By Sidney Secular

March 25, 2022

Your publisher took a short “sort of” sabbatical to trek to Orlando, Florida on February 25th to attend – and report – on the one-day conference of AFPAC. This is the third of these (hopefully) annual events that are bringing together many of the leading voices of true traditional conservatism to lead the charge for a renewal of the American spirit and the patriotism that goes with it.

AFPAC conferences shine a light on the diametric differences between itself and the conferences of the Conservative Political Action Committee (CPAC) held at the same time and in approximately the same geographical venue. CPAC represents the existing, if tiresome program of the old school and RINO “wings” of the Republican Party that, though becoming anachronisms, still dominate the definition of conservatism, the GOP and what both are supposed to represent. For that very reason, far too many people remained deceived by CPAC’s deluded approach to the American political scene.

On the other hand, AFPAC is fighting for a renewal of the Historic American Nation against the forces of corruption and decadence threatening to wash over us like a red tsunami. The America First Foundation is a 501(c) (4) nonprofit that provides support for America First projects in its mission to be the organization that will advocate, promote, and educate people on conservative values based on the principles of American Nationalism, Christianity and Traditionalism. Anyone who is interested and involved in the issues of the day must visit the website

The President and Founder of AFPAC is Nick Fuentes, the 23 year-old “veteran” of the fight against the forces of degradation which include the RINOs, the Demonrats and all the rest of the New World “orderlies.” Fuentes is host of the immensely popular and successful live-stream show America First, he has hosted since February of 2017. He initiated the pro-Trump “Groyper” movement and is pushing fake, lukewarm “shamservatives” like Charlie Kirk and Ben Shapiro to take harder stances on central issues such as immigration, big tech and the depredations of the American empire. In 2020, Fuentes led many peaceful demonstrations against the massive voter fraud in the 2020 presidential election and later traveled all over the country to rally Americans against the criminal vaccine mandates. For these efforts, his assets were seized by the Feds and he was unjustly placed on the Federal No-Fly list despite not being charged with any crime. Banned from nearly the entire internet, Fuentes has created his own censorship-proof streaming platform site that is pioneering the blossoming of free thought and expression online and from the look of things, if he is successful, his might be the only platform of free speech and expression that remains in the “Land of the Unfree and the Home of the Frightened.”

The impressive gathering of some 1,200 shouting, foot-stomping, knowledgeable enthusiasts at the AFPAC convention were treated to speeches by the emerging national leader Marjorie Taylor Greene; the dynamic Vince James, founder of “The Red Elephants,”(, pastor Jesse Lee Peterson;  radio host Stew Peters; Paul Gosar, on one of the leading conservative voices in Congress(who appeared via video); Andrew Torba, founder of, the leading free speech social media network; Wendy Rogers, an outspoken Arizona State Senator; Joe Arpaio, America’s toughest sheriff who, as did Donald Trump, had his office stolen; Thomas Homan, former Director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement(ICE), and Janice McGeachin, Lt. Governor of Idaho. There were surprising but well deserved kudos to Jared Taylor, the indomitable voice of American Renaissance and White renewal for the past 30+ years; Michelle Malkin, the highly popular author and lecturer, and Peter Brimelow, the president of VDARE, a leading voice on immigration and America first issues as well as being author of the highly esteemed book, “Alien Nation”.

One impressive aspect of AFPAC is its out front, explicit Christian orientation. The attendees were nearly all in their 20s and 30s, with a goodly number of the fair sex present – a necessity for the stabilization and growth of any conservative movement. Liberal women have never learned that their strength as women was not to be found in pretending to be men, but in being women of the type of the late Phyllis Schlafly and others of whom it was once said, “The hand the rocks the cradle rules the world!” Unfortunately, the dearth of the middle aged and seniors was notable. Maybe these groups are not plugged into the internet sufficiently to know of the aforementioned websites, or maybe these older warriors have tired of fighting repeated, and sometimes bruising battles with the libs only to have to retreat from their reasonable positions and give way to the sway of the emotion laden appeals made to the masses that always seem to always carry the day – especially when your “conservative” politicians who pleaded for your vote to institute your agenda, immediately surrendered upon entering into their office! If so, the transfusion of new blood into the “movement” could provide the necessary rejuvenation to save the Historic American Nation. Still, it must be considered how many of these “youthful warriors” had as their inspiration, mothers and fathers who fought the good fight in their day!

Although not featured in the presentations, important literature from the group, “Republicans For National Renewal” was available. This is the group that could wrest control of the Republican Party from the RINOs and neo-cons. Please contact me for information on this organization. We are close to – but not yet at – the point at which our political system becomes irrelevant so we must be open to everything and anything that will help overcome our adversaries while there still is a functional political system!

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