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Frosty Wooldridge possesses a unique view of the world, cultures and families in that he has bicycled around the globe 100,000 miles, on six continents and six times across the United States in the past 30 years. His published books include: "HANDBOOK FOR TOURING BICYCLISTS"; “STRIKE THREE! TAKE YOUR BASE”; “IMMIGRATION’S UNARMED INVASION: DEADLY CONSEQUENCES”; “MOTORCYCLE ADVENTURE TO ALASKA: INTO THE WIND—A TEEN NOVEL”; “BICYCLING AROUND THE WORLD: TIRE TRACKS FOR YOUR IMAGINATION”; “AN EXTREME ENCOUNTER: ANTARCTICA.” His next book: “TILTING THE STATUE OF LIBERTY INTO A SWAMP.” He lives in Denver, Colorado. His latest book. ‘IMMIGRATION’S UNARMED INVASION—DEADLY CONSEQUENCES.’ E:Mail: Website:

What It’s Like To Be A Baby Boomer: College And War Years

When I entered college in the fall of 1965, I didn’t know anything about how our U.S. Congress worked.  I didn’t understand the ramifications of entrenched corruption, good old boy clubs and how corporations greased the palms of our elected officials to overlook our laws or pass what they wanted.

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What It’s Like To Be A Baby Boomer

In my senior year, my mother struggled to balance the check book and raise our family.  She worked at a church where the priests sexually harassed her.  She came home in tears at times.  I lack any clue as to how she survived all those years being single.  In fact, she remained single the rest of her life.

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What It’s Like To Be A Baby Boomer

With all of that, my brother Rex and I found ourselves being picked on, beat up and hassled by the top four bullies of the school. As you can imagine, at 6’2 ½” and 180 pounds, I wasn’t a pip-squeak anymore.  I started lifting weights with Charles Atlas instruction.

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What’s It Like To Be A Baby Boomer?

In our 120-year-old farm house, I grew up with four siblings.  My younger years saw me using an outhouse until age seven.  We took baths in a tub until I turned seven when we finally installed a toilet and shower.  Wow, hot water, a sink in the kitchen and a Maytag stove that still works today.

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Old Age With Onset Dementia and Alzheimer’s: Losing Your Memory

The last time I visited my mother before she passed away, I walked into her room with my wife, and sat for 30 minutes telling my mom how much I appreciated her being a super mother during my childhood.  I thanked her for a litany of events that stood out in my mind.  I covered everything from birthdays to sporting events to camping to helping take my first bicycle ride.

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Confessions Of A Litter Picker-Upper: Trashing Our Planet Home

Since I’ve bicycled across America 15 times and across six continents in the past 44 years, I witnessed the land being trashed at 12 miles per hour.  Farmers toss their tractors, combines and farm equipment into fields to rot and rust for the next 10 million years.  I’ve seen motor homes and trailers abandoned all over the USA.

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What Happens When We Lose Our Core Identity in America

Once you lose your core identity as a country; your country cannot survive.  And, you can’t get your successful ethos back. A country like India lurches into each day as a mass of overpopulated, illiterate, unhealthy, conflicted citizens who don’t know their identity, what culture or where they stand.

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Our Unethical, Duplicitous, Corrupt Congressional Critters

We, the American people, pay our House and Senate members huge salaries to make our country work.  Starting pay runs $174,000.00 for a bartender voted into the House of Representatives with virtually no qualifications, whatsoever.  We pay an anti-American Somalian refugee voted into the House, with no qualifications, a whopping $174,000.00 to disparage our country

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Nancy Pelosi and Congress Promote the Immigration-Invasion of America

Let’s publish this knowledge in every media center in America.  Let’s deal with our future before it becomes our ugly present. In fact, by reading this commentary, what kind of a world would you like to hand over to your kids?  Because if you fail to act, fail to speak up—your kids face an extremely unpleasant “Tragedy of the Commons” in their future.

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What’s Bad In America Today: Will Become Worse In the Years Ahead

During my 40-state bike journey around America this summer, I witnessed, up close and personal, exactly what’s happening to our country.  More than 90 percent of Americans don’t possess a clue as to what’s happening to them and the rest of us, and our major cities.  Most of our big cities, welfare magnets, no longer can be called “American cities” because immigrants dominate them.

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Agonizing Death of American Citizenship

Judges do nothing to sustain the laws already on the books:  US Code 8, Section 1324, makes it a crime to employ, house or transport an illegal alien living within the USA.  Fines:  $2,000.00 per illegal hired and up to 5 years in prison.  The American Civil Liberties Union thwarts our laws at every juncture. They must be the most Un-American organization operating in the United States.

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Devolving America Into Disparate, Un-American Immigrants

In Minneapolis, Minnesota, 55 percent of the Somali immigrants preferred Sharia Law over American law.  In fact, they de facto practice it. Problem: Sharia Law runs counter to U.S. Constitutional Law. No women’s rights, animal rights, no free speech, no free choice of dress, no choice of religion, etc.

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Cancer: Coming to You, a Family Member, or  a Friend

I saw chemical-spewing airplanes spraying poisons across thousands of acres of crops.  I saw tractors spraying poisons upon endless fields of the foods we eat.  I saw signs on corn fields showing the Genetically Modified Organism filled with artificial DNA at the hands of blind, stupid and greedy crop scientists—from Monsanto and Bayer.

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Are You Living a Life Worth Remembering?

