By Sidney Secular

January 11, 2022

The far-left makeover and zeitgeist that are uprooting the Historic American Nation seems to have found its locus, focus, and driving force in our now farcical military. The result of these attentions is the reduction of the military’s effectiveness and competence in performing its missions. A new cadre of kooks, spooks, and delusional psychopaths have transformed our formerly excellent military into a globohomo Goliath whose modus operandi features witch hunts designed to uncover the slightest resistance to its insane brand of orthodoxy. This is manifested in any statements of conservative or pro-white viewpoint. Service members have been placed in a sort of mental straight jacket designed to insure a straight and narrow(minded) path towards the eventual roundup of all manner of dissidents. Perdition is the condition that awaits those so “rounded up.” The leftist disease is catching — and the septic minds running things are causing subordinate commanders to spread diseased ideas up and down the chain of command which then spread outward to encompass every corner and crevice of a once great military. The destruction of our military protection could not have been better done by the Chicoms or the old Soviets.

Besides all the wacko PC poop used to indoctrinate service members, the military is failing to keep up with actual military technological advances! There are sporadic news reports announcing some new offensive weapons system developed by Russia or China and for which we have no defense.Yet we are becoming increasingly belligerent towards both these entities! We have been unduly antagonistic towards Iran for decades and have tried to cut them off from receiving certain imports(embargoes), something that is actually an act of war. We keep accusing them of spreading Jihadism without proof; while for several years we — or the Israelis, our proxies in the region — have bombed certain of their sites involved with nuclear energy production, a most definite act of aggression! We keep accusing them of developing nuclear weapons and they keep denying it. Since the mainstream media (MSM) habitually lies to us, there is no reason to believe anything they say on this or any other matter. The Iranians have had the capability of cutting off shipments of oil from the Middle East region to us for some time now and have developed special weaponry to do so. and Thus, with Biden destroying our oil and gas production capabilities, this is becoming an increasing danger should hostilities break out.

Although not reported by the MSM, there are numerous examples of unimaginable incompetence and laxity in operations of military units being reported regularly by the alternative press. This is what diversity and with its lack of language unity and cohesion will do for you especially when the whole plan is to cripple America’s military response. This is incomprehensible to those like my self who were in the US Army National Guard and Army Reserves for 6 years during the 1960s where discipline and obedience were still the order of the day. Of course, at that time we also had a government that served the American people — or, at least wasn’t openly hostile to us!

Then, too, no one has been punished or even blamed for the incredible withdrawal/surrender without a fight that occurred in “Afgonerstan” though the Army did punish one lone officer for complaining about this rash action. Everyone else shut up and went along with the “chain of demand.” Indeed, it appears that those at the top will condone or go along with anything to conform to the flip-flop flippancy of leftist modes of operation! A few examples of ineptitude will suffice to show what we’ve become: an amphibious assault ship that caught fire burned for days without it being extinguished had to be scrapped. The USS Connecticut, a powerful submarine important for operations in the Pacific had to return to port because its officers and crew sailed it into an underwater mountain!

Then there are severe morale problems and organized crime activities running rampant under the noses of cognizant commanders who couldn’t — or wouldn’t — smell any wrongdoing to avoid having to explain to incompetent and criminal “leaders” why their “leadership” resulted in the situation extant! In 2020, at Ft. Hood alone, thirteen soldiers killed themselves, five were murdered, and eleven more died “mysteriously.” Suicides, that have steadily increased since the Vietnam fiasco, were up an additional 16% in 2020. Four National Guard soldiers “guarding” the sieve that is our southern border committed suicide in the last four months. Unimaginable quantities of advanced weapons and explosives have been pilfered by organized crime networks acting within the military. Much of this probably winds up in the hands of the Mexican narco-terrorists who now have greater military capability than does the Mexican armed “farces” and so usually win the day in any confrontation with same.

Many vets are furious, seething with contempt at a not so minor contretemps that has seeped into the everyday operations of military units. White citizens and especially vets, that is, the most prone to respect the armed services, are seeing that trust go bust. The Ronald Reagan Institute reports that the percentage of Americans with “a great deal of trust and confidence” in the military has dropped from 70% in 2018 to 56% now. And even though the FedGov has turned its back on whites uniformly favoring blacks and Hispanics, whites are still the most patriotic group of Americans! However, this ardor will dwindle as the current unfair “spoils system” spoils their former unwavering flag waving. With race relations at their lowest levels in 20 years, the US probably could not fight a war that required a draft — and with the disparities and dispiritedness spread through the populace magnified by the perversity of diversity, the unity and discipline essential for a war would be too difficult to achieve much less maintain.

