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The Disgraceful Condition Of American Education, Part 2

Today we have daycare centers in middle schools because schools are now handing out condoms in elementary schools!  They teach that morality is relative to your situation instead of it being a set-in concrete principle.  They no longer teach absolute right and wrong, but then neither does the church!  Public schools are nothing more than a governmental indoctrination center for the global agenda, the New World Order.

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A Constitutional Crisis, Part 4

The last but very important point is our Fouders did not want a foreign entity to be able to hold the highest office in the land, the presidency.  That’s why they called for what is referred to as a Natural Born Citizen to be able to hold that office.  The Constitution does not define exactly what a Natural Born Citizen is.  So say it is someone born in America but that is not the proper definition.

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A Constitutional Crisis, Part 3

There seems to be no end to how far the Democrats will go and how many of our Constitutional rights they are willing to trample to get their way. Obama used the IRS to attack his political enemies. "The power to tax involves the power to destroy," the Supreme Court wrote in 1819, shortly after America began. Now in 2013, President Barack Obama is launching a frightening attack on free speech, using one of the most feared agencies in all the federal government: the Internal Revenue Service.

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A Constitutional Crisis, Part 1

The Democrats have been screaming that President Trump is creating a constitutional crisis.  Just like everything else the Democrats complain about it is they who have created the constitutional crisis.  You know they blamed Trump of ‘colluding’ with Russia when in reality it was Hillary and the DNC who paid for the dossier and Hillary who sold Russia 20% of our uranium to Russia.

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The Dangers Of 5G

Our modern technology usually comes with unforeseen dangers.  Sometimes those dangers are known but simply ignored.  Simply put our society demands convenience and we don’t pay any attention to the ramifications of those demands. I have heard for years that there is a danger of radiation from cell phones, but we keep plowing forward into a area that has exhibited probable problems.

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Lies Of The Left, Part 3

The left has become the party that will do anything, say anything to gain authority and power. Our government is supposed to be a government of the people, for the people, by the people but the left has the opinion that it is a government of the government, for the government, by the government.

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Lies Of The Left, Part 2

Lincoln said that America would not be taken down from an outside force, but it would collapse because of corruption from the inside. It is happening now yet most people don’t see it. How long will we last if we no longer are awake?

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Lies Of The Left, Part 1

When our nation was founded our Founders demanded that there be what we call transparency in the halls of government. To do that they gave us the 1st Amendment of freedom of speech incorporated with freedom of religion and freedom of the press.

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Are Americans Destroying Their Own Country?

We cannot ignore what is happening right before our eyes and say that could never happen in America, but we are seeing it happen. We can’t set back and say someone will take care of this because we are the someone that must act to do something. We pay no attention to who we put into office.

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Destroying America From Within, Part 6

I call these people cowards because this would not have been allowed for children of the Christian faith, so it should not be allowed either. This is what I meant when I said they begin to demand that we accept their culture but they will not embrace our culture.

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