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By Professor Steven Yates
December 16, 2016

I’d hoped they would go away: the unsupported allegations that for all intents and purposes Russian hackers hijacked the November 8 election. Even though not even the FBI has endorsed these allegations, and there is doubt within the ranks of the agencies themselves over “fuzzy” and “ambiguous” CIA conclusions, yet another official narrative is falling into place, trumpeted within the halls of government and from all mainstream media outlets — and an extremely dangerous one at that!

I am getting the impression, observing day by day, this is worse than I imagined it would be. I’d thought, following a federal judge’s declaration the other day, that the adults would prevail. Now, I am not so sure. For starters, Electoral College electors, especially in swing states, are being bullied and harassed 24/7! Some are reporting having received death threats! Their names and contact information have been made publicly available on websites put up by irresponsible left wingers! Some electors now fear for their safety and the safety of their families!

It should have been clear long ago: many leftists are basically unhinged. If you want to see how unhinged unhinged can get, check this out. I had enough confrontations in the old days to know this (exchanges of letters to the editor, later in online forums which I soon gave up, a few by email, a very few face-to-face). I am not sure how far leftists will go, how much mayhem they would risk, to prevent someone whom they hate with a passion from entering the White House next month, as he represents everything they scorn and despise.

Here is the situation: as Trump had 306 electoral votes when the dirt settled, 270 having been required to claim the presidency, if 37 electors can be persuaded to change their votes on Monday to someone else, they officially deny Trump the presidency and throw this election into the House of Representatives. A hard-left “Constitutional” law professor at Harvard (where else?), Larry Lessig, is offering legal counsel to the 20 electors (so far) who are contemplating changing their votes — in light of the allegations about the Russians, about which they are demanding more information. Democratic Party insiders (e.g., John Podesta) are irresponsibly fanning these flames. (Here)

Should this happen, at least three possibilities ensue. (1) The GOP-controlled House could do the sensible thing and vote for Trump. (2) They could vote to install Hillary Clinton and defend their action by saying she won the popular vote, which would show that they no longer accept, or realize, that the U.S. is not a direct democracy. (3) They could throw their weight behind an Establishment Republican who wasn't even on the ballot, whom no one (except moneyed interests) would see as legitimate!

Team Trump will already have appealed to the Supreme Court for intervention (one hopes!). It is hard to know what the latter would do. What amounted to a soft coup would be technically legal. But the technically legal thing is not necessarily the sensible thing. Were either Congress or the Supreme Court to uphold a choice for anyone but Trump, given his Electoral College victory on November 8, they risk massive civil disobedience. The reason is not hard to see. One reason many people, especially middle class and rural working class whites, voted for Trump is their having gotten fed up with being discriminated against, bullied, ridiculed, and humiliated by what they increasingly see as an alien and hostile “blue” culture of the big urban areas. Now that they have made a difference in the voting booth, playing by the rules, if this election is stolen (this is how they will perceive it, and I doubt they will be much interested in legal niceties), I wouldn’t be surprised if many refuse to sit still and just take it!

Even if the so-called Hamilton Electors get cold feet on the 19th, on January 6 their votes are counted. Trump could still be denied the presidency on January 6!

Trump won this election by rules that have governed elections for as long as I or anyone else reading this have lived! An official decision for anyone else, whether it came from the House or from the Supreme Court, would be reasonably interpreted as a coup! Whoever made the final decision would own the consequences, which could be very serious!

Beginning on Monday, in other words, the U.S. enters a period of extreme danger! We know Trump has enemies. Trump’s worst enemies, I submit, are not these unhinged lefties, much as they’d like to think so, but the far wealthier and more powerful globalist superelite whom Trump has stood in opposition from the get-go. He is the only Republican to have used the term globalism! This speaks volumes about the level of threat he represents, openly exposing their actions!

Trump’s worst enemies won’t try to assassinate him, as some fear. That would be too obvious. I wouldn’t put it past some leftist loon to take a shot at him, especially if January gets here and all efforts to derail a Trump presidency have failed. Such a person would discredit the left even more completely than it has already been discredited by events of this past year, getting every poll and every prediction about Trump’s chances of winning this election dead wrong. But I doubt the loon would be thinking in those terms.

What none of us peons can fully discern, of course, is the exact superelite strategy for undermining and destroying the freedom (i.e., “populist”) rebellion that has been gaining ground all over the Western world against their brand of political-economic domination. Does it involving trying to destroy the Trump presidency with a massive economic downturn, as Brandon Smith believes (and has a very sensible argument)? The Federal Reserve, which just raised interest rates on the strength of the meaningless U-3 unemployment number, could create conditions for such an event with more rate hikes, or by turning down the money printing spigot which has been propping up the Obama-era house-of-cards economy.