From that single event in my life, I have never complained once since 1984. I take each day as a gift. I love each second on my touring bike, road bike and mountain bike. I promised myself to live a life worth remembering.

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Live life On Your Own Terms

You will find the tyranny of resistance fades as you walk or gallop toward your happiness in work, play and friends. You won’t wish for what you see in the poster on your cubicle wall, you will live it for real.

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Your life: One Step At A Time

The energy of life on this planet strives to organize into relationships. As with water, you watch it thrive in many forms such as snow, rain, ice and vapor. It gathers as clouds in the sky, which eventually, falls as rain or snow.

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How To Handle Discouragement

Thirdly, in all discouragements, you must release the “feelings” and embrace your heart. Whether you can do this by talking to a friend or loved one, in the end, you must come to terms with yourself and love yourself.

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Planting A Garden In Your Mind

For parents willing to plant vibrant seeds in the gardens of their children’s minds, they must leave the Smart phone on the kitchen table. Play with their children at the park. Laugh while pushing them ever higher on the swing or race them down the slides or spin on the merry-go-round.

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Colossal Dreams Take Colossal Actions

Everyone smiled while you spoke your answer.  In reality, most people don’t possess an inkling about their life-purpose.  Many lose any chance of pursuing their dreams because they get caught up in life by getting married, raising children and working a job.

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The Creative Dynamo In You

The creative dynamo thrives in you by your receptivity.  As a writer, I look for new ideas daily.  Above my computer on the corkboard for the past 40 years, a small card reads: “The Idea Fairy may strike at any time—so be alert and write her idea down, so she will feel appreciated and come back often.”

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Change Your Life With P.A.C.E.

In order to become a person who relishes daily living, you enjoy the choice to create a “Positive” mindset.  You may feed the “animal” in your mind with your highest and best thoughts.  You may be an introvert or an extrovert.  By changing your thinking, you brighten and enliven every cell in your body.  By changing your thoughts to positive energy, you create a positive outcome.

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Bottled Lightning: Skin Your Knees On Eternity

Second, harness your youthful exuberance not only in your teen years, but choose to maintain your energies throughout your entire life.  It’s been said, “Life deals you high and low cards, but you play with the hand you’re dealt.  You can bluff your way through or you can play it straight. Either way, you win or lose on your chosen merits, talents, skills, education and actions.

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Choosing High Self-Esteem: Carrying The Mental Equivalent For Success

First, change your view of yourself. Are you a victim or a product or a tragedy?  You decide.  You choose your relationship with any of your challenges or situations.  In the end, the universe doesn’t bequeath you a positive or negative thought pattern. You choose it and you live it.  Either way, you evolve your life by your choices. If you run from something, it consumes you. When you face it, you devour it.

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Co-Create Your Life Journey

Most Americans enjoy two-week vacations with scant time to climb Mt. Everest or raft the Amazon.  Others feel so locked into their jobs that nothing or no one can change their fate.

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Creating Solitude For Your Spiritual Bliss

In my own hiking times through the woods in acceptance of solitude, I feel the “sweet spot” of temperature playing upon my skin. I feel the essence of light shining through my eyes.  I accept my quiet essence pulsing into the energies of life.  Once I reconnect with every blood cell charging through my body, I churn with delight.

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Safeguarding Friendships—A Way To Care For You And Your Friend

Your friendships may revolve around a beer, wine or dancing. You might go for a walk, a bicycle ride or the movies. You might backpack, ski or raft a river. You share moments of danger, serenity or wonder at a sunset. During those times, you develop feelings through laughter, stories and shared opinions on an array of topics.

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The Celestial Magic Of A Campfire And Friends

To sit around a campfire with a stick while you poke the glowing embers before you, may be one of the most tangible of all visible mysteries of the universe. You stare into pulsing energy that feeds your soul. Warmth comforts your sense of belonging to the wilderness.

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How To Handle Anyone Who Drives You Nuts

If you work in a school, company, fast food joint, office or any other organization that forces you into contact with other people—you must deal with one or two characters that drive you nuts. They may be arrogant, rude, aggressive or impudent.

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Three Profound Secrets To A Happy Life

I read aloud this second secret to happiness daily. I engage the energy of London’s wisdom for squeezing every second out of every day. That may mean contemplative thought and grateful moments versus quickening intensity. I understand that each moment of living constitutes a marvelous endowment.

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What Dream Has Your Name on It?

From 50, they face the last third of their lives with a sense of a downhill slide. Most never lived any “great” moments or vanquished any dragons let alone navigated a great sailing ship called the Black Pearl like Captain Jack Sparrow. None took off through space like the Next Generation on the Starship Enterprise.

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Stop Signs, Cul de Sacs, Dead Ends During Your Life Journey

“The path to your destiny has “forks in road” that require the imperfect ability to discern the difference between opportunity and pitfalls,” he said. “You will make mistakes in judgment. You will fail often. But remember to make those failures into stepping-stones toward your ultimate success. Never get down on yourself. None of it comes easy, but it gets easier as you travel the path with a good attitude, application by work and your ingenuity.

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Legal Immigration Adding 50 Million Foreign-Born To U.S. By 2060

Do you want your children to face the ominous ecological, sociological and cultural clashes they will encounter with an added 50 million legal immigrants? Do you want your kids to face 100 different languages in your schools? In Denver, my city, we must contend with 173 different languages in our classrooms. Do you want to pay ever-increasing amounts of your taxes toward housing...

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