We cannot ignore what is happening right before our eyes and say that could never happen in America, but we are seeing it happen.  We can’t set back and say someone will take care of this because we are the someone that must act to do something.  We pay no attention to who we put into office.  We look for a ‘D’ or an ‘R’ after the name and vote that way.  We have a Democrat Party that is just this side of satan himself and a Republican party that leans more left than right and both parties are full of globalists that are hell bound to bring America into the New World Order.

Let’s look at a few numbers concerning how islam take a country over from the inside out.

Afghanistan was once a Buddhist nation, Pakistan was once a Hindu nation, Lebanon was Christian. See the pattern.

When the Muslim population remains at or under 2%, their presence tends to fly low under the radar. In the 2% – 5% range, Muslims begin to seek converts, targeting those they see as disaffected, such as criminals. When the population reaches 5%, they exert influence disproportionate to their numbers, becoming more aggressive and pushing for Sharia law. When the population hits the 10%-mark Muslims become increasingly lawless and violent. Once the population reaches 20%, there is an increase in rioting, murder, jihad militias, and destruction of non-Muslim places of worship. At 40%, there are “widespread massacres, chronic terror attacks, and ongoing militia warfare.” Once beyond 50%, infidels and apostates are persecuted, genocide occurs, and Sharia law is implemented. After 80%, intimidation is a daily part of life along with violent jihad and some state-run genocide as the nation purges all infidels. Once the nation has rid itself of all non-Muslims, the presumption is that ‘Dar-es-Salaam’ has been attained – the Islamic House of Peace.

As we look at countries in the European Union, we see this pattern emerge as plain as day, yet we do nothing when we see it happening in America.  Most of the responsibility belongs to the federal government but that is no more than wishful thinking for the most part.  Under Obama the danger grew exponentially because of his love of islam and his being a muslim and his desire to advance that ideology as much as he could.

Are we in danger of becoming the UK?  Yes, we are.  We are on that path and unless we turn around and fight back, we will be there by 2030 or sooner depending on who we elect.  If we elect Democrats in 2020, we will be there by 2024. If you think I’m a conspiracy kind or guy you’re wrong.  I work off facts.  You’ve noticed that I have validated all the facts in this series.  I would like to list the muslims that ran for and won their elections in 2018.  This includes Rep. Rashida Tlaib who gave a false address as a state representative in a district she did not live in so she could represent that district, which is against the law in Michigan, declared we’re going to impeach that mother f***er, in reference to Trump and Rep. Ilhan Omar who committed immigration fraud by marrying her brother to get him into this country, declaring in 2012 that she will not assimilate and has called for the dissolving of Department of Homeland Security.  Why there is no movement to remove both of these anti-American muslims is proof that our government is filled with men and women that want the New World Order.

Here is the list of muslims who won their elections in America in 2018:


Cheryl Sudduth – West County Wastewater District Director
George Abdallah Jr. – Superior Court of San Joaquin County, Office 12
Halim Dhanidina – Court of Appeal, Second Appellate District, Division Three
Maimona Afzal Berta – Franklin-McKinley Board of Education
Javed Ellahie – Monte Sereno City Council
Al Jabbar – Anaheim Union High School District Board of Trustees
Ahmad Zahra – Fullerton City Council District 5
Aisha Wahab – Hayward City Council
Ali Taj – Artesia City Council
Farrah Khan – Irvine City Council
Sabina Zafar – San Ramon City Council


Amira Dajani Fox (R) – State Attorney


Sheikh Rahman (D) – State Senate District 5


Sadia Gul Covert (D) – Dupage County Board District 5


Andre Carson (D) – 7th Congressional District


Ako Abdul-Samad (D) – State House District 35


Sabina Taj – Howard County Board of Education


Rashida Tlaib (D) – 13th Congressional District
Abdullah Hammoud (D) – State House District 15
Abdul “Al” Haidous (D) – Wayne County Commission District 11
Sam Baydoun (D) – Wayne County Commission District 13
Adel A. Harb – Wayne County Circuit Court
Sam Salamey – District Courts, District 19