Or could the plan be to allow leftists to destroy the Trump presidency before he ever gets into office, empowering them to attack “populists” elsewhere, e.g., in France? Marine Le Pen’s National Front is making headway there, given the string of terrorist events as well as the transformation of entire neighborhoods in and around Paris into third world hellholes, attributable to Muslim immigrants that would not be there absent the EU’s open-borders policies. Antiglobalists understand that if you don’t have border protections you soon don’t have a country.

These latest threats to the Trump presidency, let us not forget, are based on allegations for which no evidence has been shown to exist: the claim that Russian hackers tilted the outcome of the November 8 election in Trump’s favor. All we have are anonymous claims and supposed evidence, at the time of this writing still behind closed doors, assuming it exists at all. This from the same organization that told us how Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction, the result being a destructive war-of-choice the consequences of which are still being played out. This is the same organization, incidentally, that created the “conspiracy theory” meme back in the 1960s, a meme that, for half a century now, has been highly successful in circumventing evidence-based criticisms of government-approved narratives.

We are supposed to accept these pronouncements about Russian hackers on faith? How stupid do they think we are, anyway???

Incidentally, no one appears to have a problem with George Soros or the Saudis having generously supported Hillary Clinton! If these do not constitute “foreign interference” with a U.S. election, then what does?!

Hypocrisy, thy name is the American Left!

First, it was “whitelash,” one-time Communist Van Jones’s term — given that white has become, all by itself, a term of disdain in far-left circles, racist in any logical sense of that term. Then it was the FBI, accused of hurting Clinton’s chances with its 11th-hour allegations which (I believe purposefully) went nowhere, on which Smith based his conclusion that Trump was the globalist superelite’s desired victor, as they want someone they consider an ideological foe in the White House who can then take the fall when they pull the plug on the house-of-cards economy. Then it was this “fake news” stupidity (solidly smacked down here). Now it’s the Russians. Anyone with a functioning brain knows that had Hillary won and Trump alleged Russian interference, he’d be dismissed as a “conspiracy theorist.”

The Left, of course, gets a pass on such things!

What experience I have had (in the past as an academic, and then more recently) has only reinforced my conviction that most leftists are what Lenin called “useful idiots”: people some of whom believe they are the movers and shakers of modern events but are actually as helpless as they are clueless, as without the money flows coming from the George Soroses of the world, they would all be forced to get real jobs waiting tables or emptying hospital bedpans.

I cannot foresee clearly how the immediate future plays out. What is clear: Trump’s real enemies are the globalists, the superelite, not American leftists most of whom cannot think their way out of wet paper sack. The globalist superelite cannot be properly described as either “left” or “right.” Worship of money and unbridled power have no ideology. Globalists make nice with Communists, or for that matter, with Fascists, if doing so will advance their goals. They place no value on individual human lives, which they have used as cannon fodder for generations, bankrolling both sides of bloody wars which “cull the herds.”

Make no mistake about it: these people are evil in any sense of the word one wants. Their goal is to establish a global state (world government) that will serve, and be served by, the leviathan corporations they control, and which will be used to institute a monoculture based on mass-consumption, obedience, and systems of reinforcements and Orwellian persuasions intended to (as Chomsky once put it) “keep the rabble in line.”

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One can only hope that the Electoral College electors will remain steadfast, and stand their ground against something unprecedented. They accepted this responsibility when they agreed to be electors, although I have a problem with the idea that having to deal with personal threats is what they signed on for. I am hereby praying, and am requesting prayers, for their safety and for the safety of their families, as they do the right thing on Monday. Should they fail in this task, caving into leftist demands, one can then hope and pray that the House of Representatives, or if it comes to it, the Supreme Court, will do the right thing, the sensible thing, and allow put Donald Trump in the White House according to the rules governing U.S. elections put in place over 200 years ago. Otherwise they will be responsible for whatever happens next, be it a “presidency” which will never be deemed legitimate even if it is tolerated in the interests of national peace, or be it massive civil unrest and possibly worse!

2016 Steven Yates - All Rights Reserved

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Steven Yates has a Ph.D. in philosophy and is the author of Four Cardinal Errors: Reason for the Decline of the American Republic (2011) and Philosophy Is Not Dead: A Vision of the Discipline’s Future (ebook, 2014). He blogs occasionally at He lives in Santiago, Chile with his wife and two spoiled cats, and is working on his own online education project, the New Lyceum Academy for Philosophical Studies (website forthcoming).




I am getting the impression, observing day by day, this is worse than I imagined it would be. I’d thought, following a federal judge’s declaration the other day, that the adults would prevail. Now, I am not so sure. For starters, Electoral College electors, especially in swing states, are being bullied and harassed 24/7! Some are reporting having received death threats!