The Democrats and their hysterical leftist leaders just don’t get it. Their message is veiled, manipulative and fractured. No matter how much they dress up, throw on more makeup, or take all their clothes off, they don’t connect. Their lies, tendency to violence and acting out have become record breaking and award winning now…. just not election winning. Americans of all kinds know that the Democrats have evolved into a desperate marching – Me Too – monster that does not reflect anything other than their desperation for power.  They don’t have time for real people and their needs.

Democratic leadership continues to run to microphones and scream persecution while reminding the masses that Trump is really Hitler…be very scared.  Sadly, in their twisted speeches and reminders of how Trump is rotten, they are speaking to fewer and fewer listeners. Even Hillary and Bill are getting very small audiences, while Trump fills huge coliseums everywhere, he goes. It won’t be long before they will have to hand out special magnifying glasses for those entering a liberal event to even find another person.  People get lonely you know.

The sold-out media and Democrat left has always been in denial about the power of Trump and his blunt pro American message. Trump’s message translates to most of us in America, minorities, women and many liberals much to the horror of the DEMS.  Americans are now yelling out: ‘Thank God there is someone finally in the White House who cares about America, my rights, my job, my safety and our economy!’  ‘Thank God we finally have a President who will protect our borders from the illegal and dangerous masses trying to storm through every day in every way.

Americans are overwhelmed with joy that we are boldly building energy independence again, rebuilding our military the way it should be and getting trade deals right with countries all around the world who have been happily taking advantage of us.  Oh yeah, just about every American is shocked in a great way about paying dramatically less taxes on many levels after experiencing only tax increases with Obama.   I have barely touched on all that Trump and the resurrected GOP has done and continues to do in record pace.

Trump is out speaking all over to sell out crowds and lines wrapping around buildings while we continue to hear of the huge blue wave coming fast.  This is nothing but desperate Democrat and media lies and empty coliseum misery.

Let us all vote from our heart, for freedom and this time for the GOP and Trump politicians because they are representing God, freedom for all, protection and safety, jobs and achievement, erasing waste and building our country back on multiple levels.

Most of the nation watched in horror and wonderment the Kavanaugh hearings.  Accuser after accuser was brought forward as the Democrats attacked and attacked, knowing he had to be guilty if for no other reason than Trump wanted him confirmed to the Supreme Court.  Thank God after 7 FBI investigations and other investigations that not only was he proven innocent of the vial charges but now we know that at least 2 of the ladies who had accused him of abuse and rape like charges admitted it never happened.  It was all false and political.  What a total shock…not!  That is how the Democrats play these days…who cares about truth?  Who cares about law?  Who cares about doing what is right?  Just destroy Trump, conservatives and Christians.

There is something very big and even shocking coming and it ain’t blue!

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