Ilhan Omar (D) – 5th Congressional District
Keith Ellison (D) – Attorney General (DANGEROUS)
Hodan Hassan (D) – State House District 62A
Mohamud Noor (D) – State House District 60B
Siad Ali (D) – District 3 member of the Minneapolis Board of Education

New Hampshire…..2

Aboul Khan (R) – State House Rockingham 20 District
Safiya Wazir (D) – State House Merrimack 17 District

New Jersey…..8

Assad Akhter (D) – Passaic County Board of Chosen Freeholders
Alaa “Al” Abdel-Aziz – Paterson City Council Ward 6
Mohammad Ramadan – Passaic County Board of Education
Alaa Matari – Prospect Park Borough Council
Dawn Haynes – Newark Public Schools School Board
Hazim Yassin – Red Bank City Council
Mohamed Khairullah – Prospect Park Mayor
Salim Patel – Passaic City Council

New Mexico…..1

Abbas Akhil (D) – State House District 20

New York…..3

Charles Fall (D) – State House District 61
Robert Jackson (D) – State Senate District 3
Shahabuddeen Ally – NYC Civil Court, NY County

North Carolina…..2

Mujtaba Mohammed (D) – State Senate District 38
Nasif Majeed (D) – State House District 99


Mohamed Al-Hamdani – Dayton Public Schools Board of Education
Jason Dawkins (D) – State House District 179


Rabeea Collier – District Courts, 113th District
Salman Bhojani – Euless City Council Place 6


Babur Lateef – Prince William County School Board
Haseeb Javed – Manassas Park City Council
Mo Seifeldein – Alexandria City Council

Those judiciary wins are extremely significant considering how judges don’t seem to be concerned about the Constitution anymore and look to foreign law and “precedent” in many of their rulings.

However, numbers from a report by Hamas-CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) in coordination with JETPAC indicates that a high percentage of Muslims voted in 2018.

The report claims:

9 7 % of Muslim voters participated in this year’s midterm election.
 8 8% of Muslim voters primarily voted for the Democratic Party candidates and 17% for Republican Party candidates.
 5 6% of Muslim voters consider themselves liberal on social issues, while 26 % consider themselves conservative.
 3 3% of Muslim voters consider themselves fiscally conservative, while 5 0% consider themselves liberal.
26% of Muslim voters who primarily voted for Democratic candidates perceived themselves as being conservative on social issues. Moreover, 36% perceived themselves as being fiscally conservative.
 7 8% of Muslim voters thought Islamophobia and anti-Muslim sentiment in the U.S. increased while 17% thought it decreased in the past year.
• 8 8% of Muslim voters who primarily voted for Democratic Party candidates thought Islamophobia increased in the past year. Conversely, only 33% of Muslim voters who primarily voted for Republican Party candidates thought Islamophobia increased in the past year.
53% of Muslim voters became more interested in politics since the 2016 presidential election, while 34% maintained the same level of interest in politics and 13% became less interested in politics.
 6 5% of Muslim voters have become more actively involved in politics and/or civically engaged since the 2016 presidential election, while 2 5% have not.

Out of those Muslim voters who have become more actively involved in politics and/or civically engaged since 2016 presidential election:

 5 0% have primarily donated money to a political or social campaign.
 5 5% have primarily donated their time by volunteering with a local charity or civic-minded or religious organization.
 4 8% have primarily donated their expertise by using their skills and/or network to advance social/political engagement.
 27% have primarily been involved in another way.

If you don’t think they have an agenda to conform America to Islam, you really do need to pull your head out of the sand. [1]

If we stay America it will take a massive effort on our part.  If we don’t make that effort, the American experiment will be nothing but page in history.

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  1. Just how many Muslims won political office in 2018?
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