Jesus answered them, “Did I not choose you, the Twelve?  And yet one of you is a devil.”  He spoke of Judas the son of Simon Iscariot, for he, one of the Twelve, was going to betray him.  —John 6:70-71

For you will certainly carry out God’s purpose, however you act, but it makes a difference to you whether you serve like Judas or like John. C.S. Lewis  —The Problem of Pain

AG Sessions, Unfit to Serve

Despite Sessions being the first to endorse Trump as a candidate, I believe his dishonorable and treacherous actions prove he was a hired swamp creature put in place by the establishment to help destroy the finest President we’ve had in many decades.  And Trump trusted him because Sessions was strong on sealing our borders.

Americans who voted for President Trump believed his support from Senator Jeff Sessions was pure and driven by honorable intentions, but the moment Jeff Sessions recused himself from the Russia investigation, he betrayed our President.

He deceived President Trump by concealing his intent to recuse himself from the federal investigation into Russia’s meddling in the 2016 election.  Hours after he was sworn in, Sessions set his recusal in motion by meeting with Department of Justice (DOJ) officials to discuss stepping aside from the probe.  Failing to disclose such a material matter to the president was an egregious disloyalty.

Sessions never told the president until three weeks later and when he cited the regulation of his recusal, he cited the wrong law. It didn’t apply to his recusal.  Fox commentator Gregg Jarrett clarifies:

Section 45.2 states that an official is disqualified from “a criminal investigation or prosecution” if he has a personal or political relationship with a “subject of the investigation or prosecution,” or with a person or organization whose interests would be affected by the outcome “of the investigation or prosecution.”

The probe of Russia’s interference in the 2016 presidential campaign is not a criminal investigation or prosecution. In his written and oral testimony, former FBI director James Comey reiterated that the Russia probe is a counterintelligence investigation. As Comey elaborated, a counterintelligence investigation is an effort “to understand the technical and human methods that hostile foreign powers are using to influence the United States or to steal our secrets,” in order to “disrupt” those activities. Again, the point is to gather intelligence about a foreign power, not investigate with an eye toward a prosecution of criminal suspects.  Link

President Trump said, “If he was going to recuse himself, he should have told me prior to taking office, and I would have picked someone else.”  And Trump is absolutely right.  Attorney Gregg Jarrett has made it clear that neither the facts nor the law required his recusal.  As such, Jarrett has stated, “Jeff Sessions is the most feckless, incompetent attorney general in modern American history.”

Sessions hid the truth from President Trump, and in doing so destroyed Trump’s confidence and trust which are essential to the job.  Jarrett comments, “This ethical impropriety renders him unfit to serve.”

And what have we heard from Sessions hired investigator, Utah’s John Huber?  Nothing!  Our AWOL Attorney General and Huber are not conducting legit Clinton-Obama investigations, neither are they seeking justice.  The Huber investigation was started nine months ago and was supposed to be looking into the corrupt Clinton Foundation scandal involving Uranium One, but he still has not interviewed the main whistle blower in the case, Doug Campbell.

Sessions is a shill for the establishment!

Comey, Rosenstein, Mueller

Comey, Rosenstein and Mueller, the established Deep State trio, have been friends for years.  There are many reasons we should be uncomfortable with Mueller, especially since Obama extended FBI Director Mueller’s 10-year term for two more years.  But more importantly, these three men have worked in tandem to destroy America’s elected President.  Rosenstein actually appointed his friend Robert Mueller and never restricted his investigation to the Russian collusion.

What we are watching is what is called in the Justice Department and in terrorism prosecution, the use of terror legal tactics to destroy Trump supporters in order to try and force them to cooperate when they have nothing to cooperate with. It also discourages anyone else from ever working for Trump.

As for Mueller and his gang of Democrat attack dogs, Congressman Louie Gohmert’s expose, Robert Mueller Unmasked, documents Mueller’s long and sordid history of illicitly targeting innocent people that is a stain upon the legacy of American jurisprudence. Mueller lacks the judgment and credibility to lead the prosecution of anyone.

