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Shirley Edwards was born and lives in Great Britain. She has always worked in administration, but has also taught and studied complimentary health. In administrative roles, she has worked within The Church of England. She also worked for some years as a volunteer within the hospice movement. Shirley has an interest in all health issues, loves the British countryside, and enjoys writing. She is thankful for talk radio and loves listening. Shirley has always been concerned about the loss of freedoms in her country, and also the demise of America, a country she loves for the original reasons on which it was founded. She believes in the Pursuit of Genuine Happiness. E-Mail:

A Stand in the Park: Resistance in the UK for 2022

On this occasion I was not going to listen to the usual brass band which would sometimes leisurely play there, but I was there to meet a group of complete strangers who have been meeting each Sunday morning in parks across the UK and around the world, to stand up peaceably for freedom, jobs, small businesses, against lockdowns, harmful laws and against people behind ‘The Great Reset’.

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The UK and the London Mayor

There’s a super smart man who is currently driving around the streets of London at the moment.  He is tall, motivated and extremely brave.  He is an entrepreneur and knows how to get things done.  He is clean shaven, wears very snazzy Saville Row suits with a bright red tie, and what’s more he’s American.

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The UK, Beyond 2020 and Brexit – Does a Light Still Shine?

The Psychological Attack which is being carried out upon the citizens of the UK, is dark, cruel and manipulative.   After weeks of a complete lockdown in society, with a one-day reprieve for good behavior on Christmas Day, and with no hope of a release until Spring; a deep sense of despair is affecting many.

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Veterans in UK Told to Stay Away From the Cenotaph

If the British public are still under any type of illusion that their government cares about their well-being or the sacrifices that they have made to protect this country during the year 2020, and all previous times in history, where men have lost their lives in honest physical and treacherous battles, all for the sake of others; then the populace well and truly have become friends with an enemy that hides behind a mask of deceit.

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Resistance to the New Abnormal in the UK – Maintaining and Reclaiming Your Identity

Remember who you are, return to who you really are, and remember what love really is.  Listen to your heart and the still small voice inside.  It will never leave you or abuse you. Your face, your identity, your voice and your life are important aspects of your ‘being.  You should be free to discover who you are.  Don’t let others dictate who that is.  Do not accept abnormality as normality.

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Resistence and Rebellion in the UK – Where are the Men?

With voices being silenced from singing in church together with mandatory mask wearing for church goers, the conformity and the absence of any enthusiasm or bravery towards this oppression from most churches, whilst in the same are as there are open restaurants, café’s and pubs, unfortunately denotes a certain weakness which is not inspiring.

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Is Wearing Face Masks A Pre-Cursor To A Cashless Society?

Together with various members of the Conservative Party, who have publicly ripped up their membership cards in disagreement with the ruling, many other people across the country have seriously questioned the decision on why this requirement would be enforced now, in the middle of summer, and four months after the initial lockdown?

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UK Perspective on Covid 19 – Subliminal Programming or Propaganda

I believe people are waking up to the psychological manipulation which has been taking place upon them and many are turning back to God and praying.   We look often to the USA where our founding fathers travelled to in an escape from persecution to our relatives who also love the freedom upon which the country was built.

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Betrayal and Programming behind Covid 19 – A UK Perspective, Part 3

Those who believe in culling the nation and who think they are superior and do not really value human life, no longer have to make their intentions more widely known.  World wars do not have to be created to get rid of men, although civil wars can be useful.  Psychological warfare and race relation wars can be created from afar so that men can destroy each other instead.   This is currently being played out now.

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Betrayal and the Programming Behind Covid 19 – A UK Perspective

You see the battle between fact and fiction, reality and lies, in relation to Covid 19, are currently coexisting in a parallel world right now.   However, I sense storm clouds are gathering; and the stoic British pride of working together during a national crisis may just be about to turn a bit nasty if certain ‘other’ truths should ever get openly reported.

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BREXIT, COVID-19 and Life in Britain

All the same, echo’s of the past and of history and of hardships are also a warning too. Faith, at the expense of not warning others, or not learning from history, damages others. Reliable watchmen are needed.

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This Week In The UK – Truth Is Still Being Crucified

For some reason, despite this re-assurance, and my not even knowing this particular advocate, I unfortunately still don’t trust the process which may possibly be giving me the illusion that anyone may be interested in my own particular concerns which span the course of 50 plus years.

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The Rape of Men – Sinaga, Jezebel and the Feminists

The emphasis on the rape of men in all it’s many forms, without the mention of the rape of women, will reveal an annoyance in many people’s minds, but it shouldn’t. Equality needs revising. It should be a catalyst to show that hatred is really at the root cause of all of our problems.

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Britain Get Talking

The horror of how mankind is encouraged to destroy itself and how we are subjected to silence about that injustice through social manipulation, is perhaps our greatest shame of all; but all is not lost. Urgent action is needed. Our hope is a reconnection from the place where we fell. Restoration is possible.

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Donald Trump, Tea Rooms and Treason

If President Trump was on his very best behaviour and in awe of the royal family, as reported by a very biased media, than Piers Morgan had been equally cordial, later publicly thanking him that he had agreed to the interview, and also pointing out the misdemeanour’s of a previous president, namely President William Jefferson Clinton, whilst actually still in office.   I had literally wanted to cheer when he bought up the obvious.

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