By Cliff Kincaid

China Joe berates people for not taking the Trump Warp Speed vaccines but he won’t give Trump credit for them. China Joe has made the American people into the enemy.

The virus is the enemy. By ignoring this fact, China Joe demonstrates his allegiance to China.Interestingly, after he berated the American people, he called Chinese dictator xi for advice on how to proceed. According to reports, he pleaded for a “climate cooperation” deal with China. This followed U.S. Special Presidential Envoy for Climate John Kerry’s “virtual meeting” with various Communist Chinese officials to “address the climate crisis.”

Climate crisis? What about China’s mass murder campaign using the  virus?

The publication Axios calls the deaths from the virus a 9/11 every two days, and they’re right. Three thousand Americans are dying every two days from the China virus. Nearly three thousand died on 9/11 because of Islamic terrorism.

In total, more than 650,000 have died from the China virus.

Tina Reed of Axios writes that “Many Americans not directly involved in patient care are paying little attention to, or are even trying to ignore, the ongoing pandemic.”

Sadly, she’s right, except for the fact that she doesn’t hold China responsible for the mass murder.

What’s more, too many people on the conservative side are more upset about the vaccines than the virus. This is nuts. But this is why China Joe gave his Thursday speech. He’s betting the Republicans will overreact.

It’s entirely proper to accuse Biden of behaving in an unconstitutional manner. He should be sued. He is acting like a dictator.

But consider this message, one of many I have received, from a right-wing religious zealot and lunatic: “…either you never read any of the irrefutable facts about the Dangers and horrors of this fake bio weapon falsely called a vaccine or you’ve been bought off by the Demoncratic party i.e George Soros and company or your conscience is seared by a hot iron and you are sadly a Reprobate!”

After years of exposing Soros and his allies, I am now supposed to be his ally because I support the Trump vaccines. I am now in league with the “demons” in the “Demoncratic party.” These people are the equivalent of those who insist that 9/11 was an inside job and that Dick Cheney engineered the bombing of the World Trade Center.

I took the vaccine and its has protected me. That’s a fact. If you disagree, don’t take it.

What most people on both sides are failing to do is hold China and its apologists responsible for the carnage and suffering caused by the virus. Most of our media have the same blind spot, which is fatal. We have to recognize the enemy.

Keep in mind that, until Biden’s Thursday speech, most people could still reject the vaccine and take their chances with the virus. Biden’s orders will be tied up in the courts anyway. It’s all political on his part. If people want to avoid the vaccines, they will probably be able to do so. Good luck and God Speed.

But Biden is betting that the Republicans and their voters will look crazy in opposing the vaccines. He may be right.

Those behind China Joe are betting that the fear of the virus will “trump” fear of the vaccine. Ironically, Joe is using the Trump Warp Speed vaccines to back Republicans into a corner, painting them as obstructionists. It is a clever partisan ploy that also has the advantage of distracting public attention from the establishment of a terrorist narco-state in Afghanistan.

The publication Axios reports a Biden official as saying that Biden is “uniting” the 75 percent in favor of the vaccines and vaccine mandates against the 25 percent in opposition. If these numbers hold up, the Democrats will have a winning issue to use against the Republicans.

True to form, the Republicans are acting like the Stupid Party and some are promising civil disobedience against Biden’s pro-vaccine policies. J.D. Vance, a candidate for the GOP U.S. Senate nomination in Ohio, has urged “mass civil disobedience” to Biden’s plan. This is utter stupidity on Vance’s part. Such talk plays into Biden’s hands.

The Fox News headline, “Republicans explode with fury over Biden vaccine mandate,” illustrates the problem for the GOP. They will huff and puff and makes themselves look like lunatics.

What the conservatives should be doing is taking the fight to China.

After he gave his Thursday speech on vaccines, China Joe called Xi to plead for a deal on “climate cooperation.” Joe is desperate for something, anything, he can claim as a foreign policy victory, even if it does have the effect of making China stronger in the long run.

“Top Chinese officials have snubbed and lectured top Biden aides, and Beijing has used Biden’s botched withdrawal from Afghanistan as a propaganda coup,” Axios reports.

You know Biden is in trouble when even Axios is reporting the truth about the U.S. Administration’s descent into despair.

Biden is a desperate politician who is counting on the bad behavior of the anti-vaxxers and anti-maskers to make him look good.

Republicans should not consider China Joe to be the enemy. He is only a puppet. China is the enemy. And so is the China virus.

Remember all of this as the 26th Conference of the Parties (COP26) to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) is being held October 31 to November 12, 2021, in Glasgow, United Kingdom. This will be another attempt to change the subject and get the attention off China for conducting a 9/11 every two days on American soil.

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