By Bradlee Dean

November 23, 2022

“Thomas referenced the Scripture in teaching men to throw off the tyrant in England, showing men as to whom they are to submit too.”

I am absolutely astounded at the willful ignorance of those who take heed in giving ear to that of the revisionists of the day (Jeremiah 5:21).

To suggest that Thomas Paine was the least religious (Christian) forefather that we have, I have only one question to ask:  What must have been the level of dedication to Christ the other forefathers must have exhibited (Hebrews 13:7)?

Thomas Paine made reference to the Scriptures in teaching the colonies and the forefathers what must be done in obeying the Lord, and that was they must throw off the monarch (1 Samuel 8).

In the short video below, Thomas Paine goes to the Word of God in showing the children of Israel that asked for a king, was the custom of the heathen nations round about and how it was highly forbidden by the King of kings.

[Rumble Video]

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