by Rev. Austin Miles

The so-called Academy Awards Show tonight was the worst presentation ever shown on TV.  First of it exhibited no excellence. There was no structure. It was like Amateur Night in Dixie. Indeed there was not one iota of professionalism spotlighting a skilled profession which should be trusted to be totally polished. Nobody in attendance wore a tuxedo or formal gown. Many men were without even a tie. The room looked more like a union hall affair rather than a venue for the most high profile profession on earth.

There were no special artistic set pieces to put up in the room to give some movie atmosphere. They,  of all people, should know that atmosphere is everything. They were totally unprepared for the guests who would come to this ‘special’ night.

There should have been gentlemen in attendance, of better yet, some of the actors, who would go and escort any actress up and down the steps to and from the platform. That courtesy was totally absent. There was nothing to indicate any sophistication in this ‘talent show.’  Plus the locations darted between the U.S. and China which got confusing.  The location rooms for the audience  were drab and without imagination. One might have been sitting at the local McDonalds.

Mostly blacks took part, and the so-called music was rock-style music, between scenes, that captured nothing about what this show was to be about. The music did not offer any mood for the awards that would be given.

There was absolutely no dignity with the audience or professionalism in the presentation.  Audience members appeared to have come right from their work places.

And as to be expected, one black contender just had to state that ‘the police kill three blacks a day.”  Now where in hell did he get that statistic and why did he have to say that?  What has that to do with this program? And there were some other anti-American jabs.

This thing was not even produced, but thrown together in spaces that appeared more designed for Rotary Club dinners than something that should be the ultimate in formality, courtesy and a salute to the arts.

There was nothing in that room to indicate that this was the ultimate motion picture presentation.

Every part of this event was flawed.  When the MEMORANDUM piece was shown on the screens with photos of actors who had died this year, the names were quickly blacked out before anyone could actually read them. It was rushed. This is just plain carelessness.

Watching this abomination was a total waste of time. Plus nobody wanted to hear the political statements which had nothing to do with the project at hand.  I remember hearing the great dancer, Martha Graham say at an actor’s event in New York: “While diplomatic tongues and swords have failed to pave the way for world peace, the actors, speaking an international language, gives hope that things can work toward peace.”

We all have a role in the twist and turns of life. Lets take that mantle with purpose.  Whenever we meet someone new, wherever he or she comes from or whatever background they have, let us remember that each person we meet or deal with is the only one of him or her in the entire world.  Wow!  What a privilege to meet that person, the only one in existence.

Entertainers must entertain, not get into political rhetoric.

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