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By Frosty Wooldridge
November 2, 2004

This article examines seven destructive points being injected into America by over 10 million illegal immigrants already in this country and 3 million arriving annually. This massive �unarmed Army� manifests at an ever increasing speed�the undoing of America.

For the first time in history, the United States suffered a crippling attack inside its borders on 9/11. Three years later, because our government leaders refuse to protect our southern flank, we are being attacked by an 'unarmed army' of millions who have invaded our country by crossing our borders.

Time Magazine, September 12, 2004, "Who Left The Door Open?" documented 4,000 illegal aliens crossing nightly and over three million intruders will cross in 2004. It�s an invasion unprecedented in the history of the United States. Worse, it�s being facilitated by our elected leaders to the highest levels in the White House.

Even more distressing is a concerted push by both major parties to assist this army to not only enter our country against our laws, but also to gain access to everything we have built with the blood, sweat and tears of American citizens.

Today, millions of illegal aliens are causing accelerating damage to our schools, hospitals, social programs, highways, language, sprawl, standard of living and our way of life. Should illegal aliens enjoy driver's licenses, amnesty, welfare and schooling of their children on our tax dollars? Just because they came here to work for a better life?

The sobering reality is that two billion people would move to America if given a ticket today. However, it's impossible. We are a nation of laws and we have horrific problems of unemployment at 18 million people, $7.4 trillion debt, collapsing hospitals, diseases and growing language conflicts.

Somehow, the media and the 'elite' of this country have forced us into this accelerating crisis. Polls show 70% of Americans want illegal immigration stopped and serious reductions in legal immigration down to fewer than 100,000 per year.

Astoundingly, 10% of Mexico now lives in our country. Fully 75% of all drugs cross over from Mexico. We pay $68 billion in expenses for immigrants annually. They send home hard currency of $10.5 billion to Mexico, $25 billion to Latin America, $16 billion to Asia thus draining our country. In short, illegal immigration is killing this country.

We MUST create a dialog on the future prospects of our nation by addressing seven major points: If you own a home, you maintain a door. You welcome guests after they knock and you lock it to keep out unwanted incursions. Just as every house needs a door, every country needs a border to maintain its right to privacy, self-maintenance and personal freedom. Our nation's door has been invaded by over 10 million people who broke the latch and marched in as if they had the right to such a crime. They continue at 1 million per year.

However, this is a nation where the �rule of law� is the most important brick in the foundation of our constitution. The �rule of law� allows our freedom, our integrity and our right to choose what and whom we want or don't want in our nation. We don't want terrorists. We don't want border crashers who bring drugs. We don't want illegal aliens who suppress wages, over run our schools, usurp our language and overwhelm our social services.

Illegal immigration hurts America's poor. In a recent account in the New York Times, black children suffered 50% greater poverty in the past 10 years due to immigration. Illegal immigrants compete for jobs normally done by America's poor. A study by the Center For Immigration Studies wrote, "Mexican immigration is overwhelmingly unskilled and it's hard to find an economic argument for unskilled immigration because it tends to reduce wages for U.S. workers."

Cheap labor from illegal immigration is not 'cheap.' It's subsidized by all of us in the form of our tax dollars paying for their services. It makes a few employers wealthy at the expense of all of us. The National Academy of Sciences found "...a significant fiscal drain of $7,000 per student per year paid for by U.S. tax dollars."

These newcomers do not respect our English language. Adding more salt into our national wound of this invasion, there is not a single bilingual country in the world that is at peace with itself. Dozens of languages cause educational confusion, conflict and violence. When people move to this country, but maintain their language, their culture and their old loyalties, it's a recipe for the undoing of our nation.

With that demise, our cohesive national fabric shreds as ethnic ghettoes advance across our nation with rituals such as female genital mutilation, cock fighting and violent groups espousing clashing cultures. Too many unskilled, uneducated, non-English speaking people living in too much poverty will not advance our nation. The Center for Immigration Studies points out; "The lower educational attainment of immigrants persists across generations as two thirds of immigrant workers lack a high school diploma." Democracy is a delicate form of government that demands an educated populace with similar moral and ethical standards and a single language.

And finally, illegal immigrants crossing our borders without being health screened have brought us 7,000 new cases of leprosy in the past three years. Additionally, they brought 16,000 cases of incurable (multiple drug resistant) tuberculosis, thousands of cases of hepatitis, head lice, Chagas Disease and Exotic New Castle. Since 1.1 million illegal alien children attend U.S. schools, our children are at risk.

"The one absolutely certain way of bringing this nation to ruin, or preventing all possibility of its continuing as a nation at all, would be to permit it to become a tangle of squabbling nationalities." -- President Teddy Roosevelt, 1902.

Without a national debate on illegal immigration, our country will continue its downward spiral into conditions resembling the Third World.

Their numbers will burgeon from 10 million to 20 million and beyond. If we don't take action today, we won't be able to take action tomorrow.

� 2004 Frosty Wooldridge - All Rights Reserved

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Today, millions of illegal aliens are causing accelerating damage to our schools, hospitals, social programs, highways, language, sprawl, standard of living and our way of life.