I received my 10/23/2017 NEW AMERICAN in the mail and in bold letters across one article it said, HELP! GOVERNMENT KIDNAPPED MY CHILD  and it went on to disclose how Child Protective Services has morphed from an agency that prevents the physical abuse of children to one that takes children on politically correct pretexts for federal money requiring many different agencies headed by appointed government employees all looking forward to their fat retirement checks after 30 years of service harassing oftentimes innocent people while protecting others.

I opened up my Family/Children file and there was an article I had drafted in 1997 entitled IN WITH THE DELIVERY SYSTEM OUT WITH THE FAMILY. It read:

The model service delivery system (Family Resource Centers) is purposefully designed to supersede the authority and autonomy of the family and in its place the community becomes the parent. Does Hillary Clinton’s idea, “It Takes a whole village to raise a child” sound familiar? “  Replacing parents will become a community-based parenting structure whereby the “experts and/or appointees” make necessary programming decisions for children and the parents become  merely members of the committee and “breeders.”

I had to chuckle because 20 years ago Hillary Clinton was already promoting her New World Order Agenda which appears may be finally catching up with her and people are finally shouting “Jail” for both she and Bill; however, if jail is the only punishment they might  get, then we’d have to apologize to Julius & Ethel Rosenberg who were executed on June 19, 1953 after being convicted of committing espionage for the Soviet Union and for conspiring to pass U.S. atomic secrets to the Soviets but I guess that’s a subject for another day. Their two small boys were adopted out to the Meeropol  family.  Michael was born  3/10/1943 and Robert born 5/14/1947. The boys acknowledge their father was a Soviet agent and had put together a spy network but they feel their mother was completely innocent. (Source: Ronald D. Rodosh at The Daily Beast.com)


The article continued by saying soon these parents will be told how many children they can have and licensing parents to have babies is on the horizon. Sen. Jeannette Hamby (R-Hillsboro) had two bills in the 1997 (Oregon) legislature which leaned in that direction. Fortunately, neither saw the light of day.

Senate Bill 317 would have required taxpayers with a dependent child two to six years of age to have the child immunized a condition to obtaining a personal  OREGON exemption income tax credit. Medical and religious reasons were an exception.

Senate Bill 321 with Hamby as principle sponsor would have required taxpayers with a dependent between the ages of one and two years of age to attend a qualified parent education course within 24 months prior to the end of the tax year in order to claim a personal Oregon exemption credit. The State Office for Services to Children and Families (Former C.S.D) would identify the qualified parent education course providers and course requirements. Parents on welfare were already in the system so now they wanted the taxpayers!

Hamby was/is a Republican and a business woman who served five four-year terms in the Oregon legislature and what she is proposing is right out of the Communist agenda.

(The Communist Takeover of America – 45 declared Goals.  Goal 40- discredit the family as an institution. Encourage promiscuity and easy divorce. Goal 41- Emphasize the need to raise children away from the negative influence of parents. Attribute prejudices, mental blocks and retarding of children to suppressive influence of parents.)


Where and when did this agenda originate? In the 1980s we had a state-by-state conference on children, youth and families which was initiated by the National Governor’s Association; however,  Oregon’s Democrat governor Robert Straub had already a Task Force on Early Childhood Development as early as 1976.  Superintendent of Schools, Norma Paulus (Republican) was one of the prestigious members of that group.   This study was performed pursuant to a $55,000 grant number H0087 from the U.S. Office of Child Development which passed through the liberal-left League of Women Voters of Oregon. Muriel Goldman was chairperson.

Governor Neil Goldschmidt came up with his “Original” Children’s Agenda shortly after his election in 1986 – the result of a May 1986 conference entitled, “Oregon’s Agenda for the 1990s: Children, Youth and Families.” With one possible exception, all the sponsors listed had a vested money interest in its outcome.


The purpose of the conference was to put together an agenda which was to “guide the legislators and new governor” in drafting bills which would put the idea of the conference sponsors into law and bind them on all Oregonians. They wanted to gain a “foothold” to “change all of U.S. policy.” (I wrote another article on 9/20/2014 that told how Oregon had been chosen to implement the socialist agenda)

The non-liberal traditional American viewpoint was virtually non-existent on the panels and very few of the registered participants were morally or politically conservative. The many excerpts from key-note speakers are on file but one particular one stood out 11 years later and that is: “We need to get in” to the homes and “find out what is going on even in the kindergarten level.”  “The only reason that parents home school is so that they can have incestuous relationships with their kids.” The answer in the mid-nineties: Family Resource Centers and home visits.

Both Paulus and Goldschmidt spoke at the conference so it mattered not which one was elected governor, this agenda could have gone forward and it most certainly did. At a 1986 forum, John Scheiss who is now running for senator in Wisconsin, asked Paulus and Goldschmidt what they thought of the American Civil Liberties Union, a communist organization, and they both agreed it was a great organization.


