There are only days left until the critical Mid-Term elections where just about everything is on the line for liberals and conservatives.  Will the GOP keep the HOUSE or lose it to the DEMOCRATS?  Will the SENATE gain seats or lose control also to the DEMOCRATS?  The liberal DEMOCRAT Mob rule has been called out of their cages to hit, burn, attack and scream obscenities by their favorites – Maxine Waters, Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Eric Holder and other self-proclaimed Democrat gods.  They have revealed with gruesome smells and shrieks that they are not even house trained and could care less about the rule of law.

The plan to gain and rule the HOUSE and SENATE by the DEMS is to roll out the classic and age old lies about the GOP running, but also suck dry the motivation to vote by the GOP and Independents by yelling from the liberal Pollsters and media roof tops that it is all over.  The polls show that there is an 86% chance the DEMOCRATS will retake the HOUSE.  Other polls say less and others say more but most declarations imply a sold-out win by the DEMOCRATS.

With these shrill voices shouting across the Internet, national media machine and Polls, the plan is for GOP, Independents and confused DEMS to stay home discouraged, thinking their vote doesn’t matter.  We see from most the Polls and from most media that the DEMS will likely win. Then there is the growing fear of violence and threats from mobs all across the country.  Will we be attacked or have our tires slashed if we go vote?

We know that liberal wackoids are attacking conservative politicians running for office, attacking any known Trump supporters, stopping and disrupting traffic, and throwing GOP and Trump supporters out of restaurants, gas stations and related events.   So, that is the point – shut the Trump voters down and stop the flow of voters to the precincts.

Now is the time to remind yourselves of the way the DEMS now play ball.  The ball has spikes and it draws real blood.  They will obviously do almost anything to regain power and try and destroy Trump.   Make yourself somehow ignore 99% of the media hype, fake conspiracy news rubbish flying around like an F5 Tornado. Polls are jumping all over like Mexican Jumping Beans and vote for the real conservative GOP in your area.   Do not forget for a minute that 99% of the polls were all wrong up to the last minute with Trump and Hillary.

Our country and future really do count on you DEMOCRATS who see the melt down actions going on in your own party, you Independents who are usually on the fence and us conservatives.  For the GOP out there, we have zero reason and excuse not to vote this time.  Ignore all except for mailing in your ballot on time or getting to your precinct and voting.

The current Ace the DEMS think they have in their Mid-term deck is the growing herd of illegal aliens swarming to our southern border through Mexico.  These are obviously backed by large liberal money since 14,000 and climbing numbers are walking and riding through several countries and are somehow strolling through Mexico now.  Where do all these people get huge amounts of food, water, clothing, tents or housing to travel thousands of miles through many countries?  Soros and other liberal money come to mind.   Magically, none of the countries they have walked through so far have responded to the call of President Trump to stop them and intercede.  Nor, did they head his warning about him stopping the flow of huge money coming to them from us.

This is a massive set up by DEMOCRATS and open border liberals who believe they can paint Trump and the GOP as heartless, racist not carrying about little children and their Moms as they desperately try to limp to freedom in the U.S.  It will be good guys – the DEMS and bad guys – the GOP and TRUMP.   Now, Trump says he will send troops to the border to stop them from coming in.   Now the leftists are speculating that Trump will shoot them down, heartless NAZI that he is.

The only small problem with that assumption and this set of manipulative lies around this sea of illegal aliens is it is all wrong.   Most the country has seen Trump’s heart and compassion for all kinds of Americans in trouble.  He quickly cut taxes for all, has led and continues to deliver with Hurricane relief and has made history delivering jobs back to our neighborhoods.

What the DEMS forget is that a big reason Trump was elected is that he said he would build a border wall, protect our sovereignty and stop illegal immigration.  America was sick of this being ignored by President after President.  Most Americans know the difference between compassion for the poor and an illegal and dangerous alien invasion from countries around the world.  They know it is costing us our lives, billions of dollars annually, jobs, safety and health.  Most of us with a brain know that this mob of people won’t be shot or treated inhumanly, but in some way or other they will be turned back to their homelands.   Trump must stand on this and not back down.   This will not hurt the mid-terms but show the US masses that the GOP means to actually secure our borders and make us as safe as possible.

The DEMOCRATS could care less about our sovereignty, national and border security, economy and moral base.  I predict a GOP victory keeping the HOUSE and SENATE.

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