Most mornings, if I didn’t stay up too late to watch the Cubs get beat, I come down to the bunker while Suzie-Q is still snoozing.  I don’t mess with the news.  Usually l turn on some soft music like Lifescapes-Beethoven.  I sip my coffee, ponder our world, and consider matters I’d like to pontificate about.  Sometimes that works for me and other times the music switch in my head flips over Hank Williams Jr. and all of the sudden Hank’s rowdy friends invade my thinking mechanism.  Beethoven’s soothing sounds sometimes stimulate thought and other times my brow furrows and I grit my teeth then I know it’s going to be one of those days when, like Hank, I was born to boogie.  That’s when it wells up inside of me and I decide I’ve about had it.  Maybe you have too.  Or maybe I’m just going nuts.  Or nuttier.

Dichotomy wrapped in a paradox.

We’ve become a dichotomy wrapped in a paradox – a contradiction wrapped in absurdity.  Our government is dysfunctional.  The great ideals on which our nation was founded starkly contrasts with what we see every day.  We’ve been taught that there exist contrasting views between the pachyderms and jackasses.  On rare occasion there is, but mostly on display is the absolute absurdity of the Washington establishment – the career politicians made wealthy by bribes and insider trading.   They are so beholden to outside influences they have no time to attend to the business of Americans.  They keep blabbering about saving our democracy.  It’s something we don’t even have.  Don’t let them fool you.  If we were a true democracy questions like abortion and homosexual marriage would be put on the ballot for the voice of the people and not forced upon us by the 9 rulers of the earth.  That’s why we are a republic, so every voice supposedly has a chance to be heard even if no one else likes it.

Exceptional Nation?

The United States of America.  The world’s one exceptional nation founded on the principle of individual liberty.  A Constitutional Republic.  A government of the people, by the people, and for the people.  I don’t know how to phonetically present a Bronx cheer, so mentally add one here.  Our Constitution is in tatters.  The people do not know what’s in it.  Legislators ignore it.  And the courts pretend it means whatever they want it to mean.  A fine for not buying government insurance becomes a tax.  Killing unborn children is a right that outweighs life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  Sanctity of life?   Government by the people?  Oh, say can you see?

The Swamp.

I am sickened by the politics of Babylon on the Potomac.  Especially their new legal standard where one must be exonerated by a two-year 35-million-dollar anal probe.  Guilty until he or she can prove themselves innocent.  Is this the new American way?  These miscreants are either insane or truly believe the general public is gullible?  Gullible enough or brain washed enough to traipse behind them down a road that ends freedom.  Yes.  Ends it.  Ends America as she was conceived.  Fundamentally and forever transformed.  It isn’t just politicians and their paid political hacks doing damage to freedom.  It’s also the humongous media megaphone that feeds their tripe daily into the heads of millions of Americans and keeps it spinning around in there in dizzying perpetuity.  Even Fox News is beginning to show true colors.

Death of the Free Press.

Truthful and objective journalism is dead – its head on the proverbial pike.  If it ever really lived.  I can’t be certain if it ever did.  Can you?  In America, there is no more free press.  It’s a myth.  The press and its wannabe journalists sold its soul for political ideology.  Ever since miffed FBI Agent Deep Throat called up Woodward and Bernstein every so-called journalist has taking down a president as a life goal.  Adolph Hitler would have marveled at the reach and magnitude of the American propaganda machine.  We once laughed at press releases from places like North Korea, now we hang our heads in shame at the actions of our press.  Watching truth die.  Disheartened by the loss of a great American virtue – an honorable and free press.  And they wonder why people seeking truth turn to blogs and Internet news sites.  Adding to that social media censuring truth and we’ve allowed click bait and tweets to guide national discussions. We’ve done this to ourselves.  We allowed it to happen.  We refuse to search out the truth for ourselves.  Mostly we’re afraid to because the truth found may not be the truth sought.

Fueled by hatred.

Whether you despise our President or the Washington Establishment, you cannot like the state of our union.  A country fueled by hatred will not survive.  We’ve become a country filled with people who revel in the potential destruction of others.  People who would cheerfully place the other half into concentration camps.  People that applaud profane elitists and hold in utter contempt people inhabiting America’s rural heartland – the deplorable irredeemable gun toting Bible thumping backbone of America.  We stand divided by people unable to appreciate the present and unwilling to allow the rest of us contentment in it.  People who will not allow us to move beyond the past.  People who exist in an ever-heightening state of agitation because the mental rendering of our future fed into their minds is even more discouraging than the past they’ve been taught to hate.  We are dead in 12 years easily influenced emotionally driven young 18-year-olds are told.  What are you going to do about it?  If you want to live longer than 12 more years, make sure you go out and vote for our socialist utopia where equality reigns and everything is free?

Extortion the new fascism.

Extortion is the new fascism.  If your state does not agree with us that it’s acceptable to kill unborn children or allow boys who think their girls to use the girl’s restroom then we’ll take our business elsewhere.  I suggest the nearest Islamic theocracy.  Although we will continue to do business in countries that outlaw abortion, countries that often force abortion, countries that put religious minorities into concentration camps, countries that jail and execute homosexuals.  You cannot have a fast food restaurant in our town because you are Christian and hold firm to your Christian values.  You cannot have a fast food restaurant in our airport because you are closed on Sundays.  You cannot make a living baking cakes because you refuse to use your product to promote our behavior.

The real American way is simple.  If I own a fast food chain, I stand with the food chain that stands by its beliefs.  If I own a bakery, I stand with the baker that holds fast to his beliefs.  Otherwise, I open the door to people who may want to eliminate my business because my worldview may be contrary to theirs.

Maybe we should boycott the tyrannical fascists.  Tell Hollywood and Disney, et al, to take their businesses back to Hollywood – the place they fled.  While there, enjoy working with the unions and paying California taxes.  California needs your taxes to pay for their illegal immigrant sanctuary.  And for those restaurant chains out there who remain silent hoping someone will take out their wildly successful competition – you’re next?

Then along came Jones.

On top of all the confusion in our political zoo, along came Jones.  You know Jones.  He’s the guy that rode in to save Sweet Sue from the villain that demanded, “Give me the deed to your ranch or I’ll blow you all to bits.”  A political outsider rode into Washington and won the presidency.  On live television, journalists cried.  FBI agents declared we’ll stop this.  A political campaign hired a political hitman and then passed his work to the FBI and the CIA and the DOJ who used his made-up work to spy on a campaign and ultimately a President.  The DOJ appointed a prosecutor and a team from the cabal and after two years they declare they are unable to exonerate the President of wrongdoing although they did manage to practically destroy the lives of good people like General Mike Flynn.  And they continue the greatest political scandal of our time.  All because Jones rode into town declaring he was going save the country from Washington’s swamp dwellers.

Is this the country you want?  Me?  Well, right now I want another cup of coffee.  Long live the land of the free and the home of the brave.

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