February 12, 2016
P.I.E (Parents Involved in Education) is a recently established organization to, among other things, abolish the Federal Department of Education. ABOLISHING THE U.S. DEPT. OF EDUCATION WILL NOT STOP THE EVERY STUDENT SUCCEEDS ACT (ESSA) OR THE EDUCATION AGENDA!!!
Read all about P.I.E, who they are, their program, and why it will not work:
” Why won’t abolishing the U. S. Department of Education eliminate the provisions of ESSA that are now law?
Even if PIE is successful in 2-3 years (which is very unlikely due to majority of Republicans who voted for and enabled passage of the communist ESSA); even if funding ceases from the federal level, the multi-billion dollar corporations, whose lifelong school-to-work/non-academic Skinnerian/TQM workforce training agenda must be implemented at the local level, will pick up the multi billion dollar tab and get tax-exemptions for doing so.
All the educational controlling mechanisms at the Federal Level are now at the State level.
It is the states that fund 93% of all education in America. “What’s the source of these funds? In most states, it’s sales and income taxes (both corporate and personal). But on a local level, these funds usually come from property taxes, which are set by the school board, local officials or citizens.”
In addition, the corporate fascist takeover of public education is on the move. Here’s how:
There is a growing movement across the country to establish state tax credits for corporations who fund school choice. Nineteen states already participate in this program In the year 2007-2008, $76,708,207 was issued to Choice Scholarship tax credits in just Florida.
If the Department of Education is abolished, will that stop attempts of state pooling of district tax monies to fund state education?
If the U.S. Department of Education is abolished, will that prevent legislation abolishing the present property tax system in order to place the funding and control of our local schools in the State Departments of Education? This kind of legislation was narrowly defeated in Pennsylvania in 2015. “The legislation would have imposed a multibillion-dollar state takeover of public school funding from school boards and a monumental change in state taxation.”
If the U.S. Department of Education is abolished, will that prevent “teacher leaders” trained with all the Skinnerian/Pavlovian bells and whistles of “progressive 21st Century” education from moving into leadership positions and taking over all our local schools? This is according to the plans of Linda Darling Hammond, those from the Council of Chief State Schools Officers, and others.

To the above collectivist agenda add the local teacher-leaders program with plans of the powerful and heavily endowed CEE Trust (page 38) to set up a local Community Schools Board with an advisory board only. This teacher-led board, trained in progressive teaching methodolgies (i.e. Common Core et al.) would control all money and operations at the local level.

All the above TO CONTROL OUR CHILDREN can operate with or without the federal Department of Education.
The carrying out of The White House Private Sector Initiative, 1984, and Carnegie Corporation’s 1934 plan (which has been enthusiastically adopted by most of the major corporate giants: Gates, Walmart, etc.) can be accomplished WITHOUT ANY FUNDING FROM THE U.S. DEPT. OF EDUCATION! [for research related to The White House Private Sector Initiative and Carnegie Corporation’s Conclusions and Recommendation’s for the Social Studies]

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