Sidney Secular

February 2, 2022

The essential diametric differences, distinctions and divergences between the concepts of quality and equality undergird the drama of life and the political and social theatrics in our decaying civilization. It is a never-ending duel between creativity and conformity while the derivative dichotomy of the realist vs. the dullard creates all the talking points and memes that are the stuff of today’s schemes and demands by our elite rulers and their minions.

America seems obsessed with “equality” even when it is not possible to achieve that mythical goal. On the other hand, it is quality that has made us what we are– or were! – and therefore quality should always be our goal. When quality is neither actively sought nor actually permitted, the bogus goal of equality becomes its replacement, rearing its fictitious head as the sole means of obtaining an overriding social good. And where the demand for equality predominates, quality is not only discouraged but frequently perceived – and claimed – as a great social evil. For instance, in education when quality work does not result in high grades, all are degraded no matter the quality of their work. The “lesser evil” becomes the “greater good.”

The concept, definition, and application of “equality” has always been in dispute, for as some seek to be “more equal” than others, the zeitgeist changes. America was founded on a different and better understanding of men’s relationship because we had disposed of the aristocratic and ecclesiastical privileged footings that the colonists had left behind in the Old World. However, as with nature, man’s political and social character abhors a vacuum and the vacuum created by the loss of the older orders left us ripe for the creation of the artificial culture that we now have. Instead of Kings and Priests, we have the rule of the powerful moneyed elite and their cronies and minions. And as with the older rulers, it is still in the interests of these status seekers and propagandists to dumb down, homogenize, and produce a sameness in “the masses” that is identified as “equality.” In his book, The Screwtape Letters, Christian apologist C. S. Lewis describes this idea to enslave mankind. Screwtape, a major demon is instructing Wormwood, a minor tempter about the use of “equality” as a tool for the wicked:

“What I want to fix your attention on is the vast, overall movement toward the discrediting, and finally the elimination of every kind of human excellence—moral, cultural, social, or intellectual. And is it not pretty to notice how democracy (in the incantatory sense) is now doing for us the work that was once done by the most ancient Dictatorships, and by the same methods? You remember how one of the Greek Dictators (they called them ‘tyrants’ then) sent an envoy to another Dictator to ask his advice about the principles of government. The second Dictator led the envoy into a field of corn, and there he snicked off with his cane the top of every stalk that rose an inch or so above the general level. The moral was plain. Allow no pre-eminence among your subjects! Let no man live who is wiser, or better, or more famous, or even handsomer than the mass. Cut them all down to a level; all slaves, all ciphers, all nobodies. All equals. Thus, Tyrants could practice, in a sense, ‘democracy.’ But now ‘democracy’ can do the same work without any other tyranny than her own. No one need now go through the field with a cane. The little stalks will of themselves bite off the big ones. The big ones are beginning to bite off their own in their desire to ‘Be Like Stalks.’”

And this is how a new order of conformity and obsequiousness has been created – that is through the use of the concept of “equality” and the belief that it is the only good to be sought in the culture.

Under this new order, equality is undergoing an expansion that demands all remaining natural distinctions be seen as unjust simply because such distinctions as talent or beauty or even basic biological realities such as sex are nothing more than social constructs obstructing social justice. Nothing human is natural anymore. Distinctions are leftovers from the patriarchy we are no longer permitted to patronize. Differences in sex and race are things we now seek to erase – well, that is not entirely true. As long as white people exist, race is very much a defining standard that must be followed in the culture. White is bad, everything else, especially black, is good. Everything that is from whites or of whites or by whites or, most important, for whites must be removed, destroyed and cast upon the ash heap of history. Only then will true equality and social justice be obtained.

Meanwhile, everything else is fluid and therefore subject to constant change. As a result, you cannot have standards or means by which to address this “fluid” culture. And, of course, such fundamental changes in civilization require new legal and social arrangements. As there are no longer any standards – and everything is relative anyway – such arrangements you thought you possessed can and will disintegrate when new memes and schemes are foisted upon us. These fundamental social changes come about through the whims of whoever feels frightened or offended by those trying to establish or maintain a semblance of order, stability, and – most of all – sanity.

