About Dennis Linthicum

Dennis Linthicum represents the citizens of Senate District 28, which includes all, or part of five rural, mostly-eastern Oregon counties: Jackson, Klamath, Lake, Deschutes and Crook. As Senator of one of the largest Senate districts in our state, it is extremely important that my constituents remain in contact with me about the issues and concerns that affect their lives. You and I must work together to protect the common interests of rural Oregonians.

Fractured Bedrock, Part 2

Thomas Jefferson, the freedom-loving republican, was the man who quickly repealed these unjust laws when he became President. America’s uniquely libertarian approach to free speech has emerged from a long struggle to hear all voices and achieve civil rights and racial equality which exist in statute in America today.

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Fractured Bedrock, Part 1

In closing, free speech, a free press and the free expression of ideas shows itself most powerfully, not on Twitter, Facebook, or Google but at the polling place. This is why ensuring the voice of the citizen through Election Integrity must be our highest universal goal.

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Public Utility Commission’s Smoke and Mirror Tactics

Here in Oregon, we can see the same large-scale charade taking place. Oregon's Democrat legislators are simply keeping the con alive. They have amassed expansive power while keeping the game rolling along like a roulette wheel or magic show. However, their act is fast losing its “Prestige”.

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