What do all these current events have in common?

At Rutgers University—300 years in business, and still hasn’t graduated anyone you ever heard of—students in a dorm are being coached never to speak unless it’s either absolutely necessary or positively helpful, lest you inadvertently say anything that a listener might possibly construe as “microaggression” or “microinvalidation,” whatever the deuce that is. Students had better just keep their lips zipped—because, after all, microaggressions depress the hearer’s immune system.

All around the country, infants are being vaccinated for every disease anyone can think of. As they get older, children are kept in increasingly secure, supervised, and “safe” environments, culminating in the “safe space” so necessary to the health and sanity of college students, where they need never see, hear, or read anything that might upset them.

What politician, when he or she runs for office, doesn’t promise that the government, with him at the helm, is going to “create jobs”? This will only happen if governments can figure out a way to create wealth; but that doesn’t stop politicians from promising it, or voters from expecting it.

World leaders and their scientific lackeys promise even more—to control “Climate Change,” which they’ll do if we give them greatly expanded powers to interfere in our lives, and bigger and bigger wads of our money. They’ll come and take it as fast as their private jets can get them there.

And on and on, bilge without end: promise heaped on promise, policy heaped on policy—all aimed at removing any and all challenges from life. All naturally oozing forth from a cockeyed humanist dream, or hallucination, of disowning God and setting up man in His place, and going on to create a downright jim-dandy earthly paradise. They’ve put it all down in black and white.

They can’t yet offer us eternal life (“But we’re working on it, we’re working on it!”) or forgiveness of sins (“But there’s no such thing as sin! Ask any flatline churchman!”), but everything else you could ask for is right there on the menu—even “a meaningful life” for every nebbish on the planet. Gee, I wonder what would constitute a meaningful life for a serial child molester.

But yes, they promise to do God’s job better than God ever did it. All we’ve got to do is get rid of our religion and trust them as if they were our gods.

Would you buy a used car from Hillary Clinton? Would you trust John Kerry to organize a game of Simon Says?

Of course, our leaders and sages first have to prove that they can do these things. That’s what moves them to dream up—and, God help us, attempt to execute—all these weird attempts to micro-manage human life. They’re all aimed at creating an environment in which there will be no stress, no pain, no disappointment, no regrets, no conflict, no frustration, no defeat (that’s why their kids get participation trophies and a “good job!”, or a college degree, just for showing up), and no bad weather, even. Such an environment would either be Heaven or a cemetery. Heaven belongs to God, but humanists have always been good at filling up the cemeteries. It’s what they do best.

Are we grown so small, so timorous, so servile, that this is what we want? Are we grown so credulous, so intellectually destitute, that we believe a bunch of little tin gods in government can give this to us?

But it doesn’t much matter what we believe, because our leaders and our sages believe it themselves, and act on that belief. They think they’re pretty hot stuff, and only a hateful, ignorant, racist biggit would fail to honor and appreciate their brilliance—and a good stiff course of sensitivity training will straighten him out, pronto.

Sorry, O masters of the world; but I like the God I’ve got, and you’re not Him.

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