By Laurie Roth

The law and Supreme Court precedents are blatantly direct about a Presidential election with fraud in it.  ‘State the Nation’ made a strong and clear case for Trump simply winning by default.  Read it, continue praying and believe the truth. Stand with Trump!  Don’t run into the deep state swamp with Mike Pence, Mitch McConnel and other traitors.

Our Congress certified the election illegally and UN Constitutionally. There is nothing ambiguous about what the Federal law, Supreme Court and Constitution says.

‘When wholesale fraud and corruption and criminality are employed to steal the quadrennial POTUS election by one of the two major party candidates, the victor automatically becomes the other presidential nominee with the greatest number of electoral votes’ (

So far, the law and Constitution regarding this Presidential election has been completely ignored and violated by the House and the Senate on the November 6th.  Instead, we saw the ‘Judas’ display by VP Mike Pence and other cowards in the House and Senate sell out the Constitution, truth and America.

The bottom line for all Americans is simply put. Donald Trump is President by default and due to proven and massive election fraud and foreign interference.  Court cases are still in play yet from the first night of Nov. 3rd onward, the mountain of election fraud and ballot manipulation, destruction of Trump ballots and related election crimes have been documented and seen.

What we also have seen with all the election fraud proof, is many Judges, most politicians and all of the mainstream media, including Fox news and even Newsmax on occasion,haven’t stood with President Trump and the Constitution.  How many times from Fox and Newsmax hosts did we hear ‘no proof’ or ‘lack of proof’ while calling on the cowardly essence of Mitch McConnell and Mitt Romney? We aren’t as stupid as they think we are.  The proof is vividly out there and documented.  It is just vividly ignored.

The Rhino and media support for Trump, led by sell out Mike Pence is no different and less comforting than when Pelosi reminds us often that she prays for Trump regularly.  Wow!  Let’s have a moment of silence.  What a praying Christian she is….not!

No matter how rough the course may be for a while, Trump has Constitutionally won by default and he and real Americans must stand and fight.  Trump must never concede an election that he and America boldly won.  Trump must stand with the military and start making needed arrests for treason and election fraud no matter how radical that sounds.  Crimes and felonies have been committed and it wasn’t by Trump.

The mainstream media, Republican RINO’s, Governors, attorney generals, liberal judges, many in the House and Senate, along with Mike Pence must answer for supporting and standing with bold election crimes instead of the law, Constitution and the American people.

It is time for massive arrests with Trump and the military taking charge.  Let Biden, the media and Democrats continue calling Trump names – Dictator, Hitler, Coward and poor loser. America knows who Trump really is – Patriot, American, Constitution and God lover.  He is a man of principle, courage, honor, brilliant ideas for America and a man who ain’t for sale like almost all on the other side.  This is not over. Stand with President Trump all the way.

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