Actually, this weeks column is a reprint of the excellent analysis of the operation to destroy the Trump presidency brought forth by retired general Paul Vallely.

Career officials, managers and staff within the DOJ and FBI wanted to help ensure Hillary Clinton won the 2016 election.  Those people were ideologically aligned with President Obama and tried the goal of maintaining progressive advances as part of their motive.  A small group was formed within the DOJ and FBI to facilitate the goals.  The first goal was to remove Mrs. Clinton from the burden of the FBI investigation.  Once that goal was achieved, they move onto Clinton’s 2016 challenger.  By the time the 2016 GOP convention drew near, everyone accepted that challenger would be Donald Trump.

As such, the FBI “small group” began monitoring candidate Donald Trump in June/July 2016as part of a plan toward the benefit of candidate Hillary Clinton.  However, the FBI and DOJ officials also needed a reasonable basis, a legal justification for their behavior and the time they were spending.  The plan to justify that behavior was to create an official counterintelligence operation.  To get the counterintelligence operation going, they needed a reasonable basis for creating one.  That basis was the formative seeds of claims of Russian connections to the Trump Campaign.

To establish the basis the Russian elements needed for the operation; the DNC and Clinton campaign paid Fusion GPS to contract Christopher Steele to write a dossier that would form the legal grounding for the counterintelligence operation.  Fusion GPS hired DOJ Deputy Attorney Bruce Ohr’s wife, Nellie Ohr, who was well versed in counterintelligence operations, CIA operations, and using tradecraft to create illusions.

Nellie Ohr worked with retired British M16 Agent Christopher Steele to manufacture the Steele Dossier.  The dossier would take innocuous connections between Trump and Russian people, enhance them, fabricate some nefarious appearance, and then be turned over to Bruce Ohr’s counterintelligence buddy in the FBI, Peter Strzok.  In essence, the Clinton’s created the Russian “angle” out of thin air; and the FBI and DOJ used that creation as the legal underpinning for the counterintelligence operation.  The cointel op was always just a ruse for wiretapping, surveillance and monitoring of Donald Trump campaign officials.

The FBI (Strzok) and DOJ (Ohr) dressed up the Steele Dossier to apply for FISA warrant (FBI) Attorney Lisa Page).  The surveillance was happening with or without FISA approval; but the FISA warrant would make the surveillance legal.  The initial application to the FISA Court was so sketchy (June/July 2016) it was actually denied.  Denials rarely happen.  One-in-a-thousand.  The Steele Dossier was dressed up some more.  More stuff was added, thanks to Christopher Steele and Nellie Ohr, to the second FISA application in Sept/October.  That FISA application again submitted by Bruce Ohr, Peter Strzok, and Lisa Page.  That warrant was approved.  If Mrs. Clinton was elected, the entire counterintelligence operation just disappears into the ether.  No-one would ever know about it.  But Mrs. Clinton Didn’t win, Trump did.

Subsequently, the entire Trump Counterintelligence Operation was likely to be exposed.  So, the team behind the Cointel scheme, again “the small group”, had to make up for the Russian interference in the Election narrative, a larger narrative, to cover their tracks.  The manufactured basis for the FISA warrant, ‘Muh Russia’ now needed to become real; or at least have the appearance of being justified.   That’s why the goofy “Joint Analysis Report on Russian interference” was created.  Brennan (CIA), Clapper (ODN), Comey (FBI), and to a lesser extent the outsider Mike Rogers (NSA).  This became the  “17 intelligence agencies” blah..blah..blah.

Actually, it was never 17 intel agencies, just four.  Only three pushed it.  Mike Rogers said he had low/moderate confidence in the underlying intelligence within the report.  The report was created as evidence to enhance the cover.  Nothing more.  General Vallely believes that if you put the Steele Dossier together with the Joint Analysis Report, you will find 90% of the FISA application documentation.  Additionally, the entire crew, from the Obama Administration and current career people within the DOJ, FBI, etc., understood the larger scheme, needed ongoing people to continue ensuring the story was maintained.

That drove the need for a Special counsel investigation.  Mueller’s investigation was really just another way the players within the original scheme could keep a lid on the events in 2016.  That is why many of the FBI/DOJ “small group”, the crew who cleared Mrs. Clinton in the email investigation.  Controls were needed.  Inside Mueller’s dirty little group, the “small crew” essentially works to watch over what information the Trump officials or Congress could possibly be discovering under the auspices of investigating ‘Muh Russia’ etc.  If the “small group” comes across a risky trail being followed, they work to impede, block, delay or deflect anyone from that trail.

This a summary of the way things look from a researched perspective.  There is one guy at the heart of this operation who can blow the lid off of everything.  His name is the infamous Mr. Bill Priestap.  Priestap’s position in 2016 was director of Counterintelligence for the FBI.  There is still much to be discovered regarding the deep state, but this research put together by General Paul Vallely is more than a great start.  Too bad, the dragon media has not even begun to search for and report the truth.  By the way, I Blow away the Myths and Reveal the Truth weekday mornings via on The Edwards Notebook on KCKQ AM 1180 Reno, Nevada at 6:30ish AM PT, 9:30ish AM EST and throughout America via or  The Edwards Notebook is also enjoyed overnight weekends on 60 radio stations in 28 states just after 4:30 AM EST, 1:30 AM  PT emanating from flagship station AM 860 WGUL Tampa, Florida and everywhere else via Last but certainly not least, it’s the Ron Edwards Experience talk show Fridays at 4:00 PM EST, 1:00 PM PT on AM 1180 KCKQ, Reno, Nevada and worldwide, and Spreaker.

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