Quick negotiations freed Pastor Andrew Brunson from 2 years in a Turkish prison.  This didn’t happen at the hands of a Presidential or Congressional committee, lawyer or political decision to manipulate the midterms.  Trump directly made this happen because he was passionate about the one U.S. Pastor, being falsely persecuted and suffering.  Pastor Brunson was a U.S. citizen that Trump intended to move mountains to free.  There was no exchange for Islamic prisoners, train loads of cash as Obama had given Iran.  There was simply forceful talk in the style that only President Trump can deliver.  The Pastor was freed.

Midterms are quickly flying towards us and for some the delivery will feel like vindication and momentum for our national healing  and for others it will feel like a red colored missile with the words ‘reality check – Kick this’ all over it.

With the unbelievable successes President Trump has had his first 2 years in office now we see the depth of his heart and love for America’s citizens by making it his priority to free Pastor Brunson.  That took courage, guts and heart values from on high.  While many on the left scream ‘when they go low, kick them’   Trump goes high and frees them.

President Trump’s skill, priorities, old-fashioned love for his country and God have quickly brought America back from the abyss.   He has done this largely alone while the Democratic left have thrown an Amusement park horror show of make-believe accusations and fiendish rides at Trump and the GOP.  It has been a Gerbil wheel stuck going around and round with freedom crushing denial and shame. Screaming ‘no civility’ and ‘kick them some more.’

All Americans take the wax out of your ears, young and old, liberal and conservative, believers and unbelievers. if you don’t think President Trump and his GOP delivery train cares about you, your needs and personal freedom, remember the sick and terrified Christian Pastor Brunson, held 2 years in Turkey.  Remember our dead economy now soaring. Remember freedom of speech thriving again for all.  Remember Trump breaking through the dangerous nuclear wall in North Korea, while setting the world Governments on notice that we will no longer be the victim of tilted and hugely unfair trade agreements.  Remember, we finally have a President who is committed to stopping the deadly flow of illegal aliens and building an effective border security plan.  Do not forget our military being built back to greatness after Obama had severely cut funds and decimated it.

No one running in the Mid Term elections on either side are perfect.  Some are better speakers than others but one thing remains crystal clear this election time.  If you forget the tax relief you now live under, more jobs and more opportunities you now experience and vote Democrat instead of Republican and Trump, America will be set back on a failure course.

Democrats controlling the House and Senate will mean more wasteful and time-consuming attacks on Trump and his successful policies.  It will mean attacks on Christians again, destruction of ICE and open borders and radical Islamic and illegal alien attacks growing across the country in record numbers.  Since Dems want huge tax increases, this will mean the shutting down of businesses across the country.  Our healthy and healing economy, freedom of speech, national and border security, military power and effectiveness will be assaulted and largely destroyed

We must pray, believe and vote for America, her freedom, morals, and continued success.  GOP must and will keep the House and the Senate.  I strongly predict Trump, America and the GOP will see great news this Mid-Term election and the Democrats will continue to melt down in a sea of fake news, violence, ego desperation and lies.  Good luck with that DEMS.  Perhaps with all our extra time and if you cannot afford therapy for your losses you can go and see Hillary and Bill on their national stadium tour.

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