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Peter Falkenberg Brown is the Chairman of the Gray Republican Committee in Gray, Maine. He’s a writer, author, and public speaker. He publishes essays and hosts a video/podcast channel called “The FalkenBrown Show” (aka “Love, Freedom, & the World”) at his website: He’s written three books, with five more on the way. His newest book will be published soon and is called The Living Compass of Kindness and Compassionate Love: Essays on Love, Beauty, and the Mystical Path. He’s written a book called The Mystical Love of God and an abstinence curriculum called The True Love Thing to Do.

A Letter to the Students of North Korea: Will America Follow Your Country’s Lead?

When I think about all of you, students attending universities where you cannot learn the real truth about the world, I remember the British author George Orwell, who wrote the novel 1984. I don’t think you know about him, but he also talked about the distortion of language and the term Newspeak—the dystopian society’s redefinition of words.

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Rejecting the Totalitarian Transgender Movement

However, as The Emperor’s New Clothes illustrates, we feel pressure to go along with the crowd, even when our deeper wisdom tells us that the offered narrative violates logic, truth, and common sense. Our fear of being persecuted for rejecting a narrative can become intense when the supporters of the so-called truth exhibit an aggressive and violent contempt for those who disagree.

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