“Transgenderism” – a social construct in which the individual can be any gender desired by selecting from the available 57 available varieties in order to “ketchup” to the latest trends – is the ultimate fatuous fantasy. Nature is to be conquered if not abhorred, and you can go on gender benders whenever you want without consequence – until you surgically remove your genitalia! A democracy, or rather mobocracy ruled by the demented and deranged and employing politicized and warped “science,” justifies schemes to diminish any and all natural differences. The old “hard” totalitarian dictates that employed brute physical force are being replaced by a softer, if not kinder or gentler totalitarianism of coercive propaganda and social pressure. This mental and emotional tyranny creates an abiding fear of being ostracized as freaky or different – or, actually, normal! – a condition that will get you expelled from your social circles and shunned by welcoming committees of the overbearing majority. Social media, the new lifeblood of the culture makes any rejection of group norms into a matter of hate while we are assured that the whole world violently rejects any attitude or behavior deemed unseemly by these same standards.

And it’s not just social pressure that constitutes a form of tyranny, albeit a soft one. The West’s politically correct regimes back up their soft-headed mandates and dictates with hard and fast rules and laws that characterize rebellion against the consensus as “criminal.” Harsh penalties comparable to those used in the worst religious inquisitions are applied for any misbehavior because politics has now become today’s expression of religion. These can include job loss, gigantic fines and long imprisonments without benefit of ordinary criminal legal procedures. Even lawyers who dare represent the unfortunate social subversive can be punished with a loss of their license and jail time for taking the politically incorrect side in this dispute. The case of attorney Sylvia Stolz in Germany is one such example. Neither is being a public defender whose job it is to defend those who cannot obtain representation, beanexcuse for defending the wrong client!

Being anyone or anything you want and expecting everyone to meet your expectations can lead to outlandish demands and very confused responses. One such example is the case of Emile Ratelband, a 69 year old Dutchman who petitioned a court to shave 20 years off his official age because he says he feels 49! Another well-known example is that of Rachel Dolezal, a white woman who presented herself for decades as black; Rachel belongs to a category of people whose whims would have been a ticket to the looney bin but a few short, sane years ago. Denying this crazy demand would ordinarily brand you a hater and a sexist, racist, xenophobe, etc., but because of changing demographic whims, her fantasy would not pass muster as a newer and loonier whim denies cultural appropriation to whites who wish to define, imitate and/or employ cultural artifacts associated with other races! On the other hand, other races can appropriate white cultural characteristics without being derided as deluded or – you get it! – racist! The popular and critically acclaimed play, “Hamilton,” where blacks rather than whites are shown as the nation’s founders received not one knowing smirk for the silliness of the plot because the playwrights knew they could fool with the “mind” of the public without consequence at least in black appropriation. No one has tried a play in which Nat Turner is white and frankly, no one wants to do so or to speak out on any of these issues because the result is always public derision and condemnation.

For instance, calling Islam a religion of peace doesn’t even raise an eyebrow these days despite videos of widespread death and destruction at the hands of Muslims in the name of Islam! This open lie is an example of gaslighting, but more importantly, of the equalitarians forcing upon mankind their concept of the “equality” of all religions.  This aspect as applied to religion makes religion itself nonsense. There is a song in the old play Finian’s Rainbow that is entitled “When Everybody is Somebody Then Nobody is Anybody!” If all religions are basically the same save for ritual, then all have no meaning and the winner is the strongest – that is atheistic humanism, the religion of the Masons, the New World Order and Communism in which god is The State!

Even cannibalism gets a pass since expressions of negativity towards primitive religions are prohibited in museums and even in the Vatican as such “faiths” have been adjudged of equal worth to Christianity. Remember Pope Francis and his Pachamama idols on the altar of St. Peter? If passages in holy texts calling for killing are singled out, they are considered manifestations of political extremism acceptable at the time but not acceptable now. Thus, the violence of Islamic terrorists arises according to the culture, from political movements and not from Islam. And, of course, those particular “political movements” arise from the conservative end of the political spectrum in the West.

