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By Pastor Chuck Baldwin

November 15, 2003

I was in attendance at Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore's trial in Montgomery this past Wednesday and Thursday. "Trial" is not really the proper word, however. A better word is "inquisition."

There was never a doubt that the "judges" had made up their minds to remove Chief Justice Moore from the bench before the proceedings ever began. They sat like wooden Indians throughout the trial, taking few notes and, with only one exception, making no comments, and asking no questions.

Furthermore, Moore's attorneys had some 20 pieces of evidentiary material that they could have presented. This was denied. There were also several credible witnesses, including former Alabama Governor Fob James, that could have been called to testify on Moore's behalf. This was also denied.

The trial took upon itself a distinctive tone of inquisition when Alabama Attorney General Bill Pryor questioned Chief Justice Moore. Here is an exchange between Pryor and Moore taken from the official transcript of the trial:

Pryor: Mr. Chief Justice? And your understanding is that the Federal court ordered that you could not acknowledge God; isn't that right?

Moore: Yes.

Pryor: And if you resume your duties as Chief Justice after this proceeding, you will continue to acknowledge God as you have testified that you would today---

Moore: That's right.

Pryor: ---no matter what any other official says?

Moore: Absolutely. (Chief Justice Moore then elaborated.)

Pryor: The only point I am trying to clarify, Mr. Chief Justice, is not why, but only that, in fact, if you do resume your duties as Chief Justice, you will continue to do that [acknowledge God] without regard to what any other official says; isn't that right?

Moore: (He responds by listing numerous examples of the public acknowledgement of God, and concluded answering the question.) I think you must.

Does any reader of this exchange not see what Bill Pryor was demanding? He was demanding that Chief Justice Roy Moore not acknowledge God! Pryor did not even refer to the Ten Commandments. He repeatedly asked Moore if he would continue to acknowledge God. To acknowledge God was deemed an impermissible activity and for this Roy Moore was removed as Alabama Chief Justice.

Watching Bill Pryor examine Roy Moore in such a fashion reminded me of the movie "Luther." It was shockingly similar to the moment when the great reformer stood in front of the Roman council and heard the inquisitor shout, "Will you recant? Will you recant? Will you recant?"

It is more than interesting that Bill Pryor asked Chief Justice Moore three times whether he would continue to acknowledge God, because Satan asked the Lord Jesus three times to fall down and worship him, and Simon Peter denied Christ three times. There does seem to be a pattern!

The point that all Americans must understand is that Chief Justice Roy Moore was removed from the bench, not for committing any crime, not for participating in unethical conduct, and not even for posting the Ten Commandments in the Alabama Judicial Building. He was removed from office for acknowledging God!

Americans must understand that people such as judge Myron Thompson and Alabama Attorney General Bill Pryor actually believe that the public acknowledgement of God is illegal activity. Even more dangerous, they believe that a federal judge's order, not the U.S. Constitution, is the supreme law of the land. Pryor said as much during the trial.

There is yet another similarity of Roy Moore's trial to a Dark Ages-style inquisition. Not only was he commanded to recant his public acknowledgment of God, the trial itself was conducted out of public view. No television cameras or recording devices were allowed. Obviously, the inquisitors did not want the American people to see and hear for themselves what took place inside the Alabama Judicial Building on that day.

However, reminiscent of Dark Ages-style punishment, while the trial took place in obscurity, TV cameras were allowed in the courtroom the next day when the verdict to remove Moore from the bench was announced, so all America could witness the "hanging."

The removal of Chief Justice Roy Moore as Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice is a travesty of justice, a reproach upon our national honor, and an insult to the voters of Alabama! It is also painfully obvious that since the American inquisition has begun, it is now time for an American reformation!

The American reformation should begin with the voters of Alabama electing Roy Moore to the highest office of that state and by the American people electing men and women to Congress who will immediately put a stop to these black-robed inquisitors!

Let the reformation begin!

© 2003 Chuck Baldwin - All Rights Reserved

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Chuck Baldwin is Founder-Pastor of Crossroads Baptist Church in Pensacola, Florida. In 1985 the church was recognized by President Ronald Reagan for its unusual growth and influence. 

Dr. Baldwin is the host of a lively, hard-hitting syndicated radio talk show on the Genesis Communications Network called, "Chuck Baldwin Live" This is a daily, one hour long call-in show in which Dr. Baldwin addresses current event topics from a conservative Christian point of view. Pastor Baldwin writes weekly articles on the internet and newspapers.  

To learn more about his radio talk show please visit his web site at: When responding, please include your name, city and state E-mail:










"Americans must understand that people such as judge Myron Thompson and Alabama Attorney General Bill Pryor actually believe that the public acknowledgement of God is illegal activity. Even more dangerous, they believe that a federal judge's order, not the U.S. Constitution, is the supreme law of the land."