Now the New American article reports  according to statistical data published by the federal department of Health and Human services in 2012, indicated the current agency –  Child Protective Services (CPS) checked up on 3.2 million children, though only 686,000 were reported as abused or neglected – meaning that 2.5 million children have been declared non-victims. Since the early years of its creation, the scope of CPS’ powers has grown, and it has usurped an immense amount of the natural and God-given rights of parents to rear their children and stories are common of parents routinely prosecuted and persecuted by CPS for having committed such “abuses” as choosing to home school their children rather than send them to federally controlled public schools where homosexuality is taught as being normal, for resisting the forced vaccination of their school-age children, or for simply not being people “fit” to raise children. Fitness, of course, being defined by the appointed bureaucrats as suits their own ends, not the purported purpose of the agency, that is, the best interest of the child.


The New American article tells of horror stories passed around among millions of subscribers to social media and the picture of an abuse of authority on the part of CPS reveals not a noble effort to protect the lives of innocent children, but a nefarious agenda of fracturing families for the collection of federal funds.

Certainly in some CPS offices where administrators are appointed by the governor, there are precautions in place designed to prevent the domestic despotism that has become the accepted image of the agency. It is equally true that there are parents who actually abuse children and avoid any legal accountability for their actions.

None of this, however, ameliorates the effects of CPS’ actions on the American family – particularly American children. CPS, an agency established with the narrowly tailored mandate to protect children from abuse, has accumulated a shocking amount of unchallenged and unchecked power over America’s families. Indeed, The breakneck speed of CPS’s growth makes one wonder how long it will be until parents are permitted only as much authority over their children as the government appointees  will graciously grant them.  Or will only be looked upon as “breeders” as indicated in the early part of this article.


Since the enactment in 1974 of the Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act (CAPTA), a federal program providing grants to states to assist them with the prevention, investigation, prosecution, and treatment of child abuse, the federal government has added five additional laws in expanding the scope of the agency’s assessment authority to include not just abuse, but neglect, as well. And, then in 1997, the sovereignty of parents was dealt what some consider another deadly blow with the creation of the Adoption and Safe Families Act.  This Act requires states to move children in foster care more rapidly into permanent homes, by terminating parental rights and move quickly by encouraging adoption. Former CPS moral employees have long reported homosexuals and lesbians as being heavily represented in the agency who become likely adopted parents. And the natural parents are generally unaware of their rights and allow entry to CPS, who have been trained to ignore parents requests for information and to interact with parents as little as possible while seizing the children often without a warrant and the police at their side. If only the duly elected Sheriff was allowed to investigate child abuse cases, the CPS would be out of business.


The New American article reported Oregon prosecutor Robert Weidner says what motivates CPS to place 3.2 million children in the system, 2.5 million of whom are later classified as “non-victims”:  MONEY. He points out that the agency gets $85,000 from the federal government every time they take one of those little ones and put them up for adoption.”  “So everyone’s feeding off of this federal money that is coming in, and all they’re focused on its getting the money – they talk about keeping the numbers up,” he adds. Let’s be perfectly honest, folks. Parents used to mark the birth of their child in the Family Bible. Today all control of your child starts with the Birth Certificate.


While there may be uncertainty as to the legal definition of key terms related to legitimate authority of CPS, what is indisputable is that with the passage of each new statute, the goal of the program has moved away from identifying and prosecuting parents whose treatment of their children many would agree should merit some measure of official intervention, and toward the statutory establishment of a federally mandated agency with the funds, stack with unelected appointees and the force to impose its will on the homes of those families whose behavior does not conform to the predominant political or social standards.  It has been America’s self-induced ignorance which has led us to these problems.

Rather than seeking the well-being of the child, then, it appears that, like most every other agency of the federal and state governments, CPS secures the continued funding by incrementally increasing the sphere of its oversight into the lives of American families.  In addition, the paychecks of the thousands of workers employed by this agency alone are forced to pay union dues thereby keeping the communist public employee unions in the ineptocracy, a system of government where the least capable to lead are elected by the least capable of producing and where the members of society least likely to sustain themselves or succeed are rewarded with goods and services paid for by the confiscated wealth of a diminishing number of producers. (Author unknown)


And in order to add insult to injury, one of Obama’s last taunting deeds was to issue an executive order to strengthen the recruitment, hiring, and development of senior executives and to facilitate career executive continuity between administrations.  After reading the 8 pages of codswallop, my guess is Obama wants to give pecksniffians in government tenure with guaranteed huge salaries and job security.  Maybe some lawyer can help me out but Judge Jeanine on FOX brought it to my attention and she said it should be repealed.

In order to fight back, you must know your rights.  A recent study has found that many of the complaints originate from neighbors who think it’s their duty to intervene in others’ lives.

Keep data if CPS comes knocking on your door. The modus operandi of CPS is to consider parents guilty until proven innocent. Get yourself a strong attorney with years of fighting CPS and avoid using the ones CPS recommends.

And last but not least, readers should become aware of the Agenda 21 Plan they have for us.   They already microwaved Santa Rosa where our daughter lost her home but God spared their lives.

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