By Ron Edwards

When one thinks of the term barbarian, they may remember lessons in primary school about the brute who eventually sacked Rome.  They ran around the eternal city in massive droves shouting “bar bar, bar bar.”  That is believed to be where the term barbarian was derived.  Whether that story is actually true or not I really could not prove it beyond a few accounts of that story I have read.  But today we do know a barbarian, or to be politically incorrect, a thug is.  Barbarians and thugs are individuals who have chosen to wreak havoc upon communities, private property, such as homes and businesses.  Of course, their trail of terror also winds its way to people as well.  The barbarians do not care if they knock out an elderly man walking down the street, or a lady entering her motor vehicle after shopping at a suburban mall.

Barbarians of today are opportunists who take full advantage of leftist political decisions in places like New York city.  For example, if a barbarian commits a crime in the Big Rotting Apple, they can walk right out of prison and be free, if they cannot afford to pay for their bail out of jail.  Barbarians, thugs and illegal border crossers all know that in many locations throughout our republic, the laws have been recently rigged in their favor.  But the advent of barbaric thuggery has other causes in addition to leftist/liberal government policies throughout the United States.  If my fellow Americans were to seriously check crime statistics in American urban centers during the 1950s and early 1960s, they would be surprised.  Before the bastardized rights or “Civil Rights” movement they would find crime was as low, but in some cases lower than suburban or majority white city neighborhoods. Also, abortion rates in black communities were below that of non black enclaves, until soon after the bastardized or “Civil Rights” movement.

OK, you must be wondering why on earth I connect the term “bastardized” to the “Civil Rights” movement?  Frankly it is as plain as the light of day.  It was my Dad who first coined that term in regards to the 1960s movement first led admirably by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., but was later coopted philosophically by white male leftists.  When Dr. King started out, he sought to encourage our republic to live up to the ideals enumerated in our Bill of Rights, Federalist Papers, etc., and for government to operate according to constitutional mandates.  Also, that our rights are unalienable, come from God and thus should not be manipulated for government/political or leftist motives.

It has always been the goal of leftists to dethrone the constitution as the centerpiece of governance. They also sought and continue to totally destroy our unique American cohesiveness, stability, unity moral decency.  To do so meant they had to also find ways, mostly through government schools to sever “We the People” from the God whom the Founding Fathers warned us never to separate from.  Of course, the family had to be broken up, particularly the black family.  Unfortunately, Dr. King and Ralph Abernathy were gradually persuaded to politicize matters in a leftist oriented direction that no longer allowed the focus upon the Unalienable Rights and liberty of responsible individuals and deemphasized the importance of the two parent household and to gradually do away with the authority figure Dad. Eventually “Civil” or “Bastardized group Rights” superseded individual rights.  Meaning government mob rule eclipsing individual self-rule.

In came bastardized rights and out went the rule of law.  After that away went parental responsibility to train up their children in the way they should so they would not depart from a high moral standard for their lives.  Often in the black community, black boys were repeatedly told they were nothing, no good, no how.  They were called dumb, while girls were much more often encouraged by the mothers to do well, go to college, etc.  The mothers told their precious daughters they were good and smart.  What I’m showing you is that both the boys and girls grew to fulfill the words most often spoken over their lives from childhood.  The barbarians you see in the news were most likely told they were no good from childhood.  I can tell you with a certainty that in a majority of cases that is so.  Because even I endured such madness after the death of my Dad when I was twelve years old.  When I see those street barbarian thugs, I say but by the grace of God, there go I.  The major elements that prevented me from being one of those bitter street barbarians was the great teachings and influence of my Dad who instructed me about the greatness of God, how to appreciate our republic, the importance of family to the stability of society, our unalienable rights and more.

Yes, I was hurt often and to the core by cruel family members after Dad passed away, but because of God’s mercy Dad prepared me to not become permanently embittered barbaric or a vengeful menace to society. Also, to seek God and to do good.  It was not easy, nor am I making excuses for the barbaric criminal activity in our streets via young hurt black boys and young men.  But hurt people hurt other people. That is all most of them know.  We as a republic must fully restore the rule of law.  Government is supposed to be a source of fear to those engaged in criminal activity, not law abiding citizens who should be encouraged to live successfully to the best of their God given abilities.

For people to do better, they must first be taught to do better.  Yes, barbaric criminals must pay for their crimes, but I also believe it is criminal to refuse to bring up a child in the way he should go, as it says in the Holy Bible.  Wake up America, and love your children enough to raise them up to be all that God would have them to be.   Don’t miss the exciting Ron Edwards American Experience talk show, Fridays at 4:00 PM EST, 1:00 PM PT. The Ron Edwards American Experience emanates from flagship station KCKQ AM 1180 Reno, Nevada. Also, on WCET FM 101.7 Columbia, S.C. at 7:00 PM EST & 4:00 PM PT and worldwide via and America Matters Media Face and available in Podcast.God bless you, God Bless America and may America Bless God.  The Edwards Notebook commentary airs regularly during the Captain’s America Third Watch which emanates from flagship station WGUL AM 860 Tampa, Fla and everywhere via

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