AG Sessions, why are there no charges against leaker James Comey?

FBI Director Wray and Andrew Weissmann

Joe diGenova has called Christopher Wray an “embarrassment.”  It was Governor Chris Christie who suggested Wray as FBI Director, because Wray had defended him in the Bridgegate scandal. Rosenstein was thrilled with Wray’s nomination.  Why?  Because birds of a feather flock together.

Wray led the Enron Task Force when he was with the DOJ as assistant attorney general in 2004, and Mueller’s head pit bull is Andrew Weissmann who was deputy and later director of the Enron Task Force. Wray had heaped praise on Weissmann and promoted him to the top of the DOJ’s Enron task force.  How Weissmann operated over a decade ago offers possible glimpses at how he carries out orders today from his longtime mentor, Robert Mueller.

Mueller’s “Jack the Ripper” obtained convictions against accounting giant Arthur Anderson and executives at Merrill Lynch. Weissmann destroyed the venerable accounting firm of Arthur Andersen LLP and its 85,000 jobs worldwide.  Those convictions for which Chris Wray offered praise in 2004?  The Supreme Court, in a 9-0 vote in 2005, overturned the Andersen conviction.

Weissmann’s prosecution also devastated the lives and families of Merrill Lynch executives, causing enormous defense costs, unimaginable stress and torturous prison time.  A year later, the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals erased all the fraud convictions against four Merrill Lynch managers. The jury had acquitted another defendant.

Defense attorneys say Weissmann intimidated witnesses by threatening indictments, created crimes that did not exist and, in one case, withheld evidence that could have aided the accused. Weissmann has been busted for withholding exculpatory evidence in other cases.

At one hearing, an incredulous district court judge looked down at an Enron defendant and told him he was pleading guilty to a wire fraud crime that did not exist.

Sound familiar?  This is exactly what President Trump’s former lawyer, Michael Cohen is doing…pleading to something that is not a crime.

Weissmann quietly resigned from the Enron Task Force just as the judge in the Enron Broadband prosecution began excoriating Weissmann’s team and the press began catching on to Weissmann’s modus operandiLink

Mueller’s attack dog, Andrew Weissmann, had full knowledge of the fake nature of the Steele dossier, which was a major predicate of the Russian witch-hunt that became the Mueller probe.  Weissmann knew there was collusion with the Russians and that it was among the DNC; the Clinton campaign; British agent Christopher Steele; Fusion GPS; the DOJ; the FBI.  Agent Bruce Ohr kept Weissmann “in the loop” about the fake dossier and its journeys through the Deep State swamp.  This alone makes Weissmann an unindicted co-conspirator. Link

Jeff Sessions is MIA.

Spurning House Intelligence Committee Subpoenas

Sessions has been as belligerent as Deputy AG Rosenstein and FBI Director Wray regarding producing subpoenaed documents requested by the House Intelligence Committee.  The DOJ has resisted, delayed and ignored the requests and subpoenas.  Rosenstein has even accused House Republicans of “threats,” extortion and wanting to “rummage” through department documents.  Rosenstein isn’t worried about rummaging, the DOJ is being asked to comply with very specific, potentially very revealing demands, yet they continually spit in the face of Congress who not only gave them the right to exist but funds them.

Republicans also demand the FBI drop any objections to declassifying a section of the House Intelligence Committee report that deals with a briefing former FBI Director James Comey provided about former national security adviser Lt. General Michael Flynn. House Republicans say Mr. Comey told them his own agents did not believe Mr. Flynn lied to them.

What are they hiding?  Comey, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, Andrew McCabe, Bruce Ohr, and others have already shattered the FBI’s reputation and public trust. There is nothing to be gained from pretending this is business as usual and they can’t give documentation on the Russia investigation or attempting to stem continued fallout by hiding further details.

Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC) said that the American people will be “appalled” at what happened within the FBI and DOJ to start the Trump campaign-Russian collusion probe. Meadows said the DOJ leaked information to the press and used those reported stories as evidence to get FISA warrants. Link

They were responsible for this entire phony Russian collusion narrative.  They may have lost their jobs, but why hasn’t Sessions pulled all their clearances?  Why hasn’t he charged any of them with the crimes they’ve committed?

Where is AG Sessions?  Out to lunch, under a rock, hiding in a closet?  Feckless!

The CIA and FBI

Some months back, former FBI Agent Thomas J. Baker wrote about the FBI’s shocking disrespect for congress, and that when he was at the bureau prior to FBI Director Mueller, lawmakers’ requests for information got prompt responses.  So, what are the FBI and CIA hiding?

Thomas Baker exposed that John Brennan’s CIA may have directed activity in Britain, which very well could be a problem since there are long standing agreements that the U.S. will not conduct intelligence operations there.  Could this be why the FBI continues their stonewalling of Congress?  As Gregg Jarrett has stated, we need articulable facts to open a counterintelligence case, and we don’t have that.  It is likely that the CIA led the FBI down a rabbit hole in the 2016 probe, thanks to Director Brennan.  Remember Brennan voted in 1976 for Communist Gus Hall for President, he’s lied under oath, and he’s most likely a converted Muslim.

Certainly, Director Brennan took orders from the executive branch of government. Strzok and Page texted that “Obama wants to know everything.”

Where is Jeff Sessions?  Again, out to lunch and not supporting his President.

Criminal Activity Ignored

Why hasn’t Sessions reopened the case against Hillary?  We now know that China hijacked her emails in real time and classified emails were intercepted. Hillary’s carelessness and criminal actions may have led to the deaths of 20 CIA operatives in China from 2010 to 2012.

FBI Agent John Robertson was assigned to the Anthony Weiner case. Weiner is the former husband of Hillary aid, Huma Abedin.  During Robertson’s investigation of Weiner’s computer he discovered thousands of Hillary Clinton emails and blew the whistle on the Comey-McCabe and Strzok cover-up of evidence.

As Gregg Jarrett has stated on Fox News and in his book, The Russia Hoax, a special counsel should be appointed to reopen the case against Hillary for likely violations of the Espionage Act, obstruction of justice for destroying 33,000 emails under congressional subpoena, and potential “pay to play” self-dealing for profit through her foundation. And what about Uranium One?

It’s also fairly obvious that the incoming president was spied upon for political reasons.  Transition officials were unmasked, perhaps illegally.  And in one case, the unmasking was leaked to the media which is a crime.

Sessions is nowhere to be found.  Judas!


Our President needs to demand prosecutions of Hillary and Obama for all their felonious actions.  He needs to demand declassification of all necessary documents to Congress.  He needs to demand prosecutions of the DOJ and FBI agents who were complicit in an illegal partisan stance against his election and this felonious Russian collusion investigation.

He needs to block their attacks and then counterattack Mueller and his gang of Hillary loving leftists. Defense attorneys know Weissman has bent or broken rules in the past, especially in the Enron case.

Trump doesn’t seem to understand that he is fighting for his life, and the life of his family.  The globalist establishment expected Hillary to be President and to carry on their new world order activities.  The nation heard Trump and responded in such huge outpourings of love that we overrode even vote fraud and put our man in the White House.  Now Trump needs to fight the cabal, and it better be soon.

Today more people are beginning to understand that our intelligence community has a lot to answer for.  They have not just recently become involved in the Deep State; the Deep State was inside the intelligence community from the get-go.  Allen Dulles was the first director of the CIA.  He and his brother, John Foster Dulles, were members of the globalist Council on Foreign Relations.  They were involved in implanting socialism in the established churches in America and destroying our pulpits. The enemy is in our house.

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