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By Frosty Wooldridge
January 26, 2006

If the United States Senate approves Bush�s guest worker amnesty, America shall suffer 20 million illegal aliens becoming U.S. citizens. That will change the DNA of America to resemble Mexico�s failed society. It will become our first step down toward a Third World country.

Mexicans will be able to �chain migrate� entire villages into our country from the poorest, most uneducated peasants Fox can export to America.

They do not speak, act nor are they invested as American citizens. They represent the beachhead of an unarmed invading army of Mexicans colonizing America. They�re pushing us out of our homes and cities. They�re commandeering our school systems across America.

If Bush wins, America loses. If the senate passes a mass amnesty like the McCain/Kennedy bill, watch the deluge and lawlessness accelerate across our borders.

Sharon Barrett of Fort Collins, Colorado last week said, �We left California because you can�t drive safely without danger of being hit by a Mexican. Our kids couldn�t learn anything in school because of so much language chaos and functional illiteracy. We were vulnerable to home break-ins seven days a week. They steal everything that�s not tied down. They�re bringing the lawlessness from Mexico into the United States. We had to get out.�

What it means if the senate passes a mass amnesty�our country is no longer the United States of America. It will become a Fractured Colony of Mexico. We no longer will maintain our English language. We will no longer remain a lawful sovereign nation. We will most certainly all suffer the loss of law and order. Our citizenship will be degraded to the level of an illegal alien.

For an example, Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, an American politician working for Mexico and proud defender of illegal aliens gives press conferences in Spanish. He spoke with Diane Sawyer on Good Morning America with the smile of a sly Fox knowing that she is clueless to his cunning support of illegal aliens and undermining of America�s laws. How did he get elected? Illegal aliens voting! Villaraigosa teams with House of Representatives Joe Baca with their designs to aid, assist and abet illegal aliens to gain access throughout the USA. These men support La Raza, MECHA, MALDEF and LULAC, which are Hispanic organizations committed to �Reconquista de Aztlan� or the retaking of the four Border States. They are racist organizations in the extreme that spout, �For the Hispanic race everything; anyone outside the race�nothing!�

Rising up to combat this invasion, in California, Barb Coe at and Luca Zanna at created �Extreme Sacrifice... NO Amnesty! Twenty-four hour Congressman Chain Protest.� They�re going to chain themselves to the front of Congressmen�s offices around California. They invite other immigration groups to do the same across America. It�s expected to attract tremendous media attention.

�Unless we act now, there is almost certainty that within the next few weeks Congress will pass the McCain/Kennedy Amnesty--that means we will lose America!� Zanna said. �How? Very simple, just imagine 20 million illegal aliens with no allegiance to our Republic altering the political DNA of our country. In simple words they will have the opportunity to vote us out!�

Zanna continued, �Here is the �24 hour EXTREME SACRIFICE� we are going to show the Congress that WE the people are extremely resolute to defend our Republic with every means under the Law, Constitution and Bill of Rights!

Starting on Wednesday February 1st at 9:00 AM till Thursday February 2nd at 9:00 AM for 24 hours NON STOP, a group of very angry Americans will chain themselves together as a sign of extreme disappointment of Congress for not securing our borders and planning to pass the McCain/Kennedy Amnesty.

With no sleep, no food and only one glass of water, these American heroes will stand for 24 hours peacefully chained together in front of one of the following US Congressmen: Jerry Lewis, David Dreier, John Campbell, Darrell Issa. Who will be the lucky one?�

Luca Zanna and Dave Longman stand with the High Desert Minutemen: �We invite Americans in every other US district to organize a similar protest in front of their US Congressmen and senators. Together WE CAN STOP CONGRESS from selling out our Nation! Stay Tuned... we will let you know 24 hours before the event who will be the lucky Congressman to assist our EXTREME Sacrifice!�

Do we want our country to turn into another Mexico? How about another China like what is happening in Vancouver, British Columbia in Canada? Any American excited about the prospects of another Paris, France here in the USA? How about another Sydney, Australia with fire bombing of cars and riots? Or, will we keep degrading ourselves into slum conditions like Bombay, India? How about immigrating ourselves toward a billion people so we can catch up to China�s insane population of 1.3 billion? How many of us want America turned into ten different languages and still pretend it�s America? Anyone thrilled about more gridlock auto congestion in our cities? How about more acid rain, air pollution and water shortages by adding millions of immigrants? How about higher prices for everything until we�re all reduced to the lower class?

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If you don�t, it�s time to get your butts in gear at every level. If you don�t want our political DNA turned more into another Mexico as has happened in Los Angeles, Arizona and much of Texas�you better get your tail feathers moving. Conviction without action is worthless. Conviction coupled with action changes history.

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�Unless we act now, there is almost certainty that within the next few weeks Congress will pass the McCain/Kennedy Amnesty--that means we will lose America!� Zanna said. �How? Very simple, just imagine 20 million illegal aliens with no allegiance to our Republic altering the political DNA of our country. ..."