While the FedGov continues to give non-whites more and more benefits and privileges, whites are forced to imbibe the Kool-Aid notion that the country is being destroyed by “white supremacy” and “white privilege.” This is the mantra of today’s military as well as academia and politics. Yet those that benefit the most from the current regime are those least likely to defend it — yet both the FedGov and the military are determined to purge from its ranks whites and patriots at every turn. Of course, the result of this short-sighted, politically correct policy is that when most needed, those who make things work will be unavailable to do so! The Biden Administration’s black — and blackguard — Secretary Of Defense Lloyd Austin parrots the brainless platitude, “diversity, inclusion and equity– (DIE!) – are vital to the military” whereas in fact, it will result in our destruction as a nation. In the Navy – a branch of the military long ago lost to political correctness!–  sailors are being brainwashed by Critical Race Theory and required to read the wretched book, “How To Be An Antiracist” by Ibram Kendi, presently the most revered racist “guru” in America!

The military is completely fixated and focused on the idea that anyone who opposes the FedGov’s policies is an extremist and a threat. Ditto for anyone associated with such individuals. They are automatically branded as white supremacists or white nationalists often when they are not even white!  Any hint of dissatisfaction with the status woe is automatically labelled “extremism” though the term “extremism” is never defined and changes according to the whims of the plutocrats and boorocrats using the term. The DOD (Department of Defense — also known as the “Department of Duds”) specifically defines the “extremist” attacks of the 2009 Ft. Hood shootings, the 2013 Pearl Harbor-Hickam and Pensacola Naval Air Station shootings as “high profile insider threat attacks!” Yet none of these attacks were committed by whites! The entire scenario becomes a case of gross gaslighting and is used to confuse and excuse anti-white policies.

Major Nidal Malik Hasan, who shot up Ft. Hood, wasn’t at all shy about his extremism. He praised suicide bombers and advised that Muslims should “rise up!” Diversity policies say nothing about Muslim extremists and so it was difficult and uncomfortable for his supervisors to do anything about his obvious radicalism. Being a favored faultless faction who apparently could do no harm, there was no need for a program to detect much less address the Jihad threat. Aaron Alexis was the man who killed 12 people in the 2013 Washington Navy Yard massacre. Despite his criminal record, he was able to stay on as a contractor. Why? Well because Aaron was black, a situation that beggars belief. When I was a FedGov contracting officer for the US Army, the first thing we did was check the Labor Department’s list of “Debarred, Suspended and Ineligible Bidders.” Alexis wouldn’t have even made it to the Bidders’ List back in the day. Hispanic sailor Gabriel Romero committed the 2019 Pearl Harbor shooting. The man was known to have mental problems and disciplinary infractions but the Navy overlooked them because Romero was part of a “protected” minority. The Pensacola Naval Air Station shooting was committed by a Muslim with connections to Al-Queda. Enough said!

The simple fact is that non-whites who are known threats to life and order are given a pass to do as they please in military organizations. One “senior defense official” was quoted by the Miami Herald as saying that there is no list of banned or “terrorist groups” because “they change so quickly” and so when you think you have one, another region or state may disagree with your assessment! As a result, “extremism” becomes a political football that varies from one list to another and from one place to another. Pentagon pointy-headed point men admit that the DOD can’t adequately monitor “anti-social” media, so they rely on snoops and watchdog groups to do it for them. The detestable Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) has made a fortune identifying especially Southern whites and pro-Southern groups as “enemies of the people.” Such politically correct idiocy is a fatal blow for morale as every unconsidered utterance is examined for potential wrong thinking. Hence, anarcho-tyranny is established. The fact is that while the military can’t control crime, arms pilfering and violence on its own bases, it will leap into legal action against what is considered unlawful or “hate” speech. Unit cohesion is not possible when the system encourages messmates to spy on each other in the name of “cohesiveness.” That’s a very old Communist strategy.

There is no place in today’s military for conservative whites. Even liberals of that race in order to be even marginally accepted must be profoundly sorry for their racial identity and promise never to own slaves or lynch minorities in the future! So, if the goal is to defend America or Western Civilization, perforce you must do it some other way. But, in fact, intelligent people of all races aren’t obligated to save (or save face for) the idiots running or, rather, ruining our country. Actually, they don’t want us anyway and in consequence, the US military may never win another war. In the end, that will be a good thing if the current system is overturned and transformed as a result.

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