, it is encouraging that a lot of younger people also get the big picture as well. One protester in his thirties exclaimed that he had a hard time working at his job because of the fears he has over what the elitists (and our elected officials) are doing to our country.

The race for America's future has never been greater. The battle lines are being drawn. People are standing up and taking action -- future leaders fighting for the soul of their beloved country.

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In 1928, musical legend Oscar Hammerstein might have been thinking about such a protest when he penned:

Give me some men
Who are stout-hearted men
Who will fight for the right they adore
Start me with ten,
Who are stout-hearted men
And I'll soon give you ten thousand more
Shoulder to shoulder
And bolder and bolder
They grow as they go to the fore!

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Patrick M. Wood is editor of The August Review, which builds on his original research with the late Dr. Antony C. Sutton, who was formerly a Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institution for War, Peace and Revolution at Stanford University. Their 1977-1982 newsletter, Trilateral Observer, was the original authoritative critique on the New International Economic Order spearheaded by members of the Trilateral Commission.

Their highly regarded two-volume book, Trilaterals Over Washington, became a standard reference on global elitism. Wood's ongoing work is to build a knowledge center that provides a comprehensive and scholarly source of information on globalism in all its related forms: political, economic and religious.


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After two hours in the rain, the group moved to the local Eagle's hall, where they had invited this writer to speak about the SPP and the North American Union in detail.