The phobia mongers insist that those who have verboten ideas have obtained them from doctrines involving anti-egalitarianism and the ridiculous idea that men are not “interchangeable” as are insects in the hive.It is not permitted to acknowledge that people can be (are?) different or unequal in many and various respects. Condemnation of such “phobias” is given moral “rightness” because it is presented as a fight for equality. The entire Western world and all its institutions including the churches have already undergone profound transformations under the pressure of the idea of equality. Those who could and should have opposed the incremental changes as they historically occurred stood around immobile as if victims of a paralyzing toxin. After a time, those who could have opposed these individual communistic thrusts were co-opted into becoming their adherents and promoters so as to“go along” to “get along.” Each “compromise” made further compromises all the easier and any effort to stem the thrust more difficult. Those who tried were accused of being “inconsistent.” The effect may be likened to a slowly rolling tsunami drowning all who get in its way. The few scattered holdouts who opposed the encroaching “marx-cysts” are perceived and presented as paranoid or, more to the point, evil. Those whose instincts and powers of discrimination have been blunted by incessant media manipulation see “equality”much as its partner in moral dissipation, “tolerance;” that is, benign and the social good we must work towards achieving. Seeing distinctions means that you are delusional, that is “seeing things.” And it is this manifestation of tyranny that permitted the old Soviet Union and even some western nations such as Canada to send those who won’t comply to mental hospitals to be “cured” of their humanity.

The old metaphysical and religious notion of “evil” – a dark force within and outside of humans has for practical purposes disappeared – although you are told to “go to hell” if you disagree. There are no longer evil people, only wrong actions and these are the outcome of wretched social institutions and white privilege. This “white-washing” provides an excuse to empty the prisons since the inmates are now perceived only as victims of a white society. When they get out, they immediately resume their old ways and pounce on the populace, but the judges who let them out and the prosecutors who refuse to prosecute don’t seem to notice or care. Prisons, once called penitentiaries to which the criminal was sent to repent his sins have been transformed by at least some “enlightened prison systems as reintegration centers preparing the unrepentant for a new opportunity to sin. There is no atonement since that mindset smacks of old-fashioned religion and requires moral standards not acceptable today.

The more notorious – and thus admired – miscreants and kingpins are sent to what are for all intents and purposes recreation centers or luxurious accommodations. In the alternative, there are the many prison systems in which reforms are never instituted but rather are run as profit centers for private firms. In these actual prisons, basic amenities are often withheld as a means of enriching the operators. Government run prison systems also suffer because taxes are diverted from them to pay for the increasing costs of running the welfare state. Prisoners in these places are used as wage slaves and paid a pittance or nothing for their labor as in Texas and Arkansas. These places are practicing chattel slavery prohibited by the 13th Amendment of the now almost defunct Constitution.

Then there is the first of May or “May Day,” traditionally a celebration of the arrival of Spring but now, together with Labor Day a celebration of Communism. We also have such “cultural celebrations” as Gay Pride parades – fashionable rituals for the indecently clad in our subverted blue enclaves. Interestingly enough, we used to shout “mayday” as a distress signal in the military, but it is also applicable to the present cultural calamities. And now, a new phenomenon is about to go viral like a Facebook meme; that is, the “March for Equality” that swept European countries last year. Constant injections of new leftist equality fostering rituals must be paraded before the eyes of the public to keep the concept of equality in people’s minds lest they are released from their thrall and wake up!In such ways, these messages are internalized becoming the “new normal!” As a result, after a while your neighbors become your own “Big Brother,” available to reinforce the values of the original “Big Brother” while the “ad council,” a vague and shadowy entity, produces “public service” messages about “equality” to parade before your eyes on TV and public transportation, thus validating the issue as an ongoing matter of “public interest.”

Plato was wise to the ways of the culture destroyers a very long time ago, when he noted in Book VIII of “The Republic” that democracies sacrifice merit and natural ability to the gods of an imaginary equality. Subsequent thinkers have beat around the bush or bandied about various such philosophies having lost an awareness of the eventual end of these same “democracies:” the dustbin of history. Today, equality takes precedence over sanity and even survival in the form of new social norms of rights, entitlements, and benefits. Getting into the best colleges is now possible for those who can’t pass the SAT because the test has become optional. Dispensing trophies to “non-winners” in competitions is another egalitarian phenomenon and such examples of absurdity are legion. But other than a few mumbles and muted grumbles among those who pass for conservative leaders and commentators, there is no open, palpable opposition to this culture of entitlement. Even the idea of exposing the “new normal”to rational thought fills people with dread and unless somehow interrupted, the downward spiral occasioned by public induced fear will continue until our civilization is dead – if it is not already so.

As pointed out in another article in this newsletter, the cultural weapon of Fear has become the 5th Horseman of the Apocalypse, every bit as dangerous and destructive as its fellows, Plague, Famine, War and Death and far, far more prevalent in these dark days. Is it too late to ask Americans to wake up?!

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