By Lex Greene

Make no mistake, all who refuse to stand against tyranny, will be responsible for our fall into unbridled tyranny and sooner or later, war. Those who refuse to unite in viable peaceful solutions, will doom us all to violence.

When all else fails, and the talking ends because it bears no fruit, violence is all that is left. Democrat President John F. Kennedy said it this way – “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.” When we arrive here, survival of the fittest will rule the day.

The reasons for your indifference and cowardice are entirely irrelevant. When all freedom, liberty and prosperity are lost, no excuse will be good enough for those who allowed it to happen. Everyone who refuses to stand up for freedom and liberty, while we can still do it peacefully, will be as guilty for the death of peace, freedom, liberty, and prosperity, as those who openly assault these things.

Millions of Americans are growing increasingly sick of the global socialist tyranny wrecking our country like a tidal wave of crime and corruption flooding our entire world.

But they don’t seem to accept any personal responsibility for allowing socialist indoctrination to exist for decades in our education system. They are upset that our younger generations believe Karl Marx is a hero, and our Founding Fathers are mere “white supremacists.” But they don’t accept responsibility for allowing generations to be taught this drivel in the schools they pay for and send their kids to.

We are supposed to be the land of the free, not the land of free stuff for some, paid for by others. We are supposed to be the home of the brave, not the land of cowardly sheep, going along, thinking we can get along with criminal Nazis. We are supposed to be a sovereign free nation, not the world’s socialist trash dump.

After allowing our government to lock us out of our lives for twenty-months, most Americans cannot afford to give up their paychecks to refuse government forced medical experiments. But folding like a cheap lawn chair isn’t the answer. Trying to save yourself while letting your fellow Americans be threatened, abused, and coerced, is unacceptable. In the end, if you don’t help save all of us, you won’t be able to save yourself.

To the “preppers,” what are you prepping for?

Are you really willing to let the United States of America burn to the ground, so long as you think you have properly prepped for the aftermath? Why is your focus only on saving yourself, instead of saving freedom and liberty for all? Do you really think you will be untouchable once our country has fallen? How many body bags do you think you can fill before you end up in one?

To the Article 5 Convention Scammers…

You already know that the U.S. Constitution can not be amended via a private pet project Convention of States, even though many of your followers do not know. You too, are misleading well-intended people into the abyss. Why haven’t you told your followers the truth? Two-thirds of the State legislatures can only “petition Congress” to open a convention for the purpose of proposing and voting on amendments, which must then pass a congressional vote, and then be sent to the States for three-fourths ratification, none of which will ever happen, nor should it.

Why aren’t you telling your followers that there is no way to control which amendments will be sent to the States for ratification, or who proposes what amendments at the convention? Have you told your followers that such an effort will take decades to accomplish, at the very best, or that it took 203 years to ratify the 27th Amendment from 1789-1992?

To those who think they can turn things around in 2022 and 2024

How did you miss the reality of the 2020 election fraud? You honestly think Joe Biden won legitimately, who couldn’t even win his own party nomination without buying off Sanders and Warren…or even worse, Harris, who dropped out of the race with only 1% support within her own party?

You know that we do not currently have legitimate elections in the USA. You saw it again in the stolen governor’s race in California and you are about to see it again in the Virginia and New York governor races. But somehow, you think you can bet the farm on future fraudulent elections?

Are you really making a stand?

By wasting precious time and resources on utter nonsense, trying to create a false impression that you are doing something that matters, just like most politicians today, are you really making a stand for freedom, liberty, and justice?

Or are you playing worthless politics, just like the politicians you complain about daily? According to your precious Charters of Freedom, who is in charge of the USA…Biden, congress, the courts, the states, Doctor Fauci, Bill Gates, or YOU?

In the famous words of Dietrich Bonhoeffer, a Lutheran Pastor who was killed by the Nazis for resisting the regime, Silence in the face of evil is itself evil: God will not hold us guiltless.”

When others have the courage and decency to make a real stand, we must make that stand with them. If we don’t, then we are no better than those they are making a stand against.

Make no mistake, all who refuse to stand against tyranny, will be responsible for our fall into unbridled tyranny and sooner or later, war. Those who refuse to unite in viable peaceful solutions, will doom us all to violence.

We stand together now, peacefully, or we will be forced to defend ourselves by any means available, while divided, hungry, broken, and fractured into small impotent groups, hiding in the woods until they find us and eliminate us.

The time to save our American Dream is RIGHT NOW! If not now, then it will be never, and every American is called to this duty.

© 2021 Lex Greene – All Rights Reserved

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