Just as there once was the stone age, then the dark age, the age of the renaissance, the reconstruction age, the industrialization age, the age of Aquarius; pot smokers and free lovers all though the 60s and 70s followed on by Reagan Economics; George H.W. Bush 1989-2001 and his 1st Gulf War; Jimmy Carter, a national socialized malaise USA embarrassment; the political period followed known as the Clinton age of lubricity (slippery 1992) lasting 8 long years that changed the definition of the word “is” and then George W. Bush two terms as a captain who abandoned the ship of a fiscally sound state to the vultures of greed which resulted in the election of a purported Muslim in mufti whose purpose was/is to change America into a third world country without borders. Hillary is now his replacement candidate in total support of Obama’s credo.

In a November 1993, a conference, titled: “Reimagining” featuring the theological concept Sophia female image of God, the feminists conducting the affair were quoted:

“Our maker Sophia, we are women of your image, with the hot blood of our wombs….” “with nectar between our thighs we invite a lover and with our warm body fluids, we remind the world of its pleasures and sensations.” This was the introduction to the Lucifer age post Nero and ancient senators and plebs who brought down the Rome of a thousand years and the introduction of Dark Age. The woman’s movement was called slippery, although sticky (pardon the pun) and titled the “21 Century Religion” right out of the witches caldron.

This nation can’t dismiss “Slick Willy” a different Democrat, the peoples embodiment of the puissant erections: a prodigious prestidigitator of malapropisms instead of straight talk; a supreme enabler both in political social juxtapositioning of principles.

To exemplify is to compare oral sex in the White House President’s office bathroom with an 18 year old as not sex. Added to the string of assignations with willing and unwilling sexual encounters with several women while serving as Governor, he used State Troopers as his sex procuring agents. While in the White House, he had his wife Hillary as his familiar war dog to fend off the victims who complained about his sexual attacks. His First Lady exerted a vengeance without precedence to ruin and embarrass his victims.

Woe are we, if the people accept the elixirs and lubricious con of Hillary’s modified cough syrup reform solutions for Obama Care; the greased skids of social solutions of free college, free food, freedom from taxes, naming taxes as simply cost sharing. In her postulation it’s Government munificence on steroids. Added, are promises to enhance women’s health to include murder of the unborn, accelerating the decline of Caucasian demographics through pills to abort, pills to prevent before and after pregnancy with no mention of those of the Muslim faith’s men who may have multiple wives who are able to triple and quadruple their numbers by 2025 with Shea voters that will replace the American Constitution with the Koran’s Muslim laws. The Muslims are more strict regarding abortion and recommends execution for those that commit it, than the weakened so-called religions of the West who are more lenient. Post Vatican Catholics conveniently consider birth preventing pills as not a matter for confession.

The hoi polloi far outnumber the middle class and Hillary will entice them with the logic of social and communist solutions. Democrats have used blacks as insurance during elections by doling out welfare and insuring a slave like loyalty to the PARTY.

From her first day in office, all dreams will be satisfied and to pay for Latino and the black’s welfare, the rich and the middle class will share their wealth to pay for dispensed cell phones, free food and medical care. Industry will provide more jobs; Latinos and Muslims will be welcomed across our open borders and Plato’s Utopia will be reincarnated. That’s why Donald Trump calls her “Lying Hillary.”

Since the Federal Reserve which is not Federal and is not a Reserve but a means to issue debt money instead of fiscally backed money either by land, precious metals or other tangible collateral to back the almighty dollar, the world has succumbed to an international Ponzy game a false system at its Waterloo.

The United States is at a critical crossroad which doesn’t bode well for the “Grand Old Flag.” NAFTA, the GATT, the euro are on a sliding slope towards a revival in nationalism and a restoration of independence from World Government centered at the Hague in Belgium. Already the tides are in flux with several members of the EU ready to exit in line with the Brit’s decision to vote in favor of an independent nation state with its own laws and its unique independent people in charge, not encumbered by illegal aliens. In order to survive they must first rid themselves as a nanny state deleting the strict bad laws established in Brussels that created its own monster of dependence similar to Hillary and Obama monsters meant for America’s future.

© 2016 Joe Kress – All Rights